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Takato route translation

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June 17

(student council room)
Yuki: Alright! Classes are over!!
Yuki: Hello!
Kuya: Nihao, Yuki.
Yuki: Huh? Kuya-san, you're alone?
Kuya: If you're looking for Masatsugu, he's at the library right now.
Yuki: Oh. Then, I'll be right back.
Kuya: Yeah.
Kuya: ...What's the matter with Yuki? He's kind of awfully cheerful...

(Yuki: Takato-san, I wonder where he is...?)

CG: Takato reading a book
Yuki: There he is...
(Yuki: He seems kind of preoccupied.)
(Yuki: I... wonder if I should call out to him?)
end CG

Takato: Asahina?
Yuki: Takato-san...
Yuki: I'm sorry, did I interrupt?
Takato: No...
Takato: Oh. It's already this late?
Takato: Did you come to get me?
Yuki: I guess... something like that.
Yuki: But, you kind of seemed to be reading intently, so I wasn't sure if I should call out to you.
Takato: Sorry. When I open a book, I just end up losing myself in it.
Takato: It's a bad habit.
Takato: Let's go back.
Yuki: No...
Yuki: I came here to get you, but there's not really any urgent business.
Yuki: I just wanted to come for a bit.
Takato: I see.
Yuki: So, why don't you read until you get to a good stopping point?
Yuki: I'll read something too.
Takato: But...
Yuki: There's so many books, so it's fine.
Takato: Then, how about this one?
Yuki: What is this? Documents?
Takato: It's the proof for the upcoming fifth volume.
Yuki: 'ZombieChan'!
Yuki: Oh, but, is that okay? It hasn't come out yet, right?
Takato: Keep it a secret from other people.
Yuki: Uwah... awesome.
(Yuki: He's letting me read the manuscript before it becomes a book...!)
Yuki: I'll read it. I'm reading it. Please let me read it.
Takato: Go ahead.
Yuki: Thank you.
Yuki: Wow... so it's like this...
Yuki: Takato-san, you really are the author of ZombieChan.
Takato: That's right.
Takato: And you are my very first reader.
Yuki: First reader...
(Yuki: That makes me feel really special.)
(Yuki: I'm kind of... happy.)
Takato: When you get to a good stopping point, tell me.
Yuki: Yeah.
(Yuki: Alright! I'll read too...)
*time passes*
Yuki: *sniffle*...

CG: Takato reading a book
Takato: ...Asahina?
Yuki: Oh...
Takato: What is it?
Yuki: ...It's Uzuka...
Yuki: I'm so glad...
Takato: ...
Yuki: ...
Takato: Would you like a tissue?
Yuki: Thanks...
(Yuki: I'm embarrassed...)
(Yuki: I cried in front of the author...)
(Yuki: But, I'm so glad, Uzuka.)
(Yuki: Finally everyone understands.)
(Yuki: You've been working so hard alone...)
Yuki: ...I'm sorry.
Yuki: Could I have another tissue?
Takato: Y, yes... sorry.
Takato: Here you go. All of them.
Yuki: Thanks...
end CG

Yuki: ...*sigh*
Yuki: I'm so lame.
Takato: ...No...
Yuki: But it was really interesting! I got absorbed in reading it.
Yuki: You really are amazing.
Takato: ...Thanks.
Yuki: How can you write like this? Have you been practicing since you were little or something?
Takato: No... I started writing when I came to the school.
Yuki: Really? So then, you didn't come here because you were recognized as an author?
Takato: No. The reason I was accepted to the school was calligraphy.
Yuki: Calligraphy! Oh, Takato-san, you do have beautiful handwriting.
Yuki: But...
Yuki: Somehow, I don't remember ever seeing you do calligraphy.
Takato: I don't feel like painting much anymore.
Yuki: Why? You liked it, didn't you?
Takato: ...
Yuki: Oh, sorry. If you don't want to talk about it...
Takato: No.
Takato: It's a bit of a long story, will you listen to it?
Takato: It also explains the reason why I started writing novels.
Yuki: Yeah.
Takato: ...When my grandmother was young, she worked as a calligraphy instructor.
Takato: Due to her influence, everyone in the house was well versed in calligraphy, and I also had a fondness for it since I was young.
Takato: Sweet Spring Inscription at Jiucheng Palace, Letters from the Chunhua Pavilion, Letter Carried By The Wind...
Takato: With a classic text beside me, I copied the shape of the text and the way the brushstrokes were made...
Takato: It's called copying masterpieces, and it was the custom at home to do that and study classic texts once a week.
Yuki: How cultured...
Takato: I traced what had been written in ancient times and enjoyed feeling like that era was mine.
Yuki: But that was in grade school and stuff, wasn't it?
Yuki: That's way too cultured.
Takato: But, there were other children with that strange hobby too.
Yuki: Wha!?
Takato: When I was in middle school, I met a classmate who was extraordinarily enthusiastic and peculiar about calligraphy.
Takato: When he learned that I had various classic texts at my house, he suddenly showed up uninvited.
Yuki: Why?
Takato: He wanted to copy the classic texts at my house.
Yuki: Seriously!? Just for that, he went all the way there...?
Takato: Honestly, my family was also slightly put-off.
Takato: But his passion for calligraphy was genuine.
Takato: He really did just want to copy masterpieces.
Takato: So I asked my family to let him do as he liked.
Takato: Then he came to my house every day and silently copied masterpieces until it got dark and he went home.
Yuki: Every day? Together with you?
Takato: No... I was busy with other lessons, so he did it alone.
(Yuki: Come to think of it, he said he was taking several lessons at the same time.)
(Yuki: No matter how good a friend, I wouldn't do that at their house...)
Takato: After school, I would come home, and he was alone, copying masterpieces with intense concentration, then when he got exhausted, he left.
Takato: That continued for two years.
Yuki: ...That really is a strange person.
Takato: Yes, very. That was the cause of the later problem...
Yuki: Problem?
Takato: It was in the summer of my third year of middle school.
Takato: My work received a prize in a national calligraphy contest for middle school students.
Yuki: Whoa! Congratulations. But, what about the calligraphy person? He didn't participate?
Takato: He must have had an exhibit for that contest. But he wasn't selected.
Yuki: Oh. That's too bad.
Takato: ...I thought it was strange.
Takato: His calligraphy was far beyond that of a middle schooler. How should I put it, he was in a league of his own compared to me, who was merely good at it.
Takato: Even if there was a judge who disliked it, it was strange that he didn't receive any prize.
Takato: Actually, he had won high honors in various contests.
Yuki: Maybe he was wasn't feeling well.
Takato: If only that had been it.
Yuki: Takato-san?
Takato: I investigated, and I understood.
Takato: Registration was at the school level, and the teacher who received his work didn't submit it to the contest.
Takato: His work was thrown away.
Yuki: What!? Why did they do that?
Takato: Probably... because the teacher hated him. And because they favored me.
Yuki: Oh...
Takato: He was a kind of genius, but quiet and uncooperative, and his inferiority complex and skepticism were very strong.
Takato: His enthusiasm for calligraphy was genuine, but it was an odd thing that bordered on obsession.
Takato: And he had no friends and got bad grades. Frankly, he was the type known as the class baggage.
Takato: In contrast, well... I was a teacher's pet.
Yuki: Takato-san, you do seem like the honor student type.
Yuki: I don't think you actually are, though...
Takato: But, certainly I do seem likely to be popular with teachers, don't I?
Yuki: Don't flatter yourself.
Takato: In addition, that teacher was an acquaintance of my grandmother.
Takato: They belonged to the same tradition of calligraphy.
Yuki: That doesn't mean they had to throw it away...
Takato: Seriously.
Takato: But, that said, there is only one contest specifically for middle school students.
Takato: There are several other contests and he won prizes more often than not in those.
Takato: Therefore he wasn't concerned at all, and my distrust of teachers deepened...
Takato: I didn't consider that it would become a serious problem later on.
Yuki: A serious problem...?
Takato: ...Several months later, I received the acceptance paper from this school, addressed to me.
Takato: The reason I was selected was... of all things, that prize.
Takato: I was at a loss.
Takato: I wanted to come to this school. I wanted to try living alone in an environment where there was nobody that I knew.
Takato: But...
Takato: I thought, if he desired to go on to high school at this school, maybe I should make the truth known to the school.
Yuki: Yeah...
Takato: ...I discussed it with him.
Yuki: I see.
Yuki: I think I were in the same situation, I would do that too, after all.
Yuki: But it's kind of awkward.
Takato: Yes.
Takato: However, he refused, saying he didn't want to go to the likes of Bell Liberty.
Yuki: Why? I think it's a good school.
Takato: ...At this point, I do too.
Takato: He probably should have come to this school. I'm sure he would have been a worthy student.
Takato: Far more than I.
Takato: But his inferiority complex was strong and ingrained.
Takato: He must have felt only fear of being thrust into a new environment.
Yuki: Oh...
Yuki: But, it turned out alright. You wanted to come here, and you were able to, so I'm glad.
Takato: ...In return, he said this.
Takato: If you feel sorry for me, then listen to my request.
Takato: I'll go to your house as much as I like from now on. And there, I'll paint calligraphy as much as I like.
Takato: He wanted to be allowed to continue as he had done before, even if I wasn't there.
Takato: If I allowed him to do so, he wouldn't tell anyone what happened.
Takato: He wouldn't tell anyone that I got into a good school in his place.
Yuki: That's kind of... like a threat.
Takato: It was a threat.
Takato: For him, it was a desperate action to protect his place to belong.
Takato: But... honestly, I was shocked.
Takato: I had felt close to him.
Takato: Of course, despite that he came to my house, we didn't talk much.
Takato: Still, I respected his passion and thought that had gotten through to him.
Takato: But... I was mistaken.
Takato: To him, I was probably nothing more than a boy from a house that had a lot of incredible books.
Takato: Just like the teacher who hated him, he couldn't care less about me.
Takato: He never felt any friendly feelings for me.
Takato: So I accepted his proposal and came to the school.
Yuki: ...That story kind of... gives me mixed feelings.
Takato: I feel the same way.
Yuki: Anyway, it was that teacher's fault.
Yuki: If both your work and his had been exhibited normally, you would have felt a lot better.
Takato: Exactly.
Takato: But, this situation, me being here now, might not have happened.
Yuki: Well, that may be true...
Takato: Otherwise, I wish I had been brave and refused to come to the school.
Takato: If I had done that, it might have been as if nothing had ever happened.
Yuki: ...
Takato: But, I wanted to come here...
Yuki: Yeah...
Takato: In any case, just as you said, this is a story that gives mixed feelings.
Takato: It's frustrating. Hopeless.
Takato: Everyone who's in it just considers their own benefit.
Takato: It's nothing more than selfishness and leaves a bad aftertaste.
Yuki: That person... I wonder how he's doing now.
Takato: I believe he's doing fine.
Takato: In the end, he joined the calligraphy club in the high school he went to, and came to enjoy it.
Takato: At some point, it seems he stopped coming to my house.
Yuki: I see.
Takato: Reality is like that.
Takato: There is no moral lesson. There is no drama. There are no ideals, just self-interest.
Takato: It's a boring story.
Takato: Because of that, I completely lost my motivation for calligraphy.
Yuki: It get it, but...
Yuki: That's a shame. It makes me kind of depressed.
Takato: Me too.
Takato: But, there's nothing to be done about it.
Takato: Pointlessly making waves benefits no one. Isn't that right?
Yuki: Yeah... but...
Yuki: You don't accept it, do you?
Takato: No...
Yuki: You blame yourself.
Takato: That's right...
Takato: Even now, I wonder if there was a better way.
Takato: ...That's the reason I started writing a novel.
Yuki: What do you mean?
Takato: In order to get the ideal conclusion.
Takato: Possibly, you could say it's to do something about situations where nothing can be done.
Yuki: Did it work out?
Takato: Writing made me feel better.
Yuki: Oh...
Takato: It was extraordinarily effective as a form of catharsis.
Takato: For me, writing a novel was purely for my own sake.
Takato: ...But I finished writing and then got a craving.
Takato: I wanted to know just what level I was at.
Takato: So I tried sending it to a publisher.
Yuki: That novel was ZombieChan?
Takato: Yes.
Yuki: But ZombieChan doesn't have anything to do with your story just now, does it?
Yuki: It's similar in that there's school stuff, but no one does anything like calligraphy, instead they fight.
Takato: If I just wrote what happened to me exactly as it was, it would be a diary.
Takato: It's not my story, it's a story for me.
Yuki: A story... for you?
Takato: Yes. At that time, it was an important story for me.
Takato: It was a story made by me, for me. That's what that novel is.
Yuki: Really...?
Yuki: But, it's amazing. That it's so interesting.
Yuki: A lot of my friends are reading it too, and I always see it in bookstores...
Takato: However...
Takato: The story stopped being mine alone.
Takato: By sharing the story that was just for me with other people, it ended up spilling over into reality.
Yuki: Spilling over...?
Takato: The book went on sale. The people who read what I wrote began to leave various reviews.
Takato: But I started to feel conflicted. Just what was this?
Takato: In the end, reality and novels are different. Reality doesn't change the way you want it to. After all, ideal conclusions only exist in stories.
Takato: I realized that and yet I was compelled to write.
Takato: If I didn't, I felt like I'd break.
Takato: Still...
Takato: The novel took the physical form of a book, and was circulated in the world as the material good known as a paperback.
Takato: As a result, I earned royalties and started to receive praise and criticism from various people I didn't know.
Takato: So the novel encroached on reality.
Takato: Even though it was supposed to save me from an unchangeable reality, the story changed my reality.
Takato: It was a cruel betrayal. But, it was unclear what those feelings were toward...
Takato: Only, I couldn't erase the vague unease that I had been wrong again somehow.
Takato: But...
Takato: When I saw you crying because of what I wrote, I had a strange feeling.
Takato: I kind of felt like I was forgiven.
Takato: Thank you.
Yuki: ...
Yuki: I don't know what I should say...
Yuki: Takato-san, you're so kind.
Takato: I am?
Yuki: An unkind person wouldn't worry and agonize like that.
Yuki: Because you won a prize and were chosen by this school.
Yuki: There's things that are frustrating, but you didn't do anything wrong.
Yuki: Still, you blame yourself. I think you probably feel sorry for the person who didn't come to the school.
Takato: ...
Yuki: This is what I think...
Yuki: That maybe I'm so moved by reading your novel because you have those sorts of feelings.
Takato: Is... that so?
Yuki: Yeah.
Yuki: About ZombieChan...
Yuki: A lot of really sad things happen to everyone, and I get annoyed about why these terrible things are happening.
Yuki: But after I've read it, I feel kind of like I had a good meal.
Yuki: It makes you happy to eat something really delicious, right?
Yuki: ZombieChan is a little like that.
Takato: ...It's satisfying?
Yuki: Oh, yeah. Right, that!
Yuki: It's not my stomach, but I kind of feel satisfied.
Yuki: Umm... I wonder how I should put it...
Yuki: As for me, I feel like the people in that story could all be real.
Yuki: I wonder if there's a girl somewhere like Uzuka, being sad, lonely, or tired.
Yuki: The main character works hard trying to save a girl like that somehow, right?
Yuki: And, at the very end, they save her, right?
Yuki: So after I've finished reading, I feel really glad.
Yuki: It kind of cheers me up and I feel like I'll work hard too.
Yuki: Like when I hear from friends who are doing their best somewhere else, that's how I feel.
Takato: You...
Takato: Are you trying to make me cry?
Yuki: Huh?
Takato: There's no writer who would be unhappy to receive such feedback.
Yuki: You're happy too, Takato-san?
Takato: Yes... very.
Takato: I'm falling in love all over again.
Yuki: Ahaha.
Takato: Truly...
(Yuki: Uwah. He's holding me.)

CG: Takato kissing Yuki
Takato: Asahina...
(Yuki: In a place like this...)
(Yuki: But...)
Yuki: I love you, Takato-san.
Yuki: You and the stories you write.
Yuki: I really love both.
(Yuki: I encouraged him... maybe.)
(Yuki: If I did, I'm glad...)
Takato: Me too...
end CG

Kuya: Oh. Here you are?
Kuya: Owah!?
Yuki: K, Kuya-san... hi...
Takato: ...Tch.
Kuya: Hey, Masatsugu! Did you just click your tongue!?
Takato: I did, what of it?
Kuya: So defiant...!
Yuki: Hahaha...
Kuya: I mean, since when have you guys been dating!?
Takato: Since just recently.
Kuya: Why didn't you tell me? Masatsugu, you meanie! So secretive!
Takato: You know now, so it's fine, isn't it?
Takato: Besides, why do I have to report every little thing to you?
Kuya: But, if my friends have found happiness, I want to give it my blessing. Right, Yuki!?
Yuki: Th, thanks...
Kuya: Besides, if you didn't tell me, I'd just keep stepping on mines like this, wouldn't I?
Takato: ...You have a point.
Takato: Therefore, we're dating.
Kuya: Yeah, congratulations!
Yuki: Thank you...
Kuya: Then, I'll be going.
Yuki: Huh? Did you need anything?
Kuya: I do, but I'm a third wheel here.
Kuya: So I'll make my retreat.
Yuki: No, let's all go back? Okay?
Takato: Yes.
Takato: Since we're within the school and Asahina is this school's Ace, it's unavoidable that you have business with him.
Takato: However, Kuya.
Takato: When he's not the Ace, but just Asahina Yuki, it's a different story.
Takato: At those times, absolutely do not interrupt my time with Asahina.
Yuki: Takato-san... what are you saying...?
(Yuki: Th, that's embarrassing...)
Kuya: I see. My time with Asahina, huh.
Kuya: Yeah, great! Really great!
Yuki: Wh, what is?
Kuya: Masatsugu's pettiness is great!
Kuya: So unkind towards a best friend, that distinction. The expression 'blinded by love' really is true!
Yuki: Kuya-san, please, stop talking...

(school dorm)
Yuki: That took a really long time.
Takato: There were too many incomplete documents.
Kuya: Really! Both of you helping was a lifesaver.
Yuki: What are you saying? It's student council work, isn't it?
Yuki: We should all do it.
Kuya: That's our Yuki! Wonderful!
Kuya: You too, Masatsugu, you should learn to be a little more generous!
Takato: Right, right.

(dorm hallway)
Kuya: So, I'll be going now. Buona notte, Yuki, Masatsugu.
Yuki: Good night.
Takato: Good night, Kuya.
Yuki: Then, I'll go back too.
Takato: Before that, do you have a moment?
Yuki: Yes?
Takato: Over here.
Yuki: Yeah...

(Takato's room)
Yuki: What is it?
Takato: Once we finish the Bell One successfully, let's go on a date.
Yuki: ...A date...
Yuki: Th, that would be nice, but we haven't won the Bell One yet...
Takato: Thinking what if we win, rather than what if we lose, will lead to a better result.
Takato: Besides, you'll be more motivated if there's a prize, right?
Yuki: Yeah.
Takato: Which would you like? Delicious sashimi or all-you-can-eat barbecue?
Yuki: Sashimi and barbecue...!
Yuki: Which one? After all, I guess all-you-can-eat...
Takato: If it's barbecue, let's add soft-serve ice cream at a farm, and if it's sashimi, let's make it a set with a trip to the beach.
Yuki: The ocean! That might be nice!
Yuki: Umm... How about we go to the ocean first, then go to a farm too?
Takato: In one day? That might be too much.
Takato: Or, an overnight stay?
Yuki: Overnight...
Yuki: N, no, let's start with a day trip first! You're busy, aren't you?
Takato: It's fine. I've returned the writer's proofread. I won't be that busy for a while.
Yuki: Then, that's fine, but...
Yuki: ...That's right!
Takato: What is it?
Yuki: Um, it's not about the date.
Yuki: It's about what your editor said before, about 'ZombieChan' becoming an anime.
Yuki: If we successfully win the Bell One, I want you to please consider it seriously.
Takato: That's sudden...
Yuki: I thought of it listening to your story before, that if it's going to spill over anyway, it's better for it to spill over all the way.
Yuki: I kind of think you would feel better that way.
Yuki: Besides, I want to see a moving, talking Uzuka.
Takato: That's...
*cell phone vibrates*
Takato: Sorry. Excuse me for a moment.
Takato: Hello.
(Yuki: A phone call this late, huh. Is it the editor?)
Yuki: I'm going.
(Yuki: It's bad to be in the way.)

(Yuki's room)
Yuki: A date, huh.
Yuki: Hehe.
Yuki: A date when we successfully finish the Bell One.
Yuki: Ehehehehehe.
Yuki: I'll do my best.
(Yuki: Still, we talked a lot today.)
(Yuki: That story about Takato-san's past...)
(Yuki: And...)
Yuki: So that's what he was thinking when he wrote the novel...
Yuki: It's so complicated.
(Yuki: Honestly, I'm not confident I completely understood what Takato-san said.)
(Yuki: But, I'm happy he told me.)
(Yuki: Since Takato-san doesn't talk much about himself.)
(Yuki: It's the first time he volunteered to talk like that.)
(Yuki: ...Takato-san seemed sad. And he seemed pained.)
(Yuki: Probably everyone was a little wrong.)
(Yuki: Takato-san, and his friend, and the teacher.)
(Yuki: That... if it had been me, what would I have done? I wonder if I'd feel it couldn't be helped after all.)
(Yuki: I don't know...)
(Yuki: But I don't think I'd be trying to do something about it alone like Takato-san.)
(Yuki: Takato-san wrote a novel because he felt like that, trying to do something alone.)
(Yuki: That's...)
Yuki: Lonely, I guess...
(Yuki: He said he was going to cry.)
(Yuki: Takato-san said he was going to cry.)
(Yuki: After all, that means he'd been hurting until now, right?)
(Yuki: I want to understand.)
(Yuki: I want to get close to him.)
(Yuki: I want him to tell me even a little about things he's never told anyone before.)
(Yuki: I want to support him. I want to help him.)
(Yuki: Much, much more...)
Yuki: But, first the Bell One.
(Yuki: One more win.)
(Yuki: If we win that, we'll shut down the board's plan to close the school.)
(Yuki: This school won't close.)
(Yuki: I can keep going to this school with Takato-san just like before.)
(Yuki: I'll do my best. No matter what.)
(Yuki: I won't lose.)
(Yuki: I'll protect this school no matter what.)
(Yuki: Email?)
(Yuki: ...It's from Takato-san!)
sender: Takato-san
subject: (no subject)
text: May I come to your room now?
(Yuki: ...)
Yuki: Yeah...

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