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June 20

(stage wing)
announcer: The third round of the Bell One Grand Prix is taking place now at the auditorium...
(Yuki: One more win. If we win this, it settles it.)
(Yuki: I'll win. I'll win no matter what.)
(Yuki: I'll protect this school!!)
Takato: Asahina.
Yuki: I'm fine! I'll absolutely win!!
Takato: That enthusiasm is important, but...
Takato: You'll be fine. The people who wrote the plot of this Bell One won't defeat you here.
Takato: That would be a continuity error.
Yuki: Continuity...?
Yuki: Takato-san, you're talking like an author again.
Takato: Because I am an author.
Takato: Anyway, you should believe in your luck.
Takato: I haven't the slightest doubt of your victory.
Yuki: Thank you.
Takato: And...
Takato: Even on the off chance the school is closed, I'll take responsibility and protect you.
Yuki: Huh...?
Takato: I'll take you and we'll run away together.
Takato: I'll go to the ends of the earth if it's with you.
Yuki: Um, that's...
(Yuki: It's embarrassing that he's saying that so seriously...)
(Yuki: But... I guess I'm a bit happy...)
Takato: Asahina.
Yuki: Yes!!
Takato: You seem less nervous.
Yuki: Nervous...
(Yuki: Oh. So I was nervous.)
(Yuki: That's why...)
Takato: When it's over, we have a date.
Yuki: Yeah, we have a date.
Yuki: I'm really looking forward to it.
Takato: Me too.
Yuki: Ehehe... Then, I'll be quick about beating the board.

Sakaki: You're here.
Yuki: Professor Sakaki.
Yuki: As you promised, if I beat you in this final round, you'll give me back the armband, right?
Sakaki: Yeah. It all depends on your luck.
Yuki: My luck...
Sakaki: The rules are simple.
Sakaki: The armband is in one of these boxes. Choose whichever you like.
Sakaki: If you choose the box with the armband inside, you win.
Takato: It will be fine. You'll win.
Takato: It doesn't matter who you're up against, your luck won't be defeated.
Yuki: Right!
(Yuki: My luck...)
Yuki: ...Alright!

-- win Bell One, round three minigame --

Yuki: I won!!
Yuki: Woohoo! I did it! We won! Takato-san!!
Takato: Congratulations, Asahina.
Takato: That's my Ace.
Yuki: Thank you!
Kuya: You did it, Yuki! Masatsugu! Congratulations!!
Joker: Anyway, congratulations! You two student council members.
Yagami: Geez, you... well done!!
Tomo: Good job, Yuki.
Arata: Thank goodness. It's thanks to the student council.
Yuki: Thank you, everyone!
Takato: Now, the armband.
Yuki: Yeah!
(Yuki: When he puts on the armband, I'll be student council president...)
(Yuki: At the beginning, it was Kuya-san who put it on.)
(Yuki: I didn't know anything back then. What was happening at the school, what it meant to be the student council president.)
(Yuki: But, now...)
Takato: Asahina Yuki, with this, you are student council president.
Yuki: Yes.
Yuki: I'm making an announcement as student council president.
Yuki: I reject the proposal to close the school!
Takato: Now, with the director's vote, we have two votes. The board's proposal is voted down.
Yuki: In short...
Yuki: We can go back to our usual school life!
Takato: Yes...
Yuki: Woo... *gasp*
??: Oh my, it's over already, Ma-kun?
Yuki: Huh!?
??: Hello.
Yagami: Who is that woman?
Tomo: Dunno...
Arata: Is it someone O-Taka-san knows?
Yagami: Huh? Someone Secretary knows?
Arata: She called him Ma-kun, didn't she? His name is Takato Masatsugu, so I guess it could be Ma-kun.
Joker: Wow, she's gorgeous. Is that Takato-sempai's girlfriend?
Chiba: Girlfriend... But she seems older.
Joker: Takato-sempai is so serious, an older lover fits him.
Joker: Maybe she's married or something.
Chiba: Married...
Yagami: M, m, ma... that's, a, a, ad...
Arata: 'Married, that's adultery'... you're saying?
Arata: She did have a ring.
Yagami: S, s, seriously...?
Takato: Incorrect. She's my mother.
Yuki: M...
Yuki: Motheeer!!??
All: Whaaaaa!!
Saki: Pleased to meet you, I'm Takato Saki. Thank you for always looking after my son.
(Yuki: M, mother...)
(Yuki: This person is Takato-san's mother?)
(Yuki: The look similar... maybe, but... she's so young!!!)
(Yuki: She only looks like his sister!!)
Sakaki: Excuse me. I'm responsible for Takato.
Saki: And you are?
Sakaki: Sakaki, in charge of math. I also work as the assistant director of this school.
Sakaki: What may I do for you today?
Saki: I'd like to talk about Masatsugu.
Saki: But, well. There might be a few too many people here.
Saki: Is there anywhere else we can speak more privately, Professor Sakaki?

(assistant director's office)
Saki: Well, then...
Saki: I'll get right to the point, I came here today to take Masatsugu with me.
Yuki: With you... to where?
Saki: India.
Yuki: Huh...?
Takato: I didn't consent.
Saki: But that's why I came.
Yuki: India...
Yuki: Wait a minute! Does that mean you're quitting school?
Saki: That's right.
Yuki: Why!?
Yuki: I thought the stuff about the proposal to close the school was okay now since we won the Bell One...
Saki: It's not about that.
Saki: I want him to join my project.
Yuki: Project?
Saki: Yes.
Saki: It's a bit of a long story, may I?
Sakaki: Go ahead.
Yuki: I want to hear it too.
Saki: I'm now starting a project in India for the reliable supply of electric power using renewable energy.
Saki: My partner is my husband.
Yuki: Is that Dora-chan's father?
Saki: Dora-chan?
Takato: He means Brother.
Saki: I see. That's a good one. I'll start calling him that next time.
Takato: ...Mother.
Saki: Right. That doesn't matter.
Saki: India currently has the world's second largest population, and even now it's increasing.
Saki: The economy is rapidly developing, but the power supply capacity is a little insufficient.
Saki: On top of that, the heart of their power supply is mainly thermal power generation using coal.
Saki: If they keep increasing their power supply, it will increase the emission of CO2, and they'll be increasingly unable to ignore the environmental issues.
Saki: So from now on, they need power generation that doesn't rely on fossil fuels or nuclear power.
Saki: That's the goal of the project I'm trying to promote.
Saki: Did you understand that so far?
Yuki: Y, yes... maybe...
Yuki: But, what does that have to do with taking Takato-san with you?
Saki: This project will take years... no, decades.
Saki: But if it's successful, it will have a wonderful outcome.
Saki: So I want to make this project successful, no matter what it takes.
Saki: For that, I need Masatsugu.
Yuki: Need...
Yuki: But, um, Takato-san is still a high school student.
Saki: That doesn't matter.
Saki: He's my right hand. So I want to take him with me.
Sakaki: In short, you want him to drop out right now, during the school term?
Saki: That's what I hope.
Yuki: Wha...?
Sakaki: That's... very short notice.
Saki: Speed is vital in business.
Saki: Isn't that right?
Saki: And you may call it short notice, but actually, I called my son a little earlier to discuss it.
Saki: But he told me that there was a bigger problem of the school being in danger of closing, and he couldn't discuss it until the Bell One was over.
Saki: So, I came today, at the end of the Bell One.
Takato: Even so...
Saki: What?
Takato: You only called me three days ago.
Takato: Please think about my circumstances a little.
Saki: I thought it about it and waited three days.
Takato: You really are so...
Yuki: A call three days ago...
(Yuki: It was back then.)
(Yuki: That night when he said let's go on a date after the Bell One.)
(Yuki: I thought that call was from his editor, but it was this person...)
(Yuki: It was a call from Takato-san's mother.)
(Yuki: But, it can't be.)
(Yuki: We won the Bell One and were supposed to stay together at the school from now on.)
Yuki: It can't be...
Takato: Asahina...
Yuki: Are you really going to take him?
Sakaki: Yes.
Yuki: Why would you do that...?
Yuki: It's just a little longer until graduation, isn't it? You could wait a little longer...
Saki: What would be the point of a little longer?
Yuki: Point... W, with a little longer, he could graduate at this school!
Yuki: It's high school, so it's better to graduate!
Saki: That's just an assumption.
Yuki: How can you say that...?
Saki: Anyway, why are you saying things like that?
Yuki: Uh...
Saki: I'm not trying to ignore Masatsugu's wishes and take him.
Saki: This is something very important for our lives from now on, for me and for Masatsugu.
Saki: So why are you interrupting?
Yuki: Why...
Saki: Do you plan to be that deeply involved in Masatsugu's life?
Yuki: ...
Yuki: ...So if I plan to be deeply involved, then I can talk?
Saki: Oh my...
Saki: Is that right, Masatsugu?
Takato: ...Yes.
Saki: I see... Could you tell me your name again?
Yuki: It's Asahina Yuki. I'm this school's student council president.
Yuki: I'm a first year, so it hasn't been very long since I came.
Yuki: But still, Takato-san has been in the student council with me the whole time.
Yuki: Takato-san has always supported me while I'm inexperienced.
Yuki: I need Takato-san.
Yuki: I wouldn't know what to do without him.
Yuki: And if he left... I'd be lonely.
Yuki: I'd be really lonely.
Saki: I see...
Yuki: So please! Please don't take Takato-san away!
Saki: So you're the same as me.
Yuki: Huh...
Saki: And I'm the same as you. The difference is that my project is starting now.
Saki: I'm also inexperienced, so I want his support.
Saki: Even if it's in a high school student council, if you've worked with my son, you understand, don't you?
Saki: Takato Masatsugu is talented.
Saki: You just said so yourself.
Yuki: Well...
Yuki: But I don't want to be separated from Takato-san.
Yuki: Being separated, that's...
Saki: Lonely?
Yuki: Yes...
Saki: That's just a feeling. And probably your weakness.
Yuki: What does that mean...?
Saki: It doesn't mean anything. It's just what it says.
Saki: If I had to say, it means to be afraid of challenges, held back by things like that.
Saki: That's really a waste.
Saki: I said it before too, but joining this project will add something valuable to Masatsugu's life.
Saki: I'm confident of that.
Saki: That's why I came to invite him.
Saki: Are you still going to keep him from leaving?
Saki: Even if you spoil the fruit of Masatsugu's life?
Yuki: ...
(Yuki: I'm holding back Takato-san's life.)
(Yuki: But I absolutely don't want to be separated from him...)
(Yuki: But if that's just me being selfish...)
Saki: And...
Saki: Speaking of loneliness, I'll be lonely being separated from my son the whole time.
Yuki: ...*gasp*
Sakaki: ...So, Takato. What about you?
Sakaki: If it's your desire and your guardian consents, the school won't interfere.
Sakaki: Let's hear what you want.
Yuki: ...
Takato: ...First, please let me see the documents on the project.
Yuki: Takato-san?
Takato: I know you. You've already prepared documents with as much data as you can safely show me.
Saki: Of course.
Saki: Here. I've put the data on this tablet.
Takato: Thanks.
Saki: And just so you know, this isn't a request as your mother.
Saki: I'm inviting you on the project because I see the potential and humanity of Takato Masatsugu as an individual.
Saki: So you don't have to suspect it's because we're mother and son or anything.
Saki: If you look over this data and you're not interested, don't hesitate to refuse.
Takato: Of course, I wouldn't hesitate.
Saki: I'm sure.
Saki: That said, after all, I do want you to come with me.
Saki: I need a business partner like you who's honest, and can be reasonably considerate towards other people.
Saki: You can compensate for the abilities I lack.
Saki: And I can give you a chance to live up to your potential.
Saki: We can both give each other something.
Saki: So don't be tempted by emotions, think about it calmly and then make your decision.
Saki: That's what I want.
Saki: I'm counting on you.
Takato: ...Alright.
Takato: I'm going to start reading the documents, please leave me alone.
Takato: I'll give you my answer after that.
Takato: If you were to ask me at this stage, my answer would be no.
Saki: Alright. I'll wait.
Saki: I'll came back in three days, on Sunday.
Takato: In three days?
Saki: Yes. I was thinking of going back home once in any case.
Takato: You're going to Sendai now?
Saki: There's no time to lose.
Saki: When I leave Japan this time, I'm not likely to come back for a long time.
Saki: I'm going to ask my parents one more time if they'll come live with me.
Takato: In India?
Saki: Right.
Takato: I think my grandparents won't want to leave Japan.
Saki: I'm sure.
Saki: But as their daughter, I'm worried after all.
Saki: And Father's reached retirement age, hasn't he? They have no responsibilities now and I want them to come with me.
Saki: Well, I'll come to pick you up too when I come back from Sendai.
Takato: I haven't decided if I'm going yet.
Saki: That's true.
Saki: But when you read that, you'll be interested.
Saki: Definitely.
Takato: You haven't changed at all.
Takato: You're as pushy and confident as ever.
Saki: And I'm effective, right?
Takato: I'm not denying it.
(Yuki: Somehow... these two don't seem like parent and child.)
(Yuki: I wonder if it's because Takato-san's mother seems really young.)
(Yuki: They say whatever they want to say and seem to really get along.)
(Yuki: Somehow, that makes them seem...)
(Yuki: A lot more like siblings, rather than parent and child.)
Saki: Then, I have business to attend to, so I'll be going now.
Saki: Professor Sakaki. Thank you for offering a place to talk.
Sakaki: You're welcome.
Sakaki: I'll see you to the exit of the school island.
Saki: Thanks. It must be tough when you become assistant director of a boys' school.
Sakaki: It is.
Saki: Bye, Ma-kun. I'll see you in three days.
Takato: Give my regards to my grandparents.
Takato: Phew...
Yuki: Um, Takato-san...
Takato: Sorry, that was sudden...
Takato: I never imagined she would just show up...
Takato: I knew she was like that, but still... it was too sudden.
Yuki: That's right! We just won the Bell One and we were celebrating with everyone!
Yuki: I thought were going to protect the school and be able to stay together from now on!
Yuki: What is this!?
Takato: Mother is... always like that. She's an opinionated and domineering person.
Yuki: Takato-san...
Takato: She's pushy, but effective...
Takato: And correct.
Yuki: Takato-san. That tablet...
Takato: ...
Yuki: ...
Yuki: Are you going to start looking at the documents in there?
Takato: Yes.
Yuki: But, that's... really too unreasonable.
Yuki: It's not even a full year before you graduate.
Yuki: There's not much more left.
Takato: ...
Yuki: You're not going, are you?
Yuki: We protected the school together. It's just a little longer, so you're going to stay at the school, aren't you?
Takato: ...
Yuki: Takato-san?
Takato: Asahina.
Yuki: Yes!
Takato: I'm sorry, but please leave me alone for a little while.
Yuki: Takato-san...
Takato: Excuse me.
Yuki: ...
(Yuki: You won't go... will you?)
(Yuki: You aren't going to drop out, are you?)
(Yuki: We protected the school together, so you'll stay, won't you?)
(Yuki: Takato-san. I... don't want you to go.)
(Yuki: I don't want to be separated from you...)

(school hallway)
Yuki: Takato-san... I wonder how you're doing.
Kuya: Yuki.
(Yuki: India? Project? It was so sudden, I can't wrap my head around it.)
(Yuki: But... you're not going, are you?)
(Yuki: But, this is way too unreasonable...)
Kuya: Yuki!
Yuki: Huh...?
Yuki: Kuya-san. And Dora-chan too...
Kuya: This has turned into a big mess.
Yuki: Huh... how? Oh...
Dora-chan: Yes. I know a little.
Dora-chan: Saki-san is starting a big project with Daddy.
Dora-chan: But, that is all I know.
Kuya: Yuki, won't you tell us?
Kuya: We want to know exactly what's happening to Masatsugu.
Yuki: Right...
Kuya: Good. Then, let's go to the student council room.
Kuya: We can talk calmly there.

(student council room)
Dora-chan: This... has become complicated.
Yuki: I don't know what's what anymore...
Yuki: Just what kind of person is Takato-san's mother?
Dora-chan: Saki-san is... a very strong person, I think.
Yuki: Strong...
Kuya: Hmm. I don't know the details, but she seems very young.
Dora-chan: Yes. Saki-san is just 35 years old. It seems she married Masatsugu's daddy at 16.
Dora-chan: But Masatsugu's daddy died right after he was born.
Dora-chan: So, Masatsugu has only seen his daddy's face in a photograph. That is what he said.
Yuki: So that's it...
(Yuki: I didn't know...)
Dora-chan: Saki-san went back home after Masatsugu's daddy died.
Dora-chan: Then she went to college and studied very hard and became a researcher at a company.
Dora-chan: Since then she has always been involved with water management companies.
Kuya: I see. But why is someone like that doing such a large project in India?
Dora-chan: My daddy is the president of a company in India. Do you know of the company called Bunjabi?
Kuya: Hey now. That's a huge company.
Yuki: Is it?
Kuya: Bunjabi is one of the leading construction companies in India.
Kuya: They're involved in several national level projects from land reclamation to urban development.
Kuya: The current head, Mr. Pachauri, is a billionaire listed as one of the richest people in the world.
Yuki: So he's that incredible...
Dora-chan: But Saki-san does not care about money. First was the marriage with my daddy. She did not care about that at all.
Dora-chan: So I asked. Why did you marry my daddy?
Dora-chan: Saki-san said.
Dora-chan: Because he promised to let me do what I wanted to do.
Dora-chan: What Saki-san wanted to do. I am sure that is the project she brought today.
Yuki: *gasp*...
Dora-chan: Daddy will definitely let Saki-san do her project freely.
Dora-chan: Saki-san wants her own son Masatsugu to help with her own work.
Dora-chan: I think that is why she came to the school to call Masatsugu.
Yuki: Oh no... Just because he's her son doesn't mean...
Kuya: But does she want Masatsugu involved in such important work just because he's her son?
Kuya: She doesn't seem like the type to me.
Dora-chan: Yes. Saki-san is very capable. Her thinking is very logical and practical.
Dora-chan: She is not a person who is swayed by personal feelings.
Yuki: Then why did she say something so unreasonable!?
Dora-chan: Because she needs Masatsugu, I think.
Yuki: Needs...
Dora-chan: Yes.
Dora-chan: Saki-san needs Masatsugu.
Dora-chan: I am sure Masatsugu has something that will be helpful to Saki-san's work.
Dora-chan: Masatsugu is also very capable.
Yuki: Well... that's true, but...
Yuki: But, since it's work, it could be anyone!
Dora-chan: Yuki-kun...
Yuki: For instance, what about you, Dora-chan!?
Dora-chan: Me?
Yuki: That's right! Dora-chan, you're Saki-san's son too, right!?
Yuki: Then, you could help...
Dora-chan: I do not want to.
Yuki: Dora-chan...
Dora-chan: I am not like daddy.
Dora-chan: I do not like to be ordered around by someone.
Dora-chan: That is why I became a researcher.
Dora-chan: It is impossible for me to help the project leader. I can not.
Dora-chan: I do not want to.
Yuki: Oh... I'm sorry...
Dora-chan: So, if I do not want to, I say no. Masatsugu should say that too.
Dora-chan: Masatsugu is the same as me. If he says no, there is no pressure.
Dora-chan: Daddy and Saki-san are not people who force a son to do something.
Yuki: Then...
Dora-chan: And if it is Saki-san's project, I am sure there are people who want to help.
Dora-chan: I am sure she will gather people who have the needed ability.
Dora-chan: So, even if it is not Masatsugu, someone will help Saki-san instead. That is what I think.
Yuki: Oh. You're right.
Yuki: Takato-san's mother did say that if he's not interested, he can refuse.
Yuki: If Takato-san refuses...
Kuya: But will Masatsugu refuse?
Yuki: Huh?
Kuya: But it seems like interesting work.
Kuya: It helps everyone! It's probably profitable! And it's kind to the Earth!
Kuya: It's a splendid project that's wonderfully worth doing!
Kuya: I think being involved with that kind of work is a once in a lifetime chance for Masatsugu.
Yuki: But Takato-san is still a high school student.
Kuya: So what?
Kuya: The person in charge of the project personally came to summon Masatsugu.
Kuya: She must feel that it won't hinder his ability.
Kuya: It doesn't matter that he's too young. If he lacks experience, he should build it up.
Kuya: Since experience is something that's gained.
Yuki: That's true, but!!
Yuki: But, I...! I want Takato-san to stay here...
Kuya: Yuki...
Yuki: That's all...
Yuki: That's all I want.
Yuki: I want Takato-san to stay. I don't want to think about Takato-san being gone.
Yuki: I don't want that...
Kuya: Yuki...
Yuki: But maybe that's just being selfish...
Yuki: Takato-san's mother told me.
Yuki: That not wanting to separated from Takato-san is just my emotions and my weakness.
Yuki: She may be right...
Yuki: It's an awesome project and it's right to take on the challenge, isn't it?
Yuki: No matter how old he is, if it's Takato-san, he can manage it, can't he?
Yuki: But if I hold Takato-san back because I don't like it...
Yuki: That's not good for Takato-san!
Dora-chan: Yuki-kun.
Yuki: I know that.
Yuki: I know that, but I... I don't want Takato-san to go...
Kuya: ...
Kuya: Anyway, you should talk to Masatsugu.
Yuki: Kuya-san.
Kuya: You're really thinking hard about Masatsugu.
Kuya: So you should communicate your feelings fully.
Kuya: And you should ask Masatsugu's feelings too.
Kuya: That's what I think.
Yuki: But then Takato-san might hesitate...
Yuki: I don't want to hold Takato-san back...
Kuya: You should hold him back.
Yuki: Huh!?
Kuya: Making him hesitate, holding him back, I don't think those are bad in this situation.
Kuya: Well, you're special to him. He would be unhappy if that kind of person was worrying so much and didn't say anything.
Kuya: You should think about it as if the situation were reversed.
Kuya: You'd be mad if Masatsugu really wanted to stay with you, but stepped aside for your sake, wouldn't you?
Kuya: You'd be sad, wondering why didn't he tell you, wouldn't you?
Yuki: Yeah...
Kuya: There you go!
Kuya: Be very hesitant. And worried.
Kuya: If the two of you are going to worry, you should worry together!
Yuki: Together...
Dora-chan: I think so too.
Dora-chan: Saki-san is always right.
Dora-chan: But what is right is not always what is best.
Yuki: What's right is not what's best...?
Dora-chan: Right.
Yuki: Then what is best?
Kuya: That's not something you can ask others.
Kuya: Consider it yourselves and then decide. You and Masatsugu can do it.
Kuya: You'll find the answer that's best for both of you!
(Yuki: The best... answer...)

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