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June 3 (continued)

Yuki: *sigh*
Takato: Have you had your suspicions cleared up?
Yuki: Suspicions?
Takato: About the relationship between me and him.
Yuki: Y, yes! All that, completely!
Takato: I'm glad.
Yuki: I'm really sorry. For the weird misunderstanding.
Yuki: But, if you'd just told me...
Takato: That he's my editor, and I'm a writer, and please don't tell anyone else?
Yuki: Right, right. If you had said that earlier, I wouldn't have followed you here.
Takato: You wouldn't have said anything? At all?
Yuki: Well, if you'd told me not to say it...
Takato: For instance, carelessly to Kasahara. Or to another friend on some impulse. Or threatened by Joker again.
Takato: Even if I had told you to keep it a secret, could you promise that you would absolutely never reveal it?
Yuki: Ugh...
Yuki: It's true, I couldn't say absolutely not...
Yuki: But, in that case, why did you tell me in the end?
Takato: It's because I judged that you would understand that it's not something that should be spread around lightly.
Takato: You already know, don't you, that I'm serious about not liking to say more than is necessary?
Yuki: Yes... wholeheartedly, all too well.
Takato: If by any chance you tell someone, it will be on your conscience. That you did something inexcusable to me...
Takato: It will very deeply and intensely torment your conscience.
Yuki: ...
Takato: So, it's fine.
(Yuki: He's intimidating me...)
(Yuki: His expression is cool but he certainly has me against a wall...!!!)

Kuya: Masatsugu's a secretive person.

(Yuki: I see...)
(Yuki: It's just like Kuya-san said.)
(Yuki: That he's a closeted writer, that it's going to become an anime.)
(Yuki: Those are good things, so I have the feeling it would be good if people talked about it, but Takato-san doesn't want that.)
(Yuki: Extremely, wholeheartedly, to death.)
(Yuki: I wonder if there's a reason?)
(Yuki: Or is really just that he doesn't like publicity?)
(Yuki: But...)
(Yuki: Even if I asked Takato-san, I have the feeling he wouldn't answer...)
(Yuki: Anyway, I'll be careful not to say too much from now on.)
(Yuki: If I revealed it to someone...)
Takato: Oh, if you were to reveal it someone,
Takato: It wouldn't end at just a kiss next time.
Yuki: Huh!?
Takato: Then, shall we go back? I have business at the school library.
Yuki: W, w, wait a minute!
Takato: Did you need something else?
Yuki: What did that mean just now!?
Yuki: About what you did to me...
Takato: Well, I thought I would scare you.
Takato: But, now that I know you're undaunted by a kiss, I'll have to think of a different method next time.
Yuki: What different method!?
Takato: What do you think it is?
Yuki: Uh...
Yuki: Give me a break... I was plenty freaked out by a kiss...
Takato: Were you?
Yuki: I was, geez...
(Yuki: Still, so that was the meaning of that kiss...)

Thank goodness!
...It's kind of a shock.

(decision: ...It's kind of a shock.)
Yuki: It's kind of a shock...
Yuki: You have a surprisingly nasty personality.
Takato: Oh, do I?
Yuki: It's nasty!
Yuki: Don't kiss someone with a reason like 'I thought I would scare you'...
Yuki: I was really worried...
Takato: Asahina...
Takato: You're surprisingly cute.
Yuki: Well, excuse me! I'm not used to it!!!
Takato: That's right. I could really tell.
Yuki: Grr...!
Yuki: Urgh... I was seriously worried...
Yuki: Like what would I do if you liked me, how did I feel.
Yuki: I really seriously, seriously thought about it...
Takato: ...What if it were true? What would you do?
Yuki: ~~~!!!!
Yuki: I'm saying please don't tease me anymore!
Takato: ...I apologize.
Yuki: That's not sincere at all.
Takato: No. I believe I'm somewhat at fault.
(Yuki: Somewhat!)
Yuki: ...I realized something.
Yuki: You're really sullen.
Takato: Oh? Based on what?
Yuki: To begin with, your way of putting things is sullen and evasive.
Takato: What an accusation.
Takato: In less than 10 years, we'll be adults and out in society working.
Takato: It's obvious that it will be beneficial to use formal phrasing at that time.
Takato: In that case, I believe it's efficient to learn good phrasing earlier.
Yuki: Ugh...
(Yuki: He responded seriously...)
Yuki: B, besides, your glasses are shady too.
Takato: It's said there are over ten million people in Japan who wear glasses.
Takato: Are you saying all those people are sullen?
Yuki: And your hairstyle!
Takato: It doesn't suit me?
Yuki: It suits you, but...
Yuki: And, more than anything! 'ZombieChan' is erotic!
Takato: Is it?
Yuki: It's erotic. Like the biting and stuff, it's kind of... like, reading it feels a bit like whoa...
Takato: Well, thank you.
Takato: Then, would you like to try some firsthand experience?
Yuki: Huh!?
Yuki: No. No thanks! I'll pass!!!
Takato: Really?
(Yuki: My image of Takato-san is crumbling...)
(Yuki: I thought he was a reliable sempai who was diligent, liked books, and was the most levelheaded in the student council...)
Yuki: Geez, maybe I should reconsider the Bell One.
Takato: What about the Bell One?
Yuki: I was thinking of asking you to be my partner...
Takato: Me...?
Yuki: Is that bad?
Takato: No... It's just a little unexpected.
Takato: Besides, I didn't realize you hadn't decided yet.
Yuki: Whose fault is that!?
Takato: It's my fault?
Yuki: Well, I thought I'd talk to you about the Bell One, but then that happened...
Takato: That, you mean when you came to my room to confront me?
Yuki: No!
Yuki: I just thought I'd casually ask about something that was bothering me before becoming partners...
Yuki: B, but, then you did that to me...
Takato: I apologize for that.
Yuki: ...Do you really?
Takato: Then, are you going to ask someone else?
Yuki: ...
Yuki: No.
Yuki: I want to team up with you.
Yuki: Takato-san, will you help me so that the school doesn't close?
Takato: With pleasure.
Takato: We've had several misunderstandings and disagreements, however...
Yuki: Most of the misunderstandings are your fault for being secretive though.
Takato: But, I believe the rest were due to your own assumptions, were they not?
Yuki: ...Urgh.
Takato: Anyway.
Takato: It's no lie that as a member of the student council, I will give you my full support.
Takato: Besides, I have no intention of allowing the board to do as they please with the school.
Takato: We will win the Bell One no matter what.
Yuki: Yes.
Yuki: We'll do our best, win, stop this nonsense about closing the school, and bring peace back to school.
Yuki: And let's make 'ZombieChan' into an anime.
Takato: What does that last one have to do with it?
Yuki: But, didn't you turn it down because of the talk of closing the school?
Yuki: Am I wrong?
Takato: ...I'm surprised you realized.
Yuki: I could kind of see it in your face.
Takato: Well, that's not the only thing...

Key scene, unlocks Key 01.
Happens only if you asked Keita for advice and chose "a daring person" when he mentioned his MVP Battle partner.
older woman: Eeek!
Yuki: What is it...?
(Yuki: Huh? Is that Professor Ito over there...?)
Yuki: Ow!?
Takato: Are you alright?
Yuki: I'm fine. I just got bumped a little.
(Yuki: ...The man just now, he turned around and bowed to me.)
(Yuki: I guess he didn't mean to. Still... he was running really fast. I can't even see him anymore.)
Yuki: But why was he in such a hurry?
Takato: He seemed to be chasing a purse snatcher.
Yuki: Purse snatcher?
Takato: Look.
(Yuki: The old woman is staggering over...)
older woman: Give back... my bag...
(Yuki: ...So it was her bag.)
Yuki: We have to catch him! Let's help!!
Takato: It's fine. It seems the man from before caught him.
Yuki: I see. Thank goodness.
Takato: Yes.
Takato: Let's go back too.
Yuki: Right.
(Yuki: I kind of lost sight of Professor Ito too, and our conversation got interrupted.)
(Yuki: Oh, well.)

(Yuki's room)
Yuki: That was a full day.
Yuki: So Takato-san is a writer... And the writer of 'ZombieChan', no less.
Yuki: Umm...
(Yuki: It's like, appearances are deceiving, or something.)
(Yuki: But, I never thought I'd be so close to someone that famous.)
(Yuki: 'ZombieChan', huh...)
(Yuki: I want to talk about it. I want to tell my friends that my sempai in the student council wrote it.)
(Yuki: ...But if I did that,)
Yuki: I'm sure he'd be really angry.
(Yuki: Besides...)

Takato: Oh, if you were to reveal it someone,
Takato: It wouldn't end at just a kiss next time.

Yuki: I'll never tell.
(Yuki: Besides, I don't really want to do something that Takato-san says he doesn't want.)
Yuki: Oh, well.
Yuki: Anyway, now I have a partner for the Bell One.
(Yuki: All that's left is winning.)
(Yuki: If we win, I'll be recognized as student council president.)
(Yuki: I'll be able to protect this school.)
(Yuki: We have to win...)
Yuki: We'll win no matter what and protect the school...!

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