gakuen heaven 2

common route translation and notes

This is a translation of the common route of Gakuen Heaven 2, including the variations in the text that appear for each choice.

introduction arc: May 12 (A)May 12 (B)May 12 (C)May 12 (D)May 13May 14May ?? & 17May 20
ball tournament arc: May 22May 23May 24May 26May 27 (A)May 27 (B)May 28May 29
Bell One arc: June 1 (A)June 1 (B)June 1 (C)June 2

May 12 (continued)

Kuya: Come on, Asahina-kun. The first year classroom is this way!
Takato: Keep it down. Class has already started.
Yuki: Takato-san, are you two okay being out of class?
Kuya: Yeah.
Kuya: Since you accepted the position of Ace, it's far more important to escort you properly to class, than to go to class!
Takato: In short, it's simply skipping class.
Kuya: You could also say that!
Yuki: Is that okay!? You're the student council.
Kuya: Is what okay?
Yuki: No, well I kind of had the image that the student council members were model students.
Kuya: Model? No, that image is...
Takato: We've arrived. This is the first year classroom.
Kuya: Then, I'll open it.
Yuki: Yes.

Kuya: Excuse us!
teacher: What is it? We're in the middle of class.
Takato: We're here to guide the new student, Asahina Yuki.
Sakaki: Asahina? Ah, so it's you...

Kuya: Then, we'll be going now.
Takato: Please work hard.
Kuya: See you after school in the student council room!
Yuki: Yes, thank you.

Yuki: Ah... um...
teacher: Hurry and come inside.
teacher: First of all, introduce yourself, new student.
Yuki: Oh. Right!

CG: Yuki in front of the class
(Yuki: Everyone's looking at me...)
(Yuki: I'm nervous, but,)
(Yuki: For this sort of thing, first impressions are important...)

(decision #1)
Play it safe.

(decision #1a: Play it safe.)
(Yuki: I'll play it safe. Safe.)
(Yuki: Since it would be terrible if they looked at me oddly.)
(Yuki: I don't have to explain the reason why I'm starting school a month late.)
Yuki: Pleased to meet you. I'm Asahina Yuki.
Yuki: I'm starting school late due to some circumstances, but from now on, I'll be a student here.
Yuki: I want to hurry and catch up and be friends, so I'm very pleased to meet you.

It's important to make an impact.

(decision #1b: It's important to make an impact.)
(Yuki: If I play it safe, I won't leave an impression.)
(Yuki: I have to say something interesting!)
Yuki: I'm Asahina Yuki! I was late starting school because of an eruption.
teacher: An eruption?
Yuki: Since I won an overseas vacation as a prize, my whole family went to a southern island to celebrate my graduation.
Yuki: And then a volcano near the island erupted.
Yuki: Planes were grounded, so we couldn't come back, and that's why I'm late starting school.
teacher: That's some bad luck.
Yuki: That's not true.
Yuki: The place was so beautiful it's even called the world's last paradise.
Yuki: And we became friends with an oil baron who was right on the island and he let us stay in his villa.
Yuki: That villa was extremely luxurious and the food was delicious...
Yuki: There was a pool, and peacocks, and lots of people like maids and butlers.
Yuki: Even my family got the VIP treatment. That month was like a dream.
teacher: I see. So that means in the month that everyone was in class, you were idling away.
teacher: You have a lot of guts, brazenly declaring you were goofing off in front of a teacher.
Yuki: I, I wasn't goofing off. I did do a little preparation!
(Yuki: That was... like reading the school introduction pamphlet...)
teacher: Asahina. I'll give you a little quiz later.
teacher: Since you say you weren't goofing off, try showing me what you learned.
Yuki: Whaaa!?
(Yuki: I wish I hadn't said so much...)
student 1: Talk about digging your own grave on the first day of school.
student 2: Hang in there, Asahina.
(Yuki: But it looks like I left an impression on everyone, so oh well.)

end CG: Yuki in front of the class
Sakaki: I'm Sakaki Sojiro, in charge of math. I'm the homeroom teacher for this class.
Sakaki: I was originally in charge of the ultimate class, but for the sake of convenience in the curriculum, this year I'm also the math teacher for you guys, the regular class.
Sakaki: Asahina, do you know the difference between ultimate and regular?
Yuki: Um, if I remember, at this school, the classes are divided by academic performance, even for the same subject.
Sakaki: That's right. In order of best performance, they are ultimate, hard, and regular.
Sakaki: The academic aptitude test you took before starting school determines which level of class you take.
Sakaki: In short...
Sakaki: That means an all regular student like you shouldn't be letting your mind wander.
Yuki: Right...
Sakaki: The material in the regular class is easy, compared to hard and ultimate. The focus is on the fundamental level.
Sakaki: But since I'm in charge, don't think it will be an easy class.
Sakaki: By the end, I intend to raise the lessons to the level of the hard class, so prepare yourself.
Yuki: Huuuh!?
Sakaki: Math is about technique. To a certain extent, if you master the basics, it's not hard to raise your level.
Sakaki: If you pay attention to the lessons diligently, at the end of one year, you should inevitably raise your level.
Sakaki: I'll drill that technique into you.
Sakaki: Only, if you goof off or cut corners, you won't keep up in my class.
Sakaki: I won't allow for personal circumstances or relying on others, so work hard.
Yuki: Y, yes! Thank you for the advice.
Sakaki: Good.
(Yuki: Professor Sakaki, huh...)

(decision #2)
He seems like a strict teacher.

(decision #2a: He seems like a strict teacher.)
(Yuki: He seems like a strict teacher.)
(Yuki: If I don't keep up in class, I'll get left behind...)
(Yuki: I'll work hard.)

Just as I'd expect from a teacher at BL School.

(decision #2b: Just as I'd expect from a teacher at BL School.)
(Yuki: Just as I'd expect from a teacher at BL School.)
(Yuki: It's completely different from my teachers in middle school.)
(Yuki: He really has the feel of an elite teacher at a special school.)

Sakaki: By the way, Asahina, what's with that armband?
Yuki: Oh, this? I got it at the school gate before...
Yuki: Somehow, it looks like from today on I've become the school's Ace.
Yuki: Eh...?
(Yuki: What's with this reaction...?)
Sakaki: I see. So you're the next student council president.
(Yuki: Even the professor...)
Yuki: Um, after all, is it bad that a first year suddenly became student council president?
Sakaki: No.
Sakaki: Do your best.
Yuki: R, right...
Sakaki: Then, take your seat.
Sakaki: Your seat is... next to that dozing idiot.
Sakaki: Hey, Kasahara.
Tomo: Hm...? Oh, what is it?
Sakaki: You have the responsibility of explaining things to Asahina.
Tomo: Eh? Explain what...?
Sakaki: I'm telling you to teach the latecomer new student about the school.
Tomo: Why do I have to do something so annoying...?
Sakaki: Asahina. Get moving.
Yuki: Right.
Yuki: Pleased to meet you.
Tomo: Yeah...
Yuki: Thanks. Um...
Tomo: *yaaaawn* Oh, I'm Kasahara Tomo.
Yuki: Nice to meet you, Tomo.
Tomo: Ah, well, nice to meet you... um...
Yuki: You can call me Yuki.
Tomo: Right, Yuki...
Tomo: *yawn*
Yuki: ...
(Yuki: What an unmotivated guy. Is this okay?)
Sakaki: I'll continue roll call.
Sakaki: Matsubara.
Matsubara: Here.
Sakaki: Miyoshi.
Miyoshi: Here.
Sakaki: Yagami.
Sakaki: Yagami is absent.
Yuki: Hey hey.
Tomo: Hm?
Yuki: Professor Sakaki's kinda strict, isn't he?
Tomo: His classes are really nasty, so watch out.
Yuki: Wooow...
Yuki: Nasty how? After all, is there a lot of homework...?
Sakaki: You there. Don't chit-chat.
Yuki: Oh. I'm sorry.
Sakaki: Then I'll begin class.
Yuki: *sigh*
Tomo: Then I'm going to sleep, so you do your best.
Yuki: Huh!? Is that okay?
Tomo: It doesn't matter, once you get into this school, you won't get kicked out even if you stop making an effort.
Tomo: So you should just do whatever.
Tomo: Then, since that's how it is...
Tomo: ... *zzz*
Yuki: That was fast.
Yuki: He has a lot of guts. He doesn't even care if the teacher gets mad.

-- screen goes black --

Sakaki: ...So in this case, you can make the formula easier to solve, simplifying it by substituting a variable.
Sakaki: For example...

-- red haired student appears --

??: ...
(Yuki: Huh? Coming in now.)
(Yuki: Is he late?)
??: ...Hmph.
(Yuki: It seems strange. It's like the classroom suddenly got quiet.)
(Yuki: Everyone looks nervous.)
??: What?
Sakaki: ...Hurry and take your seat.
??: Tch.
Sakaki: For example, this formula.
(Yuki: He's heading this way.)

CG: red haired student, feet up on desk
??: Hmph.
(Yuki: He's diagonally behind me.)
(Yuki: Besides, this guy has a bad attitude.)
(Yuki: Stretching his legs on top of the desk. With boots on, even? Won't it bother him when it's time to eat his bento?)
(Yuki: Wait, there's a cafeteria here.)
(Yuki: Besides...)
??: ...Hm?
(Yuki: Huh? He's glaring at me?)
(Yuki: Oh no. I was accidentally staring.)
(Yuki: Is he giving me a dirty look? Is this guy a delinquent?)
(Yuki: In this situation I'll...)

(decision #3)
Look away.

(decision #3a: Look away.)
(Yuki: Crap.)
??: ...Hmph.
(Yuki: ...Nothing, huh. Well, it is during class.)
(Yuki: But I'm glad I didn't get entangled weirdly. He's kind of scary and if it came to a fight, I don't think I would win.)
(Yuki: I haven't really been in fights much.)

Try smiling.

(decision #3b: Try smiling.)
Yuki: ...
Yuki: Hehe.
??: ...
??: Hmph...
(Yuki: He looked away. Which means, did he realize that I wasn't being hostile?)
(Yuki: I'm glad. I don't want to get in a fight with a classmate right after meeting them.)

end CG: red haired student, feet up on desk
??: *snore*
(Yuki: Snoring? Could he be asleep? But he just got here!!??)
(Yuki: ...Amazing. He's asleep with his feet up on the desk.)
(Yuki: This is the first time I've seen such sound sleeping in class.)
(Yuki: Today's a day I've seen all sorts of firsts.)
Yuki: ...Hey, hey.
*poke poke*
Tomo: Mm... What?
Yuki: Tomo, about the guy behind us.
Yuki: He's kind of scary.
Tomo: Oh mean Yagami?
Tomo: Well, he's not gonna suddenly hit you or anything, so don't worry.
Yuki: Yagami?
Tomo: Yagami Reon.
Yuki: His name is Reon.
Yagami: Ugh. Urgh...
Tomo: Oh, one thing. Just don't call Yagami by his first name.
Tomo: In that case, I can't guarantee that he won't hit you.
Yuki: I see.
(Yuki: He doesn't like it? But it's a nice name.)
(Yuki: Although it's a bit cute.)
Tomo: Is that it? Don't wake me up for stuff like this.
Yuki: Oh, hey.
Tomo: ... *zzz*
Yuki: He must be really sleepy.
(Yuki: First Tomo, now Yagami. Is everyone at this school like this?)
(Yuki: I guess that's not true. Everyone else is taking class seriously. The only ones sleeping are these two.)
Sakaki: You there! Don't sleep and listen seriously to the lesson!
(Yuki: Oh. Professor Sakaki held up the chalk! Is he aiming at them?)

(decision #4)
Warn Kasahara.

(decision #4a: Warn Kasahara.)
Yuki: Hey, Tomo.
Tomo: Hm... huh?
Tomo: What? Yuki...
Yagami: Ow!!
Yagami: Ouch... Who was that, damnit!!
Sakaki: It's because you weren't listening to the lesson.
Yagami: Tch. So it was you, teach...
Tomo: Thanks, Yuki. You saved me. It would have been bad if you hadn't woken me up.
Tomo: Professor Sakaki's chalk throw never misses and it really hurts.
Yuki: No problem.
(Yuki: Seems like today's not the only time he's been targeted with the chalk.)

Warn Yagami.

(decision #4b: Warn Yagami.)
Yuki: Um, hey, Yagami.
Yagami: Hmm? What?
Tomo: Uwaa!!
(Yuki: ...Amazing. He made it rebound off the desk to hit a face-down sleeping guy on the forehead...)
Tomo: Ow ow ow ow...
Tomo: Yuki... If you saw it coming, tell me.
Yuki: Sorry. I thought it was definitely Yagami.
??: Hey.
(Yuki: Hm? From behind me?)
Yagami: Thanks.
(Yuki: Since he's saying thanks for this, maybe he's a really nice guy.)

-- bell rings --

Tomo: *yaaawn* It's over, it's over.
Tomo: What are your impressions of your first class at BL School?
Yuki: Let's see... at first, I didn't know what I should do when Professor Sakaki threatened me.
Yuki: But with you guys sleeping to the side and behind me, I felt kind of relieved.
Yuki: It's surprisingly normal.
Tomo: That's right. Guys like us are normal, normal.
Yuki: More importantly, about this armband...
??: Oh, he's here, he's here!
??: Hello, hello. It's you, isn't it!? The new student who came late.
Yuki: Yeah... that's right.
??: I knew it. My judgement was correct.
??: Let me introduce myself! My name is Okazaki Ken.
Okaken: I'm your classmate. We'll be friends from now on.
Yuki: Uh, yeah... Pleased to meet you. I'm...
Okaken: Asahina Yuki-kun, aren't you? Of course I at least know your name.
Okaken: Anyway, I've been eagerly awaiting your arrival.
Yuki: Ahh...
(Yuki: This guy seems kinda unique.)
Tomo: What, it's Okaken. Weren't you in a different class?
Okaken: It's because I noticed him. So I hurried back.
Yuki: Hurried back? From where?
Tomo: The classroom where they're doing the ultimate class. He's smarter than us.
Yuki: Wow, amazing.
Okaken: Heh heh. That's right, that's right. The quality of my mind is different than you guys in all regular classes.
Okaken: Not just math, but chemistry and history are ultimate too.
Tomo: But your PE is regular.
Okaken: S, shut up. My abilities are adequate for intellectual work!
Okaken: Explaining the multitude of mysteries that are widespread in the world. That can only be done by the owner of a truly superior intellect.
Yuki: Mysteries widespread in the world?
Okaken: That's right, Asahina-kun!
Yuki: Wah!?
Okaken: Asahina-kun! Do you believe in the existence of aliens?
Yuki: Huh... aliens?
Okaken: Yes! Let me hear your opinion!!
Yuki: Ah... um...
Yuki: It'd be nice if there were... I think...
Okaken: I knew it! I see! So you think so too!
Yuki: Yeah, well... It would be amazing if they really existed.
Okaken: Right! There really are aliens!!

-- grab --

Yuki: Uwah!
Okaken: There's guys who declare that aliens are a hallucination, that UFO pictures are forged, but they're wrong.
Okaken: Well, isn't that right?
Yuki: What is...?
Okaken: In this vast universe, that there's no intelligent life besides us earthlings. You'd have to be crazy to think that.
Okaken: I absolutely don't believe that. I see. After all, you think so too.
Okaken: You believe my hypothesis.
Okaken: No! I was thinking you're a key person in proving the existence of aliens.
Yuki: Key person?
Okaken: Right! You're the new student who's come late, aren't you?
Okaken: I don't believe that someone like you would be a normal person...
Yuki: But I'm not really someone connected with UFOs or anything.
Okaken: Well, it doesn't matter. I'll establish your true identity eventually.
Yuki: No, there isn't anything.
Okaken: Personally, I definitely want to have a person like you join our occult research association.
Okaken: Won't you research the puzzles and mysteries that humanity has yet to explain with us?!!
Yuki: Wait a minute, I...
Tomo: *yaaawn*
Okaken: It's rude to yawn in the middle of someone's conversation, Kasahara-kun.
Tomo: No, it seemed like it was going to be kinda long.
Okaken: Don't interrupt. I'm having an important conversation right now...
Tomo: There's more to this conversation?
Tomo: I'm hungry so I'm going to the cafeteria. You come later.
Yuki: Cafeteria!? Me too, me too, I'm going!!
Okaken: Urgh... We haven't finished talking...
Yuki: Another time.
Tomo: Then let's go.
Yuki: Yeah!
Okaken: Grrrr...
Okaken: Fine. We'll leave it here for today.
Okaken: Asahina-kun, I'll give you my email address. I'll let you know any important information right away.
Okaken: If you feel like it, you can come to the occult research association any time.
Yuki: Thanks.
(Yuki: I don't think I'll feel like it, though...)
Okaken: Then, see you later!

Yuki: He's kind of amazing.
Tomo: If you stay for every little thing in his conversation, it'll take all day.
Yuki: I got that feeling... So he's in the occult research association with a name like Okazaki Ken.
Tomo: That's why he's called Okaken.[note!]Okaken's name was created solely to be a bad pun. オカ from オカルト (occult) + 研 from 研究 (research) = オカ研 (Okaken)
Yuki: I get it.
Yuki: So, Tomo. What's the school cafeteria like?
Tomo: You'll know when you get there.
Yuki: BL School's cafeteria...
Yuki: I look forward to it.

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