gakuen heaven 2

common route translation and notes

This is a translation of the common route of Gakuen Heaven 2, including the variations in the text that appear for each choice.

introduction arc: May 12 (A)May 12 (B)May 12 (C)May 12 (D)May 13May 14May ?? & 17May 20
ball tournament arc: May 22May 23May 24May 26May 27 (A)May 27 (B)May 28May 29
Bell One arc: June 1 (A)June 1 (B)June 1 (C)June 2

may 27 (continued)

if Yuki is closest to Tomo, Kuya, or Takato

(dorm hallway)
Yuki: It's gotten pretty late.
Tomo: It's because you two were dawdling.
Kuya: But the cats were hungry, it couldn't be helped, right?
Yuki: It's because no one had time to feed them today.
Kuya: That's just because the ball tournament was a big success.
Kuya: So, Masatsugu. This is something we should be happy about, and not something to complain about!
Tomo: Right, right.
Yuki: But the cats were so cute. They ate a lot.

(changing room)
Yuki: Oh, Tomo.
Yuki: What were you doing until now that you're coming in so late?
Tomo: ...Hm? Yeah...
Tomo: I was tired, so I was asleep in my room until a little while ago...
Yuki: You're so lifeless.
Tomo: I've been exhausted all day... Even getting into the bath is annoying...
Yuki: That's no good, Tomo. If you wash away the sweat, you'll feel refreshed.
Tomo: I know that, but...
Kuya: If it's that annoying, how about if I help you?
Takato: To bathe?
Kuya: Yeah. First, the three of us will strip you and throw you into the tub.
Yuki: Let's do it!!
Tomo: It's fine, I can undress myself...
Kuya: I see. Too bad.
Kuya: Then, Masatsugu. Instead, you...
Takato: No, thank you.
Takato: Don't say ridiculous things. Hurry and get in.
Kuya/Yuki: Riiight.
Yuki: I want to hurry and shower from head to toe...
Yuki: Hm?
Yuki: Urk...
Yuki: Everyone's really...
Takato: What's the matter?
Yuki: No, I was just thinking you're all very fit...
(Yuki: I wonder how everyone trains?)
(Yuki: I'll try asking.)

(decision #1)
ask Tomo

(decision #1a: ask Tomo)
Yuki: Tomo, you're surprisingly muscular.

if you visited Tomo on May 14

Tomo: Yeah, well...
Yuki: But you're a phantom member, right? I've never seen you train.

if you did not visit Tomo on May 14

Tomo: Really?
Yuki: Yeah. Your abs are really tight.
Tomo: It's because I'm a member of the track club, more or less.
Yuki: A member of the track club!?
Tomo: More or less.
Yuki: But I don't remember seeing you do club activities.
Tomo: Because I'm a phantom member.
Tomo: I got in because of track and field, but being in competitions is annoying, so I don't do it.
Yuki: Is that okay?
Tomo: It's fine. It doesn't matter.
Yuki: Is it really fine...?
Tomo: I told you, it's fine.

Yuki: But then how are you so muscular?
Yuki: Normally all you do is sleep.
Yuki: Do you maybe secretly train in your room or something?
Tomo: No way.
Yuki: But there's no way you could get muscles just by sleeping.
Yuki: You have to do some decent training...
Tomo: Sleep is also physically demanding.
Yuki: Yeah. So?
Tomo: I sleep more than you, so I'm sure that's why I'm more muscular.
Yuki: Huuuh!!? That's a lie.
Tomo: I can't think of any other reason.
Yuki: I wonder if you can get muscles by just sleeping.
Yuki: That's the first I've ever heard of it.
Yuki: Hmm...
Tomo: Yuki. Don't stare at me like that.
Yuki: But, I'm curious... I want abs at least that good too.
Tomo: Are you one of those?
Yuki: One of those?
Tomo: Into muscles.
Tomo: No. Rather than muscles, into men's bodies...
Yuki: I am not.
Yuki: It's just, look at me. I'm not very muscular, am I?
Yuki: So I just felt kind of envious, I didn't really mean it in a weird way.
Yuki: Anyway, Tomo, you don't seem very athletic.
Yuki: If I had to choose, you're more like the cultural club type?
Yuki: That's why I was really surprised that you're muscular.
Tomo: Cultural club type, huh.
Tomo: See here, Yuki. I think dividing people up into types is wrong.
Tomo: Guys who do sports are not all hot.
Yuki: Hot, huh...
Yuki: Then how do you want to be, Tomo?
Tomo: ...Anyway, I don't want to stand out.
Yuki: Huh?
Tomo: Not standing out, plain, peaceful, not making waves. If I can be normal, it's all good.
Kuya: Then you should learn from Ninosuke.
Yuki: Hattori-san?
Tomo: Wasn't he the former Ace?
Kuya: That's right.

if Yuki helped Kuya search for Ninosuke on May 20

Yuki: I see. Because Hattori-san is a ninja.
Yuki: If he's a ninja, he's got a lot of stealth ability.
Yuki: Hey, Tomo. Why don't you become Hattori-san's disciple?
Tomo: Hey. I didn't say I wanted that sort of stealth ability, did I?
Tomo: I'm fine with being normal. What's normal about a ninja?

if Yuki did not help Kuya search for Ninosuke on May 20

Yuki: Well, he has been hiding this whole time, but that outfit...
Yuki: Doesn't he stand out more?
Kuya Ninosuke got intothe stuff because of his skill in ninja arts.
Kuya That is to say, he's a ninja!
Yuki: A ninja? Really?
Takato: It's hard to believe, but it's true.
Takato: His family served the feudal lords of a province in the Edo era as masters of ninja arts. It seems they have a time-honored lineage as ninjas.
Takato: Ninosuke too has undergone that training since he was young.
Yuki: Training! So cool!
Yuki: Amazing! Tomo! Did you hear!? He's a ninja!!
Tomo: Y, yeah...
Kuya So his stealth ability is extraordinary.
Kuya As you can see, even though we've kept looking for him so hard, we still haven't caught him.
Yuki: Awesome, so awesome! Hey, Tomo. Why don't you become Hattori-san's disciple!?
Tomo: No, thanks...

Tomo: I don't really wanna be like that guy.
Tomo: I'll pass.
Yuki: What a waste.
Tomo: What is?
Yuki: Well, if you trained as a ninja, you'd be even more muscular.
Tomo: I told you, I'm fine. If you want muscles that badly, then you should be his disciple.
Yuki: I see... a ninja's disciple...

ask Kuya-san

(decision #1b: ask Kuya-san)

if Yuki saw Kuya fencing on May 20

Yuki: Kuya-san, you really are fit.
Kuya: Yeah. Speed is life in fencing.
Kuya: And for that, daily training is crucial.

if Yuki did not see Kuya fencing on May 20

Yuki: Kuya-san, what do you do?
Kuya What do I do?
Yuki: Like sports.
Yuki: I was thinking you have a pretty nice body.
Kuya I'm a fencer.
Yuki: A fencer?
Kuya Right. I've been doing fencing ever since I was little.
Kuya I'm in the fencing club at the school too.
Yuki: I didn't know that.
Kuya I came here because I was recognized for my fencing ability, pretty much.
Yuki: I see. So that's why you're always walking around with a fencing sword.
Kuya No. This is for use versus Chiba-sempai.
Kuya If he challenges me to a match, it would be rude for me to be unarmed!
Yuki: Is that how it works...?
Kuya That's how it works!
(Yuki: ...Oh well.)
Yuki: Still...

Yuki: When do you train?
Kuya: Every day. I find time and do various things.
Yuki: But aren't you busy with student council after school?
Kuya: During the day.
Yuki: During the day?
Kuya: You could also say during class.
Yuki: Does that mean you cut class and do training instead?
Kuya: That's not it. I go to class properly.
Yuki: Then, do you mean in the classroom?
Kuya: Yeah.
Kuya: There's lots of things I can do while listening in class.
Kuya: Are you familiar with isometric training?
Yuki: Uh-uh.
Kuya: Well, to put it simply, it's training where you exert your strength without moving your muscles.
Kuya: Let's see... Hold both hands in front of your chest, palm to palm, and keep putting your strength into it.
Yuki: Like this?
Kuya: Right, right, hold it for ten seconds.
Kuya: Just doing that is a wonderful strength training.
Yuki: Woooow!
Kuya: And others are knee to chest and seated calf raise.
Kuya: For instance, just by sitting in a chair with proper posture, you can train your core.
Kuya: Well, depending on your ingenuity, you can do training wherever, whenever!
Yuki: I see...
Kuya: I train my body as I learn my lessons.
Kuya: It's truly killing two birds with one stone!
Yuki: But is that okay? You're in class, aren't you?
Tomo: If I were next to you, I don't think I could sleep peacefully.
Yuki: Yeah. I'm concerned.
Kuya: It's fine. I do it quietly so I don't disturb everyone's class.
Kuya: Nobody notices.
Yuki: No. I don't think that's right.
Tomo: No, no. Absolutely not.
Takato: In a certain sense, it's true.
Yuki: Really?
Takato: Yes.
Takato: It's true that when we were first years, there were teachers who gave him warnings.
Takato: And those around paid a lot of attention.
Takato: But Kuya is part of the ultimate class with very few students.
Takato: No one sits around Kuya, who sits in the last row.
Takato: Since he does it quietly, without making a sound, before long everyone was able to ignore it.
Yuki: Is that okay?
Tomo: Well, if he doesn't bother anyone, it's okay, isn't it?
Yuki: But I'm surprised the teachers don't say anything.
Takato: It's because he gets good grades.
Takato: Since starting school, he's continued to do training all through class, but his grades haven't dropped at all.
Yuki: How!?
Kuya: That's because I properly focus on listening in class.
Tomo: No, that's not focusing at all.
Yuki: It seems like you're doing both halfway.
Kuya: You two are naive. They say where there's a will, there's a way!
Takato: I doubt that's how that idiom is used but, well, that is the result.
Takato: At any rate, he was chosen for an Olympic development program.
Yuki: Olympic!?
Takato: But he declined.
Yuki: Why!?
Kuya: Well, if I became busy, I wouldn't be able to do student council work!
Kuya: You only get to go to high school once in your life.
Takato: Because that's the kind of person he is.
Yuki: But it's such a waste...
Kuya: Oh, Yuki. Keep what we just said a secret. Especially don't tell Chiba-sempai.
Yuki: Why?
Kuya: Because he'd get angry at me for playing around!
Tomo: ...For this, I agree with Chiba-san a bit.
Yuki: Me too...
Takato: Exactly. If someone who devoted themselves seriously to sports heard it, I wonder how they would feel...
Kuya: You're wrong, Masatsugu! It's because there are people seriously striving that those sorts of people should be chosen...
Takato: That's enough. I know you, so no explanation is necessary.
Takato: But that's not necessarily the case for the others here.
Kuya: Yeah. And so, keep it all a secret.
Yuki: In that case, you shouldn't talk about it so casually.
Kuya: But even though you and Kasahara-kun heard it, it doesn't particularly bother you, does it?
Tomo: Well... I guess it's okay, if it's what you want.
Yuki: I feel like it's a bit of a waste, but...
Kuya: Give it up, Yuki!
Kuya: When I really feel like becoming the world's best, that's when I'll give it my all.
Kuya: But, that's not what I want!
Kuya: It's to fully enjoy my school life!
Takato: ...Because that's how he is.
Takato: Which means, by now, everyone is resigned to it, whatever he does in class, or whatever the case may be.
Yuki: After all, everyone's given up!
Takato: Well, it's Kuya.
Kuya: Yeah, it's me!
Tomo: Well, that's true.
Yuki: Wait, even you, Tomo?
Tomo: It's useless to argue with Sagimori-san.
Yuki: ...That's true.
Kuya: How about you try it, Yuki?
Yuki: Training during class?
Kuya: You want to get fit, don't you?
Yuki: Ummm. I do want to get fit, but...
Yuki: Not during class.
Kuya: Really?
Takato: A wise decision.
Tomo: Right, right, if you were to do that next to me, I wouldn't be able to sleep.
Yuki: So don't sleep.
Kuya: So why don't you try doing it intensely to wake him up even more?
Yuki: Yagami would get mad...
Yuki: Besides, if I trained during class, I'd get hungry.
Yuki: It's definitely impossible for me.
Kuya: Hahahahaha! That's just like you!

ask Takato-san

(decision #1c: ask Takato-san)
Yuki: Takato-san, you're pretty fit.
Takato: No. Not as much as Kuya or Kasahara.

if Yuki visited Tomo on May 14, but did NOT see Kuya fencing on May 20

Yuki: Kuya-san?
Yuki: Tomo's in the track club, but does Kuya-san also participate in sports?
Kuya: Fencing! I'm also in the club.
Yuki: Really!?
Kuya: Since I've been doing it since I was in France, it's already been over ten years.
Yuki: Wow, I didn't know.

if Yuki DID NOT visit Tomo on May 14, but saw Kuya fencing on May 20

Yuki: Kuya-san I get, but Tomo?
Tomo: What?
Yuki: But all you do is sleep, right?
Yuki: I can't really imagine you doing sports.
Tomo: Well, thanks.
Takato: Kasahara got into this school because of track and field.
Takato: If I remember correctly, because of the 400 meter race...
Tomo: But I'm a phantom member now.
Tomo: I don't do club activities.
Yuki: Is that okay?
Tomo: It's fine. It doesn't matter.
Tomo: Never mind me, we're talking about Takato-san, aren't we?
Yuki: That's right.

if Yuki did either both OR neither of the Tomo/May 14 & Kuya/May 20 events

Yuki: But those two are pretty much in athletic clubs.
(Yuki: But I thought Takato-san wasn't the sportsman type.)
(Yuki: Absolutely not.)

[Note: It doesn't make sense for Yuki to know that Kuya & Tomo are athletes if he didn't see them on May 14 & 20, so the game likely (incorrectly) defaults to this if one of the set conditions is not met.]

Yuki: Hmm. After all, you have a nice body.
Yuki: Honesty, I wasn't expecting it.
Takato: Is that so?
Yuki: But Takato-san, you're always just reading books, aren't you?
Yuki: But still, having a body like that, I'm surprised, or rather, envious.
Takato: It might be because of things I learned before.
Yuki: What did you do?
Takato: Various things over the years...
Takato: Beginning with swimming and soccer, then martial arts like kendo, judo, and karate. Baseball in Boy Scouts, gymnastics...
Takato: Come to think of it, there was even a time when I attended a figure skating class.
Yuki: Figure skating!?
Takato: Because there was a famous skating rink in my hometown.
Kuya: Still, that's an awfully extensive list.
Tomo: And they're all sports.
Yuki: Really. So you like sports, Takato-san.
Takato: No, not especially.
Yuki: Huh?
Takato: I didn't hate any of them, but I didn't like them either.
Yuki: But you learned all sorts, didn't you?
Takato: Well, it just turned out that way.
Yuki: Turned out that way... Do you mean your parents made you learn?
Takato: That's right. Because otherwise I was a child who didn't go anywhere to play.
Yuki: Isn't that too many? If you were learning so many, weren't you going somewhere every day?
Takato: It was only five days a week, so it wasn't every day.
Yuki: That doesn't change much!
Takato: I'm sure it was because they were worried that I was holed up in my room doing nothing but reading books.
Yuki: Worried...
Yuki: Takato-san, just how many books do you read?
Takato: Let's see... From the moment I wake up and put my glasses on until the moment I take them off to go to bed, something like that.
Yuki: All the time? Even when bathing or going to the bathroom or eating?
Takato: In fact, even while going to and coming from school, and even while changing.
Yuki: That... might be worrying...
(Yuki: In various ways...)
Tomo: But I'm surprised you continued even though you didn't like it.
Tomo: If it were me, I absolutely wouldn't.
Yuki: Because it would be annoying?
Tomo: ...Yeah, I guess.
Kuya: I wouldn't do it either.
Kuya: For me, what I want to do takes absolute priority.
Kuya: Rather, I have so many things I want to do, there's no time for things I don't want to do!
Takato: That may be how it is for you.
Takato: But if you don't try, you can't know what it is you like or dislike.
Takato: Even if the encounter is forced, it might become something you like.
Yuki: So which did you end up liking?
Takato: Unfortunately, I didn't particularly like any of them.
Yuki: That's no good!
Takato: But by going through learning them, I made various discoveries.
Yuki: Discoveries? Like what?
Takato: To begin with, about myself.
Takato: I don't like playing sports.
Takato: And that just because I'm not the most athletic, that doesn't make me particularly bad.
Yuki: Ahh...
Takato: Also, due to each sport, I learned how to use my muscles.
Takato: It's something I wouldn't have known if I hadn't actually become skilled in each sport.
Takato: And besides that...
Takato: What's interesting about each sport. The feelings of people who are absorbed in sports. The way each has characteristic passions.
Takato: The cruelty of talent. The usefulness of effort. The importance of training. The interconnectedness of mind and body.
Takato: I was able to learn many things I wouldn't have known if I hadn't actually tried like that.
Takato: So I did reap a reward.
Yuki: Ahh...
Tomo: How annoying...
Yuki: Really...
(Yuki: So there's even people who play sports while considering fussy things like that...)
Yuki: Takato-san, you're kind of amazing...
Takato: Thanks.

Tomo: But Yuki. I think you're the one who's incredible.
end CG
Yuki: Huh, why?
Tomo: Well, even though you eat so much, you don't grow up or out.
Takato: That's true.
Kuya: When I consider how much you eat, it's mysterious that you can maintain your build.
Takato: You do move around a lot, but nevertheless...
Tomo: Maybe that's actually your greatest luck, isn't it?
Yuki: That's going too far!
Yuki: Do I eat that much?
Takato: You're not aware of it?
Yuki: No, I am... But I never thought it was enough to joke about.
Kuya: You eat so much, I want to poke fun at you.
Yuki: Really?
Tomo: It's weird you have that build since you eat so much.
Tomo: Is your stomach connected to some other place?
Tomo: I should have Okaken examine you once.
Kuya: That's a good idea!
Kuya: Definitely tell me when the results are out!
Takato: Please tell me too. Actually, I'm very interested.
Yuki: No, wait, that's...
Yuki: I don't want that!

if Yuki is closest to Joker, Sonoda, or Chiba

(dorm hallway)
Yuki: Whew. Today was tiring.
Yuki: Bathtime, bathtime, bathtiiime ♪

(changing room)
Yuki: Huh?
Yuki: There's no one here.
Yuki: Maybe I'm too early...? But it's not unusual for someone to be here during this time slot.
Yuki: Why isn't anyone here? Did I make some sort of mistake...?
Yuki: Umm?
Yuki: Oh well.
Yuki: The bath, the bath, the big bath ♪
Yuki: Maybe I have it all to myself...

(in the bath)
-- screen goes black --
Yuki: Uwah?
??: You bastard, what are you doing here?
Yuki: Huh? Who is it?
??: Answer the question.
??: If you don't...
Yuki: Um, what am I doing...? I just came to take a bath...
??: I don't mind, Hayato.
Yuki: Huh? Hayato, that means...
Chiba: Is it okay?
Yuki: Joker-san and Sonoda-san...
Yuki: And Chiba-san...
Yuki: Um, what was that just now...?
Sonoda: Hayato covered your head with a washtub.
Yuki: It suddenly got dark, so I wondered what had happened...
Yuki: But why? Did I do something wrong?
Joker: You didn't really do anything wrong.
Joker: It's rare that someone else comes in during our bathtime, so it looks like Hayato got alarmed.
Yuki: Oh... so that's it.
Yuki: Oh?
(Yuki: Come to think of it, Joker-san doesn't have his eyepatch...)
(Yuki: Well, it's natural that he takes it off to bathe, but...)
Joker: Hm? What's the matter? Are you fascinated by my nakedness?
Yuki: N, no, that's not it...
Chiba: Don't stare.
Yuki: Huh? I said I'm not looking.
Chiba: Really?
Joker: Hayato, you don't have to snap like that.
Chiba: But...
Joker: Hayato.
Chiba: Yes.
Chiba: ...
(Yuki: He got quiet.)
(Yuki: But he's still watching me.)
(Yuki: He looks like a dog that's been told to stay.)
Sonoda: Hey, more importantly, why don't you hurry into the bath?
Sonoda: You'll catch a cold.
Yuki: *achoo*!
Sonoda: See?
Yuki: R, right.
(Yuki: I kind of missed my chance to ask about what's under the eyepatch.)
(Yuki: That's a bit of a shame.)
Yuki: Then, excuse me.
Joker: Come in.

CG: Yuki, Joker, Sonoda, and Chiba in the bath
Yuki: Ahh. That feels good.
Sonoda: It's been kind of a long time since we've had four people in here.
Joker: Sorry about Hayato before.
Yuki: Oh, no...
Joker: Hayato did that so no one would find out about this.
Yuki: This?
Sonoda: That thing on Kiyo's back is no joke.
Yuki: No joke, what's on his back...?
Yuki: Wah...
Yuki: That's a huge scar!! How did you get that!?
Joker: Heh heh, cool, isn't it?
Yuki: Huh...?
(Yuki: That's... way beyond cool...)
Yuki: It's not a cut, is it? And... it seems a little different from a burn scar...
Chiba: Damn you! Don't look at it like that!!
Yuki: Oh, sorry...
Joker: Don't you think it's cool and makes me seem like a strong veteran soldier?
Yuki: Oh... um...
Joker: After all, you think so too, don't you?
Sonoda: No. I think he's just backing away.
Yuki: How should I put it, I guess I'm surprised...
Yuki: I didn't think you'd have a scar like that...
Joker: I wasn't particularly trying to hide it...
Joker: But before I knew it, everyone around me just started treating it like an untouchable taboo.
Sonoda: Huh? So that was it?
Sonoda: I always thought you didn't want anyone to know about that scar.
Chiba: ...Myself too.
Joker: Not really. I didn't say anything about it and it doesn't bother me if everyone knows.
Sonoda: What? That was a waste of concern.
Sonoda: I thought you had ordered Hayato to keep people away because you didn't want anyone to know about it.
Chiba: Yes...
Chiba: I wasn't ordered to, but I thought maybe you didn't like common curiosity...
Joker: Wow. So that's what you were all thinking.
Yuki: It's true, that's what I'd think if I saw that scar...
Sonoda: Because of that, we've been extraordinarliy cautious and don't let other people come into the bath at this time.
Joker: I see. That's why it's always like it's reserved when I'm in here.
Joker: Well, it is comfortable in its own way.
Sonoda: Well, normally, anyone seeing that scar would back away and consider it a taboo.
Sonoda: Kiyo's scar is at a level that makes Hayato's scar seem trivial.
Yuki: Huh? Hayato, you mean Chiba-san has a scar too?
Joker: Hayato's is on his side, look.
Yuki: Oh, you're right.
Chiba: ...It's no big deal.
Yuki: Um, well...

(decision #1)
Ask about Joker's scar.

(decision #1a: Ask about Joker's scar.)
Yuki: Joker-san, how did you get that scar?
Yuki: Could it have something to do with the eyepatch you wear all the time?
Yuki: Since I first met you, you've always been wearing an eyepatch.
Yuki: If you had pinkeye, I thought it would have healed by now.
Joker: Have you been wondering about it the whole time?
Yuki: Yes...
Joker: What, then you should have asked about it.
Yuki: Somehow I missed my chance.
Yuki: Maybe because no one in the school brought it up, it was hard to ask, rather...
Yuki: I just thought like you said before, it was like a taboo...
Joker: ...
(Yuki: Oh, Joker-san... got quiet.)
(Yuki: ...After all, maybe I shouldn't have asked.)
Joker: ...Let's see. This is a good opportunity to tell the truth.
Joker: Keeping silent about this any longer is painful.
Yuki: Huh? Painful.. Joker-san?
Joker: Actually, I still haven't even told this to Eiji and Hayato...
Joker: Will you listen?
Yuki: Yes...
Chiba: *gulp*...
Joker: It happened when I was still young.
Joker: I told you I have Russian roots, didn't I?
Yuki: I feel like you mentioned it when I went to change the lights...
Joker: Actually... my grandfather worked for the secret police as a spy in the former Soviet Union.
Yuki: S, spy!?
Joker: But during the collapse of the Soviet Union, he had too much inside information, and they tried to eliminate him, along with his family.
Joker: And we were horribly tortured when we were captured.
Chiba: Wha!?
Yuki: That's terrible...
Yuki: Even doing that to you, while you were just a child...
Yuki: And they gave you such a horrible wound that it left a scar even now...?
Chiba: I never imagined you had a past like that...
Sonoda: Um, Yuki-kun. Sorry to interrupt at the exciting part.
Sonoda: Hayato I understand, but did you pay attention in history class?
Yuki: Excuse me?
Sonoda: Kiyo, stop with that sort of serious joke.
Sonoda: These boys are honest, so they've ended up actually believing it.
Yuki: Huh? Um... a joke? It's a joke...?
Chiba: ...
Sonoda: Calm down and try thinking about it.
Sonoda: What year was the collapse of the Soviet Union?
Yuki: ...If I remember correctly, 1991.
Sonoda: Which means Kiyo wasn't even born yet
Yuki: Oh...
Sonoda: It's the usual Kiyo-style joke, don't believe it so honestly.
Joker: Ahhh. You gave it away.
Joker: I thought I'd test how far I could trick him.
Yuki: I was completely taken in...
Chiba: ...Myself too.
Yuki: When you talk, even when it's an absolutely impossible story, I end up feeling like it could be true.
Yuki: So then what's the real reason?
Joker: For what?
Yuki: For the scar on your back and your eyepatch.
Joker: Oh, that?
Joker: Let's see. Hmm...
Joker: If we get a little closer, I'll tell you.
Joker: Until then, it's a secret.
(Yuki: I knew it...)
(Yuki: Even though he said he wasn't really trying to hide it, I guess there's something about it.)
(Yuki: But if Joker-san says so, then I'll wait until he tells me.)

Ask about Chiba's scar.

(decision #1b: Ask about Chiba's scar.)
Yuki: Chiba-san, how did you get that scar?
Chiba: It's a cut from a long time ago.
Yuki: A cut...
Yuki: Wow, amazing! Like in a duel!?
Yuki: Since it's you, Chiba-san, it must have been a sword.
Yuki: On a vast plain with the wind blowing fiercely, two men stand, each with his sword at the ready...
Sonoda: Pft. What era are you talking about? You watch too many period dramas.
Yuki: But it's Chiba-san...
Chiba: It was just a fight.
Yuki: A fight? Were you protecting Joker-san?
Chiba: No, it was before then.
Yuki: Then... there were some bad guys. Or it was for justice...
Chiba: Not really.
Yuki: With who?
Chiba: I didn't know my opponents.
Chiba: They picked a fight, so I just took them up on it.
Yuki: Then, was it like training?
Sonoda: I can tell you're expecting something.
Joker: It's easy to read your face.
Yuki: But..
Joker: In middle school, fights were a daily occurrence for Hayato.
Yuki: Fights? They weren't duels?
Chiba: Yeah. It was just fist fights.
Sonoda: In other words, a brawler.
Sonoda: He was probably just hot-blooded.
Yuki: ...That's kind of surprising.
Chiba: What is?
Yuki: Well Chiba-san seems so devoted to kendo, doesn't he?
Yuki: With your stories, it's a bit... different than the image I had...
Joker: It's because you had too many preconceptions.
Joker: I wish I could show you Hayato from when he started school.
Sonoda: Yeah, when his head was shaved like that.
Yuki: A shaved head? Chiba-san?
Joker: It was terrible in various ways.
Joker: I'd even say he seemed like a hoodlum.
Sonoda: Right, right. Even now, he has terrible taste in clothes.
Chiba: ...It's terrible?
Sonoda: It's terrible.
Sonoda: You can't wear Hawaiian shirts with a face like that.
Joker: Or satin jackets.
Chiba: ...Really...?
Yuki: Hawaiian shirts... satin jackets... Chiba-san does...?
(Yuki: I'm not sure if it suits him, or not...)
Yuki: Then the one you have on your side is really a scar from when you had a fight?
Chiba: That's right.
Yuki: It looks painful...
Yuki: Did you get taken in an ambulance?
Chiba: I didn't go to the hospital.
Yuki: Why?
Chiba: It would have been bad if anyone found out.
Yuki: But you were hurt, you had to get treated.
Sonoda: Hayato thought a kendo tournament was more important.
Chiba: Yeah.
Yuki: Then you shouldn't have been fighting.
Chiba: It couldn't be helped, they started it.
(Yuki: Is that really how it was...?)
Yuki: Then how did you deal with the injury?
Chiba: Myself stitched it.
Yuki: Yourself!? A knife wound on your side!?
Chiba: That's right.
Yuki: Scary! That's too scary!!
Chiba: I had an example.
Yuki: An example? What was it?
Chiba: It was a movie. I saw it on TV.
Yuki: Yes...?
Chiba: A man who was injured in battle sewed up his own wounds.
Yuki: No, but that was a movie, wasn't it?
Chiba: It was helpful.
Yuki: That's...
(Yuki: That's why they say not to imitate things you see in fiction...)
Yuki: Were you okay? Did the wound get swollen later, or you got a fever...?
Chiba: I guess.
Yuki: Go to the hospital!
Chiba: It healed.
Yuki: Chiba-san, how should I put this? You're a beast...
Chiba: ...
Joker: Hayato, that wasn't a compliment.
Chiba: Huh?
Yuki: It's not a compliment.
Chiba: ...What?
Yuki: I mean, you really overdid it.
Yuki: It's because you did that that you ended up with a scar, isn't it?
Chiba: It's none of your business.
Yuki: Well, that's true.
Yuki: But... honestly, I was surprised.
Yuki: Chiba-san, I thought you were a little bit scary, a diligent sports-oriented upperclassman.
Sonoda: But that's not wrong, is it? That was a long time ago.
Yuki: Oh.
Sonoda: And Hayato's clothes are now chosen by Kiyo.
Yuki: By Joker-san?
Joker: Yup.
Joker: Because Hayato's cuter this way.
Chiba: I am grateful.
Joker: Hayato's happy at my praise.
Chiba: Yes, I'm happy.
Yuki: Umm...
(Yuki: This is kinda like a master-servant relationship, these two.)
(Yuki: Joker-san seems to really know Chiba-san, and this attitude of Chiba-san's...)
Yuki: I get it!
Chiba: Get what?
Yuki: That's it! Joker-san is the heir to a noble family! And Chiba-san is from a family of hereditary servants to them!!
Yuki: Yeah, a brilliant deduction, if I do say so myself!
Chiba: ...Are you an idiot?
Yuki: Huuuh!? I'm wrong?
Yuki: But somehow, seeing the two of you, it seems like you've been master and servant since you were little...
Sonoda: Your imagination is working overtime.
Yuki: Sonoda-san, it doesn't seem that way to you?
Sonoda: Not really. Since I'm used to their relationship.
Joker: Hayato and I met when we entered the school.
Yuki: Really...?
Sonoda: Why are you disappointed?
Yuki: After all, you don't know people without asking, I guess...
Joker: Isn't it because you're going and imagining too many things?
Chiba: Joker-sama is right.
Yuki: Ahh...
(Yuki: But it really is a strange relationship, Joker-san and Chiba-san.)
(Yuki: But the two of them seem okay with it, and I guess it's not for me to say anything.)

Ask if Sonoda has a scar.

(decision #1c: Ask if Sonoda has a scar.)
Yuki: Sonoda-san, do you have any scars?
Sonoda: Haha. No, none.
Yuki: I see.
Sonoda: Of course not.
Yuki: Not even cut yourself with a knife, or burned yourself on a frying pan?
Sonoda: I wouldn’t slip up like that.
Sonoda: I’m not the type to risk myself like Kiyo or Hayato.
Sonoda: On the off chance I got hurt, it would be a bother if it got in the way of my cooking.
Sonoda: So as a cook, I absolutely don’t do anything dangerous.
Yuki: I see. Cooking comes first for you, Sonoda-san.
Sonoda: Of course.
Sonoda: As part of Durak, when it’s necessary to do something dangerous, I leave it to those two aggressive guys.
Yuki: Are you a pacifist?
Sonoda: Not exactly.
Sonoda: I’m not especially opposed to fighting.
Sonoda: It's that I don't have to care. Kiyo and Hayato are both fighters, so they strike first.
Yuki: I see.
Yuki: But is Joker-san a fighter?
Yuki: He does seem aggressive, but...
Sonoda: It’s no joke with Kiyo. He doesn’t hold back.
Sonoda: You should consider yourself lucky that you just got threatened with a gun.
Joker: Wow. So that’s what you think of me, Eiji.
Sonoda: Of course.
Joker: Well. But it’s not that I don’t hold back, it’s that I can’t.
Sonoda: They’re both the same, aren't they?
Sonoda: I have these two. It’s best to leave the trouble to the people who want to do it.
Chiba: Myself just obeys Joker-sama’s commands.
Chiba: It’s not that I like trouble.
Sonoda: But you do like fighting.
Chiba: Yeah.
Sonoda: See? The right guy for the right job.
Sonoda: Well, as an opponent for you, Yuki-kun, I might be the best fit.
Yuki: Huh? Why?
Sonoda: Because if you became my enemy, it seems like it would be more effective to appeal to your stomach rather than use force.
Sonoda: Like I’d tell you to imagine going back to a life of plain udon.
Yuki: A life of only plain udon and furikake rice… th, that’s scary...
Sonoda: You’d do anything I say, wouldn’t you?
Yuki: Yes...
Sonoda: You’re so honest.
Yuki: Haha.
Yuki: It’s true that if my stomach were taken hostage, I might be completely defeated.
Sonoda: I learned some valuable information.
Yuki: Please don’t actually do that...
(Yuki: Sonoda-san might be the scariest person to have as my enemy.)
(Yuki: ...I'll try not to anger him.)

Yuki: Still, it's nice that we can use this big bath.
Yuki: But isn't it lonely with just the three of you?
Joker: Not really.
Yuki: I think I would be lonely.
Yuki: You weren't really trying to chase other people out, right?
Yuki: So how about explaining to everyone?
Yuki: The bath might be more fun with more people.
Joker: I'm not doing that.
Joker: I'm fine with it this way.
Sonoda: I don't have a problem with it the way it is now either.
Yuki: Really? And Chiba-san too?
Chiba: It's better with fewer enemies.
Yuki: Ah... yeah. It was my mistake asking you, Chiba-san...
Joker: Since you're in the student council, you may want to be friends with all the students, but...
Joker: I don't really want a Durak that's friends with everyone.
Joker: This distance we have now is perfect.
Yuki: So you're saying it's best to keep your distance?
Joker: Right.
Joker: It's more interesting to keep it mysterious and let people imagine what they want.
Joker: Well, having you intrude like today is also a bit fun.
Joker: But I don't care about anyone else.
Joker: So it's fine if you want to come to the bath at the same time as us again.
Yuki: Thanks.
(Yuki: Then I'll come again at this time.)
(Yuki: After all, I want to be friends with Durak.)

if Yuki is closest to Arata or Yagami

(dorm hallway)
Yuki: *humming*♪
Yuki: Bathtime, bathtime♪

(changing room)
Yuki: Excuse me!!
Arata: Welcome.
Yuki: Good evening, Arata-san. Oh, is Maro in your room?
Arata: He's already gone to bed.
Yagami: Oh, it's Asahina.
Yuki: You're here too, Yagami.
Yagami: Yeah. It's rare that you come here.
Yuki: Yeah. I always just finish off with a shower in my room.
Yuki: But I got all sweaty today, so I thought I'd come to the public bath.
Arata: Wow. So you always shower.
Arata: Even though it seems like you would really like the public bath.
Yuki: I do like it. I love it!
Yagami: Hey, no swimming.
Yuki: Well, it is big enough, but it's not quite deep enough...
Yuki: Maybe you could do the breaststroke.
Yagami: I said no swimming!
Yuki: Hehe.
Yuki: The public bath is fun, but it always seems like it's kind of a pain, so my room is fine.
Arata: Mm. Why is that?
Yagami: Heh. Cuz you're too busy?
Yagami: Cuz the student council is the school's errand boys.
Yuki: I'm not an errand boy, I do odd jobs.
Yagami: Same difference.
Yuki: If I could get things done faster...
Yuki: Then I could take my time in the bath.
Arata: Ace-kun, you're Mr. Diligent.
Yagami: Like you can talk. You don't know how to get anything done.
Yuki: Haha...
Yuki: But I wasn't an errand boy today.
Arata: You're the organizer of the Gourmand Cup.
Yagami: Hmph. Gourmand Cup, big deal.
Yuki: Huh? But weren't you really excited about it?
Yagami: I'm pissed off I lost.
Arata: That's too bad.
Yagami: Geez, screw that Manchu Han Imperial Feast! It's not like I'd be happy or anything even if something like that becomes a dish at the cafeteria.
Yuki: You don't have to be so angry...
Yagami: I am angry!!

if Yuki was on team yakiniku

Yagami: Anyway, what's with you? You were a member of team all-you-can-eat yakiniku too.
Yagami: Of everyone, they had to snag the prize? Aren't you pissed?
Yuki: That's, well... it is a shame, but...
Yuki: Since we were beaten so thoroughly, I accepted defeat.
Arata: Hey, Ace-kun. What a man.
Yuki: Hehe.
Yagami: Ugh. Don't laugh like an idiot.

Yagami: If you're talking about food, it's meat! Meat!!
Arata: But you can eat meat any time, can't you?
Yagami: You don't know anything, dumbass.
Yagami: Meat that's perfectly on the edge of cooked, lightly seared, sizzling on the hot griddle… that meat has the most flavor when you eat it right then and there.
Yagami: If you waste time putting it on a plate, even delicious meat gets gross.
Arata: But funazushi is more valuable than yakiniku. Recently, the wild funa have declined, they say.
Yagami: Funazushi, whatever. Who would eat something that gross?
Arata: But it's delicious.

if Yuki was on team funazushi

Yagami: By the way, Asahina. You were funazushi too, weren't you?
Yuki: That's right.
Yagami: I'm surprised you wanna eat something so stinky.
Yuki: Haha. It's because I didn't know what kind of food it was.
Yagami: What's up with that? You joined the team for a food you didn't even know?
Yagami: You have an abnormal obsession with food, even to the point of making yourself sick?
Yuki: No. I thought it was normal sushi.
Yagami: Still, it's funa. It's a river fish.
Yagami: Didn't you think about how it has a muddy smell and hard bones?
Yuki: I didn't think that far.
Yuki: Have you eaten funa, Yagami?
Yagami: Who would do that? I'm imagining. Imagining.
Yagami: Anyway, if you're talking about meat or fish, unless it's in extreme circumstances, I choose meat.
Yuki: For me, if it's food, I want to eat it all, without exception.
Arata: If it's a fermented food, anything is good.
Yagami: Because all you eat are rotten things, your brain's fermented too.
Arata: Hey, that's really mean! Isn't it, Ace-kun?
Yuki: That's right, Yagami. Cheese and natto are delicious.
Yagami: Heh. They're all smelly.
Arata: But they're delicious.
Arata: When the funazushi arrives, I'll give some to you too, Reo-Reo.
Yagami: No thanks.
Yagami: Wait, don't call me Reo-Reo!!
Arata: Hyahya!
Yuki: Haha...
(Yuki: Even though I ended up responding forcefully, sharing the funazushi... I'll mentally prepare for it.)

(in the bath)
Yuki: Um, shampoo, shampoo...
Yagami: Hey, watch it, Asahina. Don't throw hot water everywhere.
Yuki: Sorry. Did it get on you?
Arata: It's fine, it's fine.
Yagami: Why are you answering?
Yuki: Then it's okay.
Yagami: Don't you just accept it.
Yuki: Huh, did it get on you?
Arata: I don't think it got on Reo-Reo.
Yagami: Don't butt into every little thing!!
Yuki: Ahh! Refreshing!
Arata: Huh? You're already done?
Yuki: Yeah.
Yagami: Splash on some shampoo and rough it up, then rinse and you're done?
Yuki: Yeah. That's right... is something wrong?
Arata: Mm. It's not wrong, but...
Yagami: There's no excuse for that half-assed way of washing.
Yuki: Really?
Yagami: Course not. Is that what you've been doing the whole time?
Yagami: That's why your head is all boing boing every which way.
Yuki: Boing boing...?
Arata: You don't use a treatment or conditioner?
Yuki: No...
Yuki: Wait, both of you use treatments and stuff!?
Arata: I do.
Arata: Since the chlorine in the pool damages hair.
Arata: That's why I always use a proper treatment.
Yuki: Wow.
Yuki: And you, Yagami? A treatment? Conditioner?
Yagami: How should I know?
Yuki: Which one?
Yagami: I said I don't know.
Arata: You should just honestly say you don't know the difference between conditioner and a treatment.
Yagami: Shut up! It says 'use after shampooing!'
Yuki: You do it randomly too.
Arata: But you're always so careful with your shampoo. Since you harden your hair with wax.
Yagami: Of course. If you don't remove the dirt, there's no point washing it.
Yuki: Wow... you do it properly...
Yuki: But maybe it's normal to do it like me.
Yagami: Guys who talk like that end up bald.
Yuki: Huh!? Bald!?
Yagami: Bald, bald. When that happens, you'll be totally skin headed.
Yuki: I, I'll be fine! Everyone in my family has thick hair!!
Yagami: If you're careless like that, when it's cut there will be huge damage.
Yuki: Don't say nasty things!!
Arata: Hyahya, were you imagining it?
Yuki: ...A little.
Yagami: Haha.
Arata: Then I'll teach you by example so it doesn't happen.
Yuki: By... example?
Arata: Yep. Leave it to me.

CG: washing hair
Yuki: Wha? Huh...
Arata: It's okay. I'll be gentle, so relax.
Yuki: R, Right...
(Yuki: Huh? What is this?)
(Yuki: Even though there's nothing to his hand movements, Arata-san's fingers...)
Yagami: Huh? What is it, Asahina?
Yuki: Oh...
Yuki: Wow... It feels good...
Arata: Really?
Yuki: Yeah... Very...
Yagami: Hey, Arata! You have the hands of a god.
Arata: Ahyahya. Flattery won't get you anything.
Yagami: Hmph. Like I care.
(Yuki: Ah... This is no good. I can't even talk decently. And his delicate touch...)
(Yuki: This feels far, far better than getting a shampoo at a salon...)
(Yuki: This is the first time... maybe.)
Yagami: Hey, hey, hey, hey. Your eyes are looking crazy.
Yuki: *siiiigh*
Yagami: This guy, he'd agree to anything right now, wouldn't he?
Yuki: Hm... Yaga... What're you saying...?
(Yuki: But it really does feel good. I never imagined Arata-san was so good at washing hair...)
Arata: Sir, is there anywhere that's itchy?
Yuki: No, there's not. It feels... really good...
Arata: Mm. I'm glad.
Yagami: Hey, Arata. Since we're here, go all the way.
Yuki: Huh...? What...?
Arata: Hmm. But the special's expensive?
Yuki: Arata-san? This special...?
Arata: Mm... heehee. ...Want to try it?
Yuki: U, wah...!?
Yuki: A, Arata-san? Just now, my ears...
(Yuki: His laugh just now... what was it? Or rather, it was kind of, really sexy...)
Arata: S-pe-ci-al. What shall I do...?
Yuki: Oh...

(decision #1)
Yagami, don't say weird things!

(decision #1a: Yagami, don't say weird things!)
Yuki: Yagami, don't say weird things!
Yagami: What. What's a weird thing?
Yuki: The way you're talking… is kind of dirty!!
Yagami: Hah. Who gives a crap? You're the one taking it that way.
Yuki: That's not true! You are talking weird!!
Yagami: Don't make it my fault.
(Yuki: Damn. Saying things like that...)
(Yuki: Yagami is right, it feels too good, it's starting to... drive me crazy...)
(Yuki: No, it's not! There's absolutely nothing weird, but...)
Yagami: ...Heh.
Yagami: Hey, Arata. Get on with it.
Arata: Should I really do it?
Yagami: Yeah.
Yuki: No. The special, well... I don't need it...
Yagami: Don't be shy. You'll definitely like it.
Arata: I'll lather you up, so close your eyes.
Yuki: W, what!? What!? end CG

Arata: Here we go. Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles.
Yuki: ...Waaah!?
Yuki: What is the special!? Just what is it!!??
Arata: The special is...

CG: Yuki with a bubble pompadour :D
Arata: Ta-da!!
Yuki: Ahh!!
Yuki: W, what is this!? What is it!!!!?
Arata: Ahyahyahyahyahya. A pompadour.
Yuki: P, pompadour...
Yagami: Yeah. That's cool. A perfect 100. Your manliness is up 100 points.
Yuki: If it went up 100 points and I'm at 100, do I normally have 0 points!?
Yagami: Heh heh. You realized?
Arata: Reo-Reo, you're mean. Ahyahyahyahya.
Yuki: Yagami, Arata-san, don't laugh!!
Yuki: What is this!? Playing with someone's head, geez! Are you two children!?
Arata: We are!
Yagami: Heh. We're matching your childishness, dumbass.
Yuki: You're the ones who are childish!!
end CG

Yagami: Oh, you wanna go? If you want a match, I'll accept.
Arata: Oh man. The two of you are gonna fight stark naked? What children.
Yuki: Arata-san! Don't pretend you have nothing to do with it!!
Arata: But, Arata is a pacifist.
Yagami: Heh. Every once in a while you get sharp too... Hup!
Yuki: Gah... Don't swing the sprayer around!

The special... please!

(decision #1b: The special... please!)
Yuki: The special... please!
Arata: Right. One special, coming right up.
Yuki: Oh...
(Yuki: If it felt so good before, then the special...)
(Yuki: Urgh. I wonder how that will be.)
Yagami: Hey, hey. Don't be so expectant.
Yuki: No... I'm not expectant...
Arata: Heh heh. You can be expectant. ...I'll make you feel so good, you won't believe it...
Yuki: Ah...
(Yuki: Arata-san's movements... his fingers...)
(Yuki: It's soft and gentle, and it feels extremely good...)
Arata: Heh heh, feels good, doesn't it?
Yuki: Yes...
Arata: I know all the places that make you feel good, Ace-kun.
Yuki: Waaa... there, it's too much... uwaa...
Arata: So it feels that good?
Yuki: Y, es...
(Yuki: Ahh... my eyelids are closing...)
end CG

Arata: Then I'll make it way, waaaay better.
Yuki: Way, oh no... Making it way better... that's...
Arata: There, all done!

CG: Yuki with bubble kitty ears :D
Yuki: Huh? Oh... this is...
Arata: Heh heh heh. It's cat ears, meow.
Yuki: Meow? Huh... huh...?
Arata: Cute, isn't it? Since you cried in such a nice voice.
Yuki: Huh? But, this, cute... Huh? Huh...
Arata: Wow, you're bright red. Did you blush?
Yuki: Huh? No, that's...
(Yuki: I can't say it... I imagined... way more.)
Yagami: It's stupid.
Arata: That's not true. A cat-eared kitty cat. It's cute, isn't it?
Yagami: Screw cat ears! A guy being cute is gross!
Yagami: A man should have a pompadour.
Arata: Pompadour? Mm, it's not bad, but...
Arata: Isn't that sort of thing a bit dated?
Yagami: Old or new doesn't matter. A man doesn't pay attention to fads, he just pursues what's good.
Arata: Then, Reo-Reo, I'll give your hair a crew cut when you get out of the bath.
Yagami: Y, you asshole!! If you do anything to my hair, you'll pay for it!
Arata: Eek, so scary, so scary.
Yuki: Ha... ha... ha...
Yagami: Asahina! Dumbass, don't laugh...
Yuki: Hachoo!!
Arata: Oh my.
Yuki: S, sorry. Just, the bubbles...
Arata: Sorry, sorry. I was playing too much.
Arata: I'll do it for you again any time, the special.
Yuki: R, right...
end CG

Yuki: Ahhh. I feel refreshed!
Arata: Right. All's well that ends well.
Yuki: Thank you! It felt really good.
(Yuki: But...)
(Yuki: Arata-san is a bit of a strange person.)
(Yuki: Even though he always has a humorous smile, every once in a while, he gives a bit of a shock.)
(Yuki: ...Yeah. He's a strange person...)

(Yuki's room)
(Yuki: The bath felt great.)
Yuki: The Gourmand Cup ended without problems.
Yuki: ...No, it ended a huge success.
Yuki: Heh heh heh.
Yuki: Yay, yay, yay!
Yuki: I'm glad it was a success.
(Yuki: It was fun. The games and the crowd were exciting.)
(Yuki: Everyone had fun and there were people who complimented it.)
(Yuki: This year's ball tournament was good. You did it, Ace, they said.)
Yuki: Ace...
Yuki: *cackle*
Yuki: It's no good. My face is breaking into a smile.
(Yuki: I'm so happy! Ace. Student council president.)
(Yuki: Although I was a little worried about whether I could be student council president.)
(Yuki: But Kuya-san and Takato-san helped me with their advice.)
(Yuki: I heard that Joker-san and the others were at odds with the student council, but they cooperated with us.)
(Yuki: And Tomo helped hand out flyers, and Yagami and Arata-san and everyone else participated actively and made it exciting.)
(Yuki: Thanks to that, we were able to accomplish the tournament, and everyone had fun...)
Yuki: It's email.

if Yuki was on team Manchu Han Imperial Feast

sender: Kuya-san
subject: Good job!
text: Today was really fun! This is my third time, but this year's ball tournament was the greatest. No mistake! Even though it was hard because we had a short time to prepare, it was really fun. Let's plan an event like this together again!
(Yuki: The greatest so far, huh!?)
(Yuki: Another one?)
sender: Chiba-san
subject: (none)
text: Well done.
(Yuki: Even Chiba-san praised me...!)
(Yuki: I'm so happy... I'm glad I became student council president.)
(Yuki: And I even get to eat the Manchu Han Imperial Feast. I look forward to eating it with everyone.)

if Yuki was on team yakiniku

(Yuki: It's from everyone!)
sender: Tomo
subject: Today's ball tournament
text: Good job. It was tiring, but fun in its own way. Playing group sports like today was surprisingly nice. Be sure to stretch properly before going to bed so your muscles won't be sore later.
sender: Yagami
subject: I don't believe this
text: We'll definitely win next time. So you plan it next year too. I'll participate.
sender: Sonoda-san
subject: The worst situation
text: Can you understand my despair right now? If you feel any sympathy at all, it'll be a help if you don't order Chinese food for a while.
(Yuki: Hahaha... Sonoda-san is having a rough time...)
(Yuki: But next year, huh? I hope we can be on the same team again.)
(Yuki: And so next year, we'll have all-you-can-eat yakiniku!)

[Note: I'm not sure what the conditions are, but Sonoda can also send an email that is literally just "Manchu Han Imperial Feast" over and over. It may only appear on your first playthrough, since I was only able to get it with a fresh install. Image here!]

if Yuki was on team habanero

sender: Joker-san
subject: I had fun☆
text: The ball tournament was a big success. I'm annoyed that I didn't win, but I got to see a lot of interesting things so I'm satisfied. Let's plan it together again.
(Yuki: Let's plan it together again, he said. I'm so happy.)

if Yuki was on team funazushi

(Yuki: It's from everyone!)
sender: Takato-san
subject: Good work today.
text: Good work. It was a good ball tournament. I'm sure everyone is grateful to you. Minase said he made arrangements for the funazushi. I'm looking forward to it(*^v^*)b
sender: Arata-san
subject: Good job
text: Too bad about today, but everyone had fun in the Gourmand Cup. You did a good job. When I emailed my mother about the funazushi, she was really happy. Let's all eat it together.
(Yuki: ...Let's all eat it together, huh?)
(Yuki: No, maybe if it eat it, it'll be surprisingly delicious.)
(Yuki: Since Arata-san and Takato-san say it's delicious, I'm sure it is! Probably...)
(Yuki: ...Why, I wonder? Even though those two said it's delicious, I don't really feel relieved...)
(Yuki: Oh well. I have to try taking on every challenge!)

Yuki: Alright.
Yuki: From now on, I'll do my best as student council president!!

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