gakuen heaven 2

common route translation and notes

This is a translation of the common route of Gakuen Heaven 2, including the variations in the text that appear for each choice.

introduction arc: May 12 (A)May 12 (B)May 12 (C)May 12 (D)May 13May 14May ?? & 17May 20
ball tournament arc: May 22May 23May 24May 26May 27 (A)May 27 (B)May 28May 29
Bell One arc: June 1 (A)June 1 (B)June 1 (C)June 2

june 1

Yuki: Alright, I'm done.
Yuki: So this is all the work requested of the student council today. I wish there were more.
Yuki: I've had a lot of free time recently...
Yuki: Is it my imagination?
??: Asahina-kun.
Yuki: Hello, Dr. Matsuoka.
Matsuoka: It's nice weather today. Are you doing student council work today too?
Yuki: Yes. The biology teacher, Professor Kondou, asked me to organize the reference room.
Matsuoka: You're always so busy.
Yuki: That's not true.
Yuki: I wish everyone asked me for more work...
Yuki: I wonder if they think I'm not reliable.
Matsuoka: That's not true.
Matsuoka: Haven't you had a lot of things like chores up until now? That was work too.
Yuki: Yeah, I guess...
Matsuoka: But the ball tournament was a great effort by the student council.
Matsuoka: So the student council may now get entrusted with bigger jobs.
Yuki: Hmm... I'd be happy if it did...
Yuki: But Kuya-san and Takato-san and I really like the chores.
Yuki: So I wish they would ask for a lot more.
Matsuoka: That's very promising. If I need anything, I'll ask you.
Yuki: Right!
Matsuoka: Oh?
Yuki: What's the matter?
Matsuoka: Asahina-kun, where's your armband?
Yuki: Armband?
Yuki: Oh! It's gone.
Yuki: That's weird. I don't remember taking it off...
Yuki: I wonder if I dropped it somewhere...?
Matsuoka: If you dropped it, I think you should hurry and look for it.
Yuki: You're right. I'll try looking for it.
Matsuoka: Yeah. Then I'll be going now.
*Matsuoka leaves*
Yuki: That's strange... I should have had it on...
Yuki: Maybe someone knows.

(decision point #1)
Sagimori Kuya

(decision point #1a: Sagimori Kuya)
Yuki: If it's Kuya-san, I just saw him in the student council room before, so maybe he knows.
Yuki: Hm?

Kuya: Hola! Thanks for your hard work!
Yuki: Kuya-san! Just in time.
Kuya: What's the matter?
Yuki: Do you know where my armband is?
Kuya: Armband?
Kuya: It's gone!?
Yuki: I seem to have lost it somewhere.
Kuya: That's... oh man...
Yuki: Kuya-san?
Kuya: Do you have any idea where you might have lost it?
Yuki: No. I just noticed it when I talked to Dr. Matsuoka before.
Kuya: Then, to begin with, why don't you try retracing your steps?
Kuya: Let's go, Yuki!
Yuki: R, right!
(Yuki: What is this? Why is he making a face like that...?)

Kuya: We didn't find it...
Yuki: I wonder where I forgot it.
Yuki: There shouldn't be anyone who would steal something like that...
Kuya: Steal...
Yuki: Kuya-san? What's the matter?
Kuya: ...No, it's nothing.
Kuya: Yuki! Let's split up now. That would be more efficient.
Yuki: Okay.
Kuya: If you find it, email me. I'll do the same.
Kuya: I'll go ask Masatsugu to help too.
Kuya: Bye!
Yuki: ...It's kind of gotten serious.
(Yuki: Anyway, it'll be fine as long as we find the armband.)
(Yuki: I'll go look in the reference room one more time...)

Takato Masatsugu

(decision point #1b: Takato Masatsugu)
Yuki: Maybe I just forgot it in the student council room.
Yuki: I'll try asking Takato-san.

(student council room)
Yuki: I'm baaack...
Takato: Yes. That's right. Oh...
Yuki: Hm?
(Yuki: He's on the phone.)
Takato: I'll talk to you later.
Yuki: I'm sorry, interrupting your phone call.
Takato: Don't worry about it. I was just finishing.
(Yuki: That's not what it looked like to me...)
Takato: ...Oh?
Takato: What happened to your armband?
Yuki: That's just it!
Yuki: I lost it at some point, and I thought maybe I forgot it here...
Yuki: Have you seen it?
Takato: No.
Takato: You had the armband on when you left here, so you must have lost it along the way somewhere.
Yuki: I had it on?
Takato: Yes. I'm sure of it.
Yuki: Just as I'd expect of you, Takato-san.
Takato: Let's go look for it. Maybe you dropped it somewhere.
Yuki: Yes.
*cell phone vibrates*
Yuki: Takato-san, your phone...
Takato: Don't mind it.
Yuki: I'm fine by myself. Please answer it.
Takato: But your armband...
Yuki: I'll just go around to the places I went to after leaving here.
Yuki: See you.
Takato: Oh...
Takato: ...*sigh*
Takato: Hello.
Takato: Didn't I ask you not to call me before 10 in the evening?


(decision point #1c: Joker)
Yuki: I remember I passed by Joker this morning at the dorm.
Yuki: Joker-san seems like he knows everything, I'll try asking him.
(Yuki: If he says he doesn't remember seeing it, I'll go back to the dorm and search my room.)

(Durak room)
Joker: Your armband?
Yuki: Yes. I seem to have lost it somewhere today.
Yuki: Have you seen it?
Joker: ...Hey, Ace-kun?
Yuki: Yes?
Joker: Why would you think I'd know about your lost items?
Yuki: We passed each other this morning in the dorm so I thought you might remember if I had it on or not.
Joker: See here, Yuki-kun. Just what do you think I am?
Yuki: Huh?
Joker: It's true that I'm interested in you since you became the Ace.
Joker: But I'm not your stalker, and I'm not your secretary.
Joker: Did you think that if you asked me, I could solve everything, like a cat-shaped robot who produces convenient items?[note!]A not-so-vague reference to Doraemon.
Joker: I have no duty to be walking around for your convenience.
Yuki: That's, well, that's true...
Joker: But if you draw my interest so much that I want to, it's a different story.
Joker: Then, I'll use all the strength I have to back you up.
Joker: Which means that asking me right now is barking up the wrong tree.
Yuki: I see...
Joker: But if you really did lose the armband, you should hurry and look for it.
Joker: If you don't, and someone else picks it up, that person might become the Ace.
Yuki: Haha. You're joking again...
Joker: Even if that happens, if they're an interesting person, oh well...
Joker: But it would be annoying if a boring person becomes the Ace.
Yuki: That's right. If they're going to become student council president, they should be reliable...
Joker: That's not what I meant.
Yuki: Huh?
Joker: If it's someone boring, I can't play with them.
Joker: So hurry and find it.
Joker: Since I still feel like playing with you.
Yuki: Ahh...
Joker: So, well, do your best.
Yuki: Right...
Joker: Bye.
(Yuki: I thought it would work out if I asked Joker-san, but he didn't take me seriously...)

Sonoda Eiji

(decision point #1d: Sonoda Eiji)
Yuki: I guess I'll try asking Sonoda-san.
Yuki: I met Sonoda-san in the cafeteria at lunch today.
Yuki: I feel like when I was eating lunch, I got hot and took off my jacket...
Yuki: If I dropped it then, it might be in the cafeteria.
Yuki: Alright, I'll try going!!

Sonoda: Armband? Who knows? I haven't seen it.
Yuki: There's no lost and found?
Sonoda: I told you, I don't know.
Sonoda: Maybe you just forgot it somewhere, like in your dorm room, or the classroom.
Yuki: Hmm...
Sonoda: If it was found in the cafeteria, it would be in the basket in the corner of the entrance.
Yuki: That wicker basket?
Sonoda: Most of it's junk, but if you're worried, why don't you try looking?
Sonoda: I'm busy with preparations for tomorrow, so I'm going.
Yuki: Right. Sorry to bother you while you're busy.
Sonoda: Don't take up my time with stuff that won't make me money.
Sonoda: My policy is not to make an effort if I can't get paid.
Sonoda: Well, bye. I hope you find it.
Yuki: Umm, he was cold...
Yuki: I knew he was like that, but I feel like it's been a long time since I've seen Sonoda-san be so cold.

Chiba Hayato

(decision point #1e: Chiba Hayato)
Yuki: Chiba-san...
(Yuki: Even if I asked him, it might be useless. I don't remember meeting him today...)
Chiba: What?
Yuki: Uwah!?
Yuki: What are you doing here?
Chiba: I'm on the way to deliver these papers to the staff room as Joker-sama's messenger.
Chiba: Do you need something?
Yuki: I lost the Ace armband I always have on.
Yuki: I thought maybe I dropped it somewhere...
Yuki: But you haven't seen it, I'm sure.
Chiba: Yeah.
Chiba: ...
Chiba: Let's look for it. I'll help.
Yuki: You'll look for it with me?
Chiba: Would that bother you?
Yuki: Of course not! Thank you!
Yuki: You saying that you'll look for it with me... it makes me kind of happy.
Chiba: Joker-sama ordered me to help you if you needed anything.
Yuki: ...I see.
Chiba: Let's go.
Yuki: Oh, right.
(Yuki: So he's helping me on Joker-san's orders...)
(Yuki: Well, that makes sense.)

(school hallway)
Yuki: We haven't found it...
Chiba: Yeah.
Yuki: Where could it have gone...?
Chiba: ...!
Yuki: Chiba-san? Is there something outside?
Chiba: No.
Yuki: But...
(Yuki: Oh, he looked at the clock. Wait...)
Yuki: That's right! The papers! You were on your way to the staff room, weren't you!?
Chiba: It's not urgent.
Yuki: But it's already been an hour since we met up.
Yuki: The teacher may be waiting too.
Chiba: They're not.
Yuki: But what about the club? Don't you also have the kendo club?
Chiba: ...
Yuki: Thank you. I'll look by myself now.
Yuki: If you're too late, the teacher may leave.
Yuki: Besides, everyone in the kendo club is waiting too.
Chiba: But...
Chiba: That armband is important to you, isn't it?
Yuki: Huh...
Chiba: ...Right.
Chiba: When club is over, I'll come back.
Chiba: Later.
Yuki: Oh...
Yuki: Important to me...
(Yuki: ...That's right. It's important to me.)
(Yuki: Only it's not just because it's the student council president's armband.)
(Yuki: I've had the armband on the whole time since I came to the school.)
(Yuki: My life at the school has been a life with it on...)
(Yuki: Anyway, it's something special to me.)
Yuki: Chiba-san realized that before I did...
(Yuki: That's why he helped me even though he had his club...)
Yuki: ...Hehehe.
Yuki: Alright! I'll try looking everywhere one more time!

Minase Arata

(decision point #1f: Minase Arata)
Yuki: I wonder if Arata-san would know?
Yuki: Alright, I'll try going.

Yuki: There he is. Arata-san!
Arata: Oh, Ace-kun. Welco...
Arata: Hm?
Arata: Oh my my my? You're kind of different than usual.
Arata: What happened to your armband?
Yuki: That's just it. By the time I realized it, the armband was gone...
Yuki: You don't remember seeing it, do you? We were together at lunch today.
Arata: Mm... let's see...
Arata: Lunchtime... in the cafeteria. Reo-Reo and Tomomo were there too...
Yuki: We all ate kimchi hot-pot...
Yuki: But since you don't like hot things, you had the cold tofu set.
Arata: Right.
Arata: But your jacket was off.
Yuki: Huh?
Arata: You said, it's hot, it's hot, and you took it off. Did you forget?
Yuki: Oh...
Yuki: That's right! Maybe that's when I dropped it...
Maro: Kukukukuku!
Yuki: Oh, Maro.
Wakasama: Meow♪
Yuki: And Wakasama!
Arata: Hup.
Yuki: Oh, Arata-san... Carrying a cat, and with Maro wrapped around your neck...
Yuki: I may be a little jealous.
Wakasama: Meow.
Arata: Wakasama says he'll look for the armband with Maro.
Yuki: Huh? Wakasama will?
Arata: Yeah. Well...
coach: Minase! Come here a minute!!
Arata: Right, right.
Yuki: I'm sorry. Even though you're in the middle of club, I just started talking to you.
Arata: It's fine. No problem.
Arata: More importantly, Wakasama, y'know, he knows everything about BL School, so he'll be a big help.
Arata: Here you go.
Wakasama: Meow.
Yuki: Oh, thank...
(Yuki: Oh, he's really heavy...)
Maro: Kuku.
Arata: See you.
Yuki: Thank you!
Yuki: Hup.
(Yuki: Still, he's so heavy.)
(Yuki: Even though he has such a cute face, why is he so heavy?)
Yuki: So imposing. As expected from Wakasama.
Wakasama: Meow♪
Yuki: I'll be counting on you, Wakasama.
M: Kuku.
Yuki: Mm, you too Maro.
Yuki: It seems like narrow places are your specialty, Maro.
M: Kuu.
(Yuki: That's what I thought, and I looked here and there, but after all, the armband didn't turn up.)
(Yuki: I'm a little worried.)

Kasahara Tomo

(decision point #1g: Kasahara Tomo)
Yuki: Alright! I'll ask Tomo.
Yuki: We had most of the same classes all day.

(school hallway)
Yuki: Tomo, found you.
Tomo: Hm...? Yuki?
Yuki: There's something I want to ask you.
Tomo: Make it quick. ...*yawn*
Yuki: Right, right.
Yuki: Hey, the armband I always have on. Have you seen it anywhere?
Tomo: Armband?
Yuki: The student council president armband.
Yuki: I seem to have lost it.
Tomo: You lost it?
Yuki: Huh?
Tomo: What do you mean you lost it? When, where? How did you lose it?
Yuki: Wait, Tomo? What's the matter?
Tomo: That's what I want to ask. What do you mean you lost the Ace armband?
Yuki: What do I mean...?
Yuki: I don't know.
Yuki: Before, Dr. Matsuoka pointed out that I didn't have the armband. That was the first I realized.
Yuki: I didn't really do anything where I took it off, so I thought it was on my arm. I have no clue where it is.
Tomo: ...Damnit.
Yuki: What's the matter? You're kind of not acting like yourself.
Tomo: Oh... Um... Sorry.
Yuki: You don't have to be so serious. I'll find it soon.
Tomo: Yuki. If there was someone who found the armband and they said they were becoming the Ace, what would you do?
Yuki: Let's see...
Yuki: If that happens, I'll think about it then.
Tomo: You...
Yuki: It's possible that person may be more qualified and enthusiastic than me.
Yuki: So if that person wanted to do it, that would be okay, wouldn't it?
Yuki: After all, I became student council president in a way like that.
Tomo: ...That's right.
Tomo: That's all it is to you.
Yuki: Tomo?
Tomo: Sorry. Forget what I just said.
Yuki: Huh? What...
Tomo: It's okay. Bye.
Yuki: Hey, Tomo!?
Yuki: ...He left.
Yuki: Just what was that...? Even though he always acts so uninvolved like he doesn't care...
Yuki: What's the matter...?

*time passes*

Yuki: It's not here...
(Yuki: Anyway, I went to all the places that I thought it might be, but I didn't find a single clue.)
(Yuki: Did I drop it? Or did I unconsciously take it off?)

Yagami Reon

(decision point #1h: Yagami Reon)
Yuki: I'll ask Yagami.
Yuki: We were together during lunch.

(club hallway)
Yagami: Asahina. What do you need?
Yuki: Sorry to bother you during club. I have something I wanted to ask.
Yuki: We ate lunch together today, didn't we? Do you remember if I had the student council president armband on?
Yagami: Who knows? I don't remember.
Yagami: Anyway, why are you asking me?
Yagami: I don't look at your arms...
Yagami: Hm? Come to think of it, didn't you say you were hot, and took off your jacket?
Yuki: Now that you mention it... since the kimchi hotpot at lunch was really spicy and hot.
Yuki: I remember!
Yagami: Huh?
Yuki: Yagami, you took off your jacket and turned it inside out.
Yagami: What's wrong with that? If I hadn't, the smell of the kimchi would have gotten on the jacket.
Yagami: Anyway, you did the same thing, didn't you?
Yuki: Yeah. I copied you.
Yuki: Then I wonder if I dropped it then...
Yagami: Well, you never know.
Yagami: But if you dropped it then, wouldn't someone have noticed?
Yuki: I wonder...
Yagami: Even when you went back to the classroom, no one noticed.
Yuki: Yeah... Even I didn't realize until Dr. Matsuoka told me...
Yagami: It doesn't make sense that you dropped it in the cafeteria while you were eating, right?
Yuki: But, otherwise...
Yagami: If you're worried about it, why don't we go to the cafeteria now?
Yuki: Huh? You'll go with me?
Yagami: Oh...
Yuki: But aren't you in the middle of club?
Yagami: Idiot. I'm thirsty so I'm just going to buy a drink.
Yagami: Hey, let's go.
Yuki: Oh, don't go on ahead!

Yagami: It wasn't here.
Yuki: Yeah... And no one saw it.
Yagami: And it doesn't look like anyone took it to the lost and found.
Yuki: But thanks, Yagami.
Yagami: What?
Yuki: For coming to look with me.
Yagami: I told you, I just came to buy something to drink.
Yuki: But you looked with me.
Yagami: Are you an idiot? I told you, it was just along the way.
Yagami: I'm going now. Finish looking by yourself.
Yuki: Yeah, thanks Yagami.
Yagami: Shuttup.
*Yagami leaves*
Yuki: Hehe.
Yuki: Well, I'll do my best to look a little more too.
Yuki: Anyway, I'll go around to everywhere I've been today.

(school hallway)
Yuki: After all, it wasn't there...

*time passes*

(school hallway)
Yuki: Hmmm, where did it go?
Yuki: The student council president's armband. The mark of the Ace...
(Yuki: I suddenly got it from the former Ace when I first came to the school...)
(Yuki: No. The armband was entrusted to me.)
(Yuki: It's because I had that armband that everyone called me the Ace.)
(Yuki: I won the match against Joker-san and little by little, everyone recognized me...)
(Yuki: I even got back the desk in the student council room, and the Gourmand Cup was a success.)
(Yuki: It was little by little, but I feel like I've become a real Ace compared to at the beginning.)

if Yuki asked Tomo about the missing armband

Yuki: If someone else said they'd become the Ace, huh...?
(Yuki: That's what Tomo said...)
(Yuki: But I... really...)
Yuki: Alright. I'll look a little more.
(Yuki: In the school, one more time... No, maybe I forgot it in my dorm room...)
??: Yuki.
Yuki: Oh, Tomo. Before...
Tomo: More importantly, have you found the armband?
Yuki: Uh-uh, but I'm looking for it.
Tomo: I see...
Yuki: Since it doesn't seem to be in the school building, I was about to go back to the dorm...

if Yuki did not ask Tomo about the missing armband

(Yuki: But it all started with that armband. It was something precious that was entrusted to me.)
Yuki: And I lost that, huh...?
Yuki: Oh, geez, where did I lose it!?
??: Hey, Yuki.
Yuki: Huh?
Yuki: Oh, Tomo...
Tomo: What is it? You look dejected.
Yuki: You're one to talk. You're unmotivated all the time.
Yuki: Actually, it's this.
Tomo: Hm...? Where's your armband?
Yuki: Actually... I seem to have lost it...
Tomo: Seriously!? Where did you lose it!?
Yuki: ...Tomo?
Tomo: Try remembering!
Yuki: W, what? You don't have to be so surprised, do you?
Tomo: But you...

Keita: Oh, there you are, Asahina-kun!
Yuki: Professor Ito?
Keita: I was looking for you.
Yuki: What is it?
Keita: This. I was asked to deliver some papers from the board that are addressed to the student council president.
Yuki: An envelope... It says 'confidential.'
Keita: Since it's from the board, it might be important.
Yuki: What is this...?
Keita: Who knows? Even I don't know what's inside.
Keita: ...Huh? Asahina-kun, your arm...
Yuki: Do you mean the armband?
Keita: Y, yeah...
Yuki: I'm surprised everyone noticed.
Keita: But isn't it important? Just what happened to it?
Yuki: Actually, I lost it, I'm looking for it now.
Yuki: Professor, have you seen it anywhere?
Keita: Sorry, I haven't seen it...
Yuki: I see...
Keita: I'll try looking too. If I find it, I'll let you know.
Keita: I hope you find it soon.
Yuki: Thank you.
Keita: And, about that envelope...
Keita: I don't know what the board wants, but if it's something troubling, you can come talk to me.
Yuki: Oh, right...
Keita: Of course, even if it's not related to this matter, if anything's bothering you, I don't mind if you come talk to me any time.
Keita: Then I'll go back to the staff room.
Yuki: Yes. Thank you for the envelope.
Yuki: Professor Ito's oddly worried.
Tomo: ...The envelope could have something bad inside.
Yuki: Don't scare me. Besides, the professor said he doesn't know what's inside either.
Yuki: I'm sure it's because I seem depressed.
Tomo: I guess.
Yuki: But what could this be from the board?
Tomo: No way, you're looking at it here?
Yuki: Hm? I shouldn't?
Tomo: Well, it has 'confidential' written on it.
Tomo: Shouldn't you open it somewhere where there's no people, not here in the hallway?
Yuki: Well, that's true.
Yuki: It may be urgent so I'll go to the student council room and look.
Tomo: Do that.
Yuki: Yeah. Bye, Tomo.
Tomo: Yeah. If I find the armband, I'll email you.
Yuki: Thanks.

(student council room)
Yuki: I'm back...
Yuki: Huh, there's no one here.
Yuki: Oh well. First, the papers, the papers.
Yuki: I wonder what they say...
Yuki: A proposal?
Yuki: "The board of directors proposes the following."
Yuki: "Bell Liberty School is to be closed..."
Yuki: ...Huh?
Yuki: C, closed!!?? No way! What is this!? What do they mean, closed!!??
Yuki: Huh!? Huh!? Um...
Yuki: "The board of directors has come to the decision that it is appropriate to close Bell Liberty School."
Yuki: "Therefore, in regards to the subject..."
Yuki: Wait, why are they doing this... the reason! The reason!
*papers rustle*
Yuki: It's not written anywhere!? Why!?
(Yuki: They wouldn't do something this ridiculous, would they!? At a time like this... uh... umm...)
Yuki: What should I do!!?
*door opens*
Joker: You're more lively than usual.
Yuki: Oh...
Chiba: Hey.
Kuya: Did you find the armband!?
Yuki: No...

if Yuki asked Kuya about the missing armband

Kuya: I see. Masatsugu and I searched, but unfortunately we didn't find any clues.
Yuki: I see...
Kuya: Sorry.
Yuki: It's not your fault, Kuya-san.
Kuya: Thinking Joker might know something, we tried asking him, but...
Joker: I said, I don't know anything about your armband.
Joker: Right, Hayato?
Chiba: Right.
Kuya: And that's how it is.

if Yuki asked Takato about the missing armband

Kuya: I see. I heard from Masatsugu and searched too, but...
Takato: Unfortunately, we didn't find it.
Takato: We tried asking them too, but they said they didn't know.
Joker: Anyway, why would I know something about that?
Joker: I'm not the Ace-kun's guardian.

if Yuki asked Joker about the missing armband

Joker: I don't really care about the armband, but...
Joker: Anyway, I thought these two should be informed, since it has to do with the student council.
Yuki: Thank you.
Joker: Right, right. Be grateful.
Joker: And you two.
Kuya: Yeah. We're grateful.

if Yuki asked Sonoda or Tomo about the missing armband

Kuya: I see. We heard from Dr. Matsuoka that you lost the armband.
Takato: So we came back to ask you about it.
Joker: There's no point in randomly searching, is there?

if Yuki asked Chiba about the missing armband

Yuki: How did you know, Kuya-san?
Chiba: I told him.
Yuki: You did, Chiba-san?
Chiba: I informed Joker-sama about the armband.
Chiba: Then he told me to tell them too.
Yuki: And so...
Joker: I don't really care about the armband, but...
Joker: Hayato seemed kind of worried.
Chiba: M, myself wasn't really...
Yuki: Thank you.
Joker: Right, right. Be grateful.
Joker: And you two.
Kuya: Yeah. We're grateful.

if Yuki asked Arata about the missing armband

Kuya: I see. We heard from Aratan that you lost the armband, and we looked for it too, but...
Takato: We asked them too, but they seem to not know.
Joker: I don't normally pay so much attention that I notice your armband.
Takato: ...
Joker: Takato-sempai. Do you have an opinion?
Takato: No, nothing.

if Yuki asked Yagami about the missing armband

Kuya: I see. We heard from Yagami-kun that you lost the armband, and we looked for it too, but...
Takato: We asked them too, but they don't seem to know.
Joker: I don't normally pay so much attention that I notice your armband.
Takato: ...
Joker: Takato-sempai. Do you have an opinion?
Takato: No, nothing.

Takato: Nevertheless, Asahina, what's the matter?
Yuki: Huh...?
Takato: You've been looking tense.
Takato: I know you're upset about losing the armband, but...
Yuki: That's not it! It's these papers! Please look at this!!
Kuya: Hm?
Takato: ...This is...
Joker: Wow.
Chiba: They're going to... close this school?
Yuki: Yes...
Yuki: Being given papers like this all of a sudden, what should I do...?
Yuki: I absolutely don't want the school to end up closing!!
Takato: Please calm down. It's not a finalized decision yet.
Yuki: Huh?
Takato: Take a good look. It's still at the proposal level.
Takato: They wouldn't do something so rash as closing the school right away.
Kuya: There's no way it will close. We won't let them do it.
Yuki: Is there some way to stop it!?
Kuya: There is.
Takato: We haven't explained it to you yet, but...
Takato: As I told you before, this school respects the autonomy of the students.
Takato: So, the student council president bears the responsibility to decide important matters for the school.
Yuki: How do I do that!?
Kuya: Important matters are decided by a majority.
Kuya: There are three who have a vote. The director and the board, and the student council president.
Yuki: Me...
Yuki: So if I oppose it, it'll be alright, won't it?
Joker: That won't work.
Yuki: Huh? Why?
Joker: Well, you don't have the armband right now.
Yuki: That doesn't matter!! Even without the armband, I'm the student council president, aren't I!?
Joker: You're wrong.
Yuki: Wrong...
Takato: We told you before, didn't we? With the transfer of the armband, the position of student council president is transferred as well.
Yuki: Oh...
Yuki: Then, is it...
Takato: Yes. With the armband missing, right now...
Takato: Technically, the identity of the school's student council president is unknown.
Yuki: You mean I'm not the student council president right now? At an important time like this!?
Joker: That's how it is.
Joker: And that's not the only problem.
Joker: Even if the student council president is opposed, what if the director and the board are in agreement?
Joker: At that point, it'll be a majority of two against one. The student council president will lose, and the school will be closed.
Yuki: Ugh...
Yuki: But if it's the director, it's okay, isn't it?
Yuki: I talked to him on the phone before I came to school...
Yuki: Oh... I just remembered.
(Yuki: The director who called me here died at the beginning of spring. I heard that before at the nurse's office...)
Joker: Right, it might have been okay with the director who was here before.
Joker: That director was basically on the side of the students.
Joker: Even with the board's ridiculous plan, I think he'd side with the students.
Joker: But there's been a new director since this April.
Joker: He doesn't show himself, so it's unknown how this director thinks.
Joker: Even we haven't met him.
Yuki: Really...?
Joker: Right, sempai?
Kuya: What is it?
Joker: If I remember correctly, you sempais seemed to be friends with the previous director, but how is this one?
Kuya: No.
Takato: We have not met him.
Joker: Tch, useless.
Takato: He hasn't appeared in public even once since assuming his position, how could we become friends?
Yuki: Not even at the entrance ceremony?
Takato: Yes. There was just a greeting from the assistant director.
Yuki: I see...
Yuki: The new director... I wonder what kind of person he is?
Kuya: Then we have to meet him personally and ask what he thinks!
Yuki: Personally!?
Kuya: Right. We'll ask if he agrees with the proposal, or if he thinks the board is out of control.
Kuya: It's fastest to ask the man himself, right?
Chiba: Do you mean you're going to find out if the director is an ally or an enemy?
Kuya: Exactly!
Yuki: But where is the director?
Chiba: In the director's office. On the top floor of the server building.
Takato: It's possible he's out right now.
Joker: Or maybe he comes to the school every day?
Kuya: If we're lucky, we can meet him!
Joker: I see. Luck, huh?
Kuya: Right. It depends on luck.
Takato: Yes.
Chiba: That's right.
Yuki: Hm? Why is everyone looking at me?
Chiba: It means we're counting on your luck.
Yuki: My luck...
Yuki: Let's go! I'll go too, I want to hear it directly from him!

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