gakuen heaven 2

common route translation and notes

This is a translation of the common route of Gakuen Heaven 2, including the variations in the text that appear for each choice.

introduction arc: May 12 (A)May 12 (B)May 12 (C)May 12 (D)May 13May 14May ?? & 17May 20
ball tournament arc: May 22May 23May 24May 26May 27 (A)May 27 (B)May 28May 29
Bell One arc: June 1 (A)June 1 (B)June 1 (C)June 2

May 13

Yuki: It's nice weather today too!
(Yuki: My first morning at BL School.)
(Yuki: The dorm was clean and I slept well on the soft bed, I kind of feel like it's a good sign.)
Yuki: ...Hm?
(Yuki: After all, there is a curry-ish smell.)
(Yuki: Could it be that breakfast is curry?)
(Yuki: ...Now that I think about it, I'm hungry.)
Yuki: Wait for me, breakfast!

(dorm cafeteria)
Yuki: So this is breakfast at BL School.
(Yuki: After all, it is curry.)
(Yuki: Curry for breakfast is odd.)
Yuki: But it looks authentic and delicious...
Yuki: Let's eat!!
Yuki: Mm, mm, mmm...
Yuki: It's delicious!!
Tomo: Hey. You're awfully cheery in the morning.
Yuki: Morning. You're about to eat too, Tomo?
Tomo: Yeah. Though I know I have to eat...
Yuki: You don't feel like having curry in the morning?
Tomo: It's not because it's morning...
Yuki: You don't like curry?
Tomo: No, that's not it...
Tomo: The cook at this dorm's cafeteria works as the RA though...
Yuki: RA? You mean the dorm head?
Tomo: Right.
Yuki: Wow. So there's no people working as cooks.
Tomo: No. There are lunch ladies, but the main cook is the RA.
Yuki: Hmm.
Yuki: Then, this curry was made by that person, huh? It's authentic and delicious.
Yuki: Probably Indian, to bring out flavor like this.
Indian?: Good morning.
Yuki: Huh?
Indian?: You are a new face. I see you for the first time.
Yuki: Um, you are...?
Indian?: I am RA here. Is this your first time coming here?
Yuki: Whaaaaa!! You're really Indian!?
Indian?: Yes? That is right, I am from India.
Indian: Good job.
Yuki: Hahaha.
Yuki: An Indian making curry is too cliche...
Tomo: I get how you feel.
Indian: What is it?
Yuki: Oh, no, it's nothing.
Yuki: I'm Asahina. I'm a first year, but I was late starting school because of an accident.
Yuki: So, today is the first time I've come to this cafeteria.
Indian: So it was you. I heard story.
Indian: Pleased to meet you, Asahina-san.
Yuki: Pleased to meet you, um...
Indian: I am Rajendra Ranjit Pachauri.
Yuki: Rajen...?
(Yuki: It's long...)
Pachauri: It is hard for Japanese people to remember my name.
Pachauri: So you can also freely call me Dora-chan.
Yuki: Dora-chan...
Pachauri: Yes.
Yuki: Then, once again, pleased to meet you, Dora-chan.
Pachauri: Pleased to meet you.
(Yuki: Thank goodness. I was surprised at first, but he speaks Japanese well and seems nice.)
(Yuki: Besides...)
Yuki: This curry, you made it, Dora-chan?
Yuki: It seems like it had an authentic flavor and it was delicious.
Pachauri: Thank you very much.
Yuki: After all, you trained in India?
Pachauri: Trained?
Yuki: As a cook.
Pachauri: I am not cook. I am researcher.
Pachauri: I came to Japan to research at Bell Laboratory.
Yuki: Bell Laboratory?
Tomo: The Suzubishi Group's research lab is on this island with the school. It's that.
Pachauri: Yes I am a researcher there.
Yuki: A researcher for the Suzubishi Group? That means...
Tomo: That he's a brilliant researcher.
Yuki: Yeah, really...
Yuki: What's someone like you doing as an RA?
Pachauri: After I came to Japan, I want to know lots about Japan.
Pachauri: The dorm has many kinds of people. And this school is very interesting. I am very curious.
Pachauri: That is why I am RA here.
Yuki: I see.
Yuki: But isn't it hard being a researcher and making food for everyone like this?
Pachauri: I want the students to know about India.
Pachauri: So I serve them Indian food.
Pachauri: Besides, ladies in the cafeteria are all nice. Cooking all together is fun.
Tomo: Dora-chan is popular with the lunch ladies in the cafeteria.
Pachauri: Yes. Everyone is kind and nice.
Pachauri: Then, I return to the kitchen.
Pachauri: I will make lots and lots of delicious food for dinner.
Yuki: I look forward to it!
*Dora-chan leaves*
Yuki: Wow... He really was Indian...
Yuki: Wah!?
Yagami: You dumbass, what are you so happy about?
Yuki: Oh, Yagami. Morning. Why are you kicking my chair?
Yagami: Why nothing, you moron. You got the RA all excited.
Yuki: Huh? Isn't that good?
Yuki: Breakfast is delicious and besides, he said he'd do his best to makes lots tonight too, didn't he?
Everyone: *siiigh*
Yuki: Huh? What's with that sigh!?
Tomo: Well, it is delicious though.
Yagami: But it all tastes the same.
Yuki: The same?
Yagami: Yeah, meat, vegetables, soup, salad, every last one of 'em tastes like curry.
Tomo: At least, he seems to use different spices.
Yagami: Who can tell such a tiny difference?
Yagami: But it all tastes like curry.
Yagami: Try to imagine always eating just this curry flavor every morning and every night.
Yuki: Curry flavor, every morning and every night...
Yagami: Not curry flavor, "only" curry flavor!
Yuki: Only curry flavor...
Yuki: That's... a bit...
Tomo: Of course you'd get sick of it.
Yagami: Argh, I've had it. I feel like I'm full of curry to the ends of my hair.
Tomo: That's why everyone looks forward to eating lunch in the cafeteria so much.
Yagami: After all, the school cafeteria is the only place they can eat something that doesn't taste like curry.
Tomo: And so it increases the popularity of Sonoda-san's cafeteria...
Tomo: As a result, it boosts Durak's popularity.
Yuki: I see.
Yuki: But, all I can eat is plain udon and rice with furikake...
Yagami: Hah. Sucks to be you.
Yuki: Ugh. My food life here... may be too harsh...
Yagami: That's... well, that might be too pitiful.
Yuki: *siiiigh*
Yuki: ...Mm.
Yuki: But, this curry is delicious.
Yagami: ...Then eat curry till the day you die.

Yuki: Anyway, I'm so happy having a full stomach in the morning.
Tomo: You really are simple.
Okaken: Hey, hey, hey, hey, Asahina-kun! Morning!
Yuki: Oh, morning, Okaken.
Okaken: By the way, have you already seen this?
Yuki: Hm? A newspaper?
Okaken: It's the school newspaper just published this morning. Look at this top article.
Yuki: Um, yesterday at our Bell Liberty School, it seems a change of Ace occurred.
Yuki: The one who received the mark of the Ace from the previous student council president, Hattori Ninosuke, was...
Yuki: Whaaa!! What is this!?
Okaken: Right. It's you. Asahina Yuki-kun.
Yuki: Asahina Yuki is a new student. But after starting school, he wasn't seen for a month, and he suddenly appeared yesterday.
Yuki: Suddenly, but I sent notice properly!
Yuki: His class sorting is all regular, including art, music, and PE. Wait, it even goes this far?
Yuki: His potential is unknown, but he is self-proclaimed to have better luck than other people.
Yuki: Actually, at the welcome party held by Durak last night, he was challenged to a match of drawing straws by Joker.
Yuki: In which, the new Ace achieved a spectacular victory.
Yuki: They even printed that...
Yuki: And worthy of special mention is...
Yuki: The new Ace shows a strong interest in all the mysteries of this world, including UFOs... Huh?
Yuki: This information has all been furnished by Mr. Okazaki Ken, the new Ace's classmate.
Yuki: ...Wait, Okaken! So it was you.
Okaken: What? The newspaper club asked so I just answered.
Yuki: Still, don't spread misinformation.
??: Wow, that brings back memories. The school newspaper, huh.
??: That you've become top news means you're already a favorite within the school.
Yuki: Becoming a favorite because of stuff like this...
(Yuki: ...Wait, who is this person, a teacher?)
??: But, it's possible it might lead to trouble.
Yuki: Trouble?
??: The guys at this school love to have fun, so some arbitrary speculation can become a wild rumor...
Okaken: Professor Ito! I wasn't speculating, the information I provided was based on the truth...
Yuki: Professor Ito? So you are a teacher.
Keita: Oh, sorry, sorry! Come to think of it, I didn't introduce myself.
Keita: I'm Ito Keita. I'm your assistant homeroom teacher and my subject is history.
Keita: Because your homeroom teacher, Professor Sakaki, is busy, if you have worries about the class, you can come talk to me anytime.
Keita: I just became a teacher this spring, but since I'm a graduate of this school, I'm familiar with most things.
Yuki: Yes, nice to meet you.
Keita: Same here.
Keita: Still, that was terrible. Did you say that planes were grounded because of a volcanic eruption?
Yuki: That's right.
Yuki: Since I won an overseas vacation as a prize, my whole family went to a southern island for spring break to celebrate my graduation.
Yuki: And then a volcano near the island erupted.
Keita: It turned into a terrible trip. I heard you were safe, but I was worried since you didn't show up for a month.
Yuki: I'm sorry. Being late to start school.
Keita: But, I'm glad you're safe.
Yuki: Thank you.
(Yuki: Professor Ito, huh.)
(Yuki: Unlike the strict Professor Sakaki, he's a teacher who's easy to talk to.)
(Yuki: So there's teachers like this, even at this school.)

--bell rings--

Keita: Oh, it's the bell.
Keita: Everyone come into the classroom. Professor Sakaki is busy today, so I'll be in charge of homeroom.
Keita: Let's work hard all day today!
Tomo: Riiight...

--bell rings--

Yuki: Classes are over.
Okaken: Hey, Asahina-kun. You seem to be in high spirits.
Okaken: How about it? Won't you come to the occult research association's room with me now?
Yuki: No, I have student council work.
Okaken: Don't say that, enjoy the puzzles and mysteries that fill the occult world with me!!
Yuki: Oh, I'm going now.
Yuki: Bye!
Okaken: Asahina-kun! The occult is so wonderful!!

Yuki: Phew.
(Yuki: I feel like I've already gotten used to ignoring Okaken.)
(Yuki: Is it because it's the second day?)
Yuki: Well, then. I'll start my student council work.

(student council room)
Yuki: Excuse me.
Kuya: Moi! You came here quick.
Yuki: Well, I'm the student council president. I wanted to hurry and learn the work.
Kuya: Well done, well done!
Takato: Even though we're the student council, as I told you yesterday, the work is nothing much.
Yuki: But you two do have work, don't you?
Yuki: Please tell me about it.
Kuya: Then, I'll ask the new student council president to change the fluorescent lights!
Yuki: Fluorescent lights? Is that sort of thing the student council's job too?
Kuya: Yeah.
Takato: Rather, only that sort of thing.
(Yuki: It really is just a chore...)
(Yuki: But I wanted to look around inside the school, so it's perfect.)
Kuya: Will you do it?
Yuki: Of course.
Kuya: Good answer!
Takato: We've gotten the request to change the light bulbs from these three places, the pool, the nurse's office, and Durak.
Takato: No place is urgent, so you can go around in the order you like.
Kuya: Today is Saturday. So along the way, you should take your time to look at the clubs too.
Yuki: Sure!
Takato: Do you know where those places are?
Yuki: It's okay! I'll just try going around.
Yuki: Then, see you later.

Yuki: Well then, where should I start?

(decision #1)

(decision #1a: pool)
Yuki: Alright, the pool!
Yuki: Pool, pool♪

Yuki: Woooow, it's huge.
Yuki: Just as I'd expect from BL School.
Yuki: Oh, work, work.
Yuki: Excuse me! It's the student council! I've come to replace the fluorescent lights as requested!!
swim club member: Hey, it's him.
(Yuki: I kind of feel like I'm being watched.)
swim club member: Hmm. So you're that new Ace.
Yuki: Yes! I'm Asahina Yuki! Pleased to meet you!
swim club member: I see. Well, as long as you do what needs to be done, I don't care who the Ace is.
Yuki: Oh...
Okaken: The students at this school, even if they don't say it, most of them are on Durak's side.
(Yuki: Is this what Okaken was talking about?)
(Yuki: It's true that everyone is on Durak's side.)
(Yuki: Well, I'll just do my job.)
Yuki: So, speaking of replacing the fluorescent lights...
swim club member: Yeah, in the changing room. It's through that door. Can you do it by yourself?
Yuki: I'm fine. Good luck in practice!


Yuki: I'm done.
swim club member: Oh, good job.
Yuki: If there's anything else, please tell me.
Yuki: I'll come take a look anytime.
swim club member: Thank you. I'm going back to practice.
Yuki: Um, can I watch your practice a little bit?
swim club member: Hm?
Yuki: I just want to see everyone swimming...
swim club member: Fine. Just don't get in the way.
Yuki: Right!
Yuki: Well then.
Yuki: ...It really is amazing, this facility.
Yuki: That platform up there, that's a high dive.
Yuki: This is the first time I've seen a high dive platform for competition in real life.
Yuki: And these guys swimming...
Yuki: They're fast!
(Yuki: Aren't they fast enough to be in the Olympics?)
Yuki: That's amazing power...
*Maro sound*
Yuki: Hm? Just now I thought something moved at my feet...
*Maro bounce*
Yuki: Eeeeek!!
swim club member: What is it?
Yuki: U, uwah. Something cold wrapped around my neck...
Maro: Kuku?
Yuki: M, Maro? So it was you...
Yuki: Oh, you startled me.
Yuki: Sorry for making a racket.
swim club member: Yeah.
Yuki: No one was startled much.
Yuki: I guess my voice isn't enough to startle them. That's a lot of concentration.
Yuki: However...
Maro: Kuu?
Yuki: Don't scare me, Maro. You startled me by suddenly climbing up my leg.
Maro: Kuku.
Yuki: Where's Arata-san? Or are you alone?
Maro: Kun.
Yuki: Hm? Look up...

(Arata on the diving board)
Yuki: Oh, Arata-san!
Yuki: He's on the diving board...
(Yuki: That means... Arata-san's a diver?)
(Yuki: I heard that he was the swim team's hope, but...)
Yuki: That's really high. Isn't he scared up there?
Yuki: But...
(Yuki: Somehow he looks really sharp.)
(Yuki: Arata-san... so he can look that serious too.)
(Yuki: It seems like he's really focused...)
Yuki: He jumped!
Yuki: ...Awesome...
Yuki: Awesome, awesome, awesome!!
swim club member: You there, first year, are you observing?
Yuki: Yes! So Arata-san is a diver.
swim club member: Minase? He's our hope.
Yuki: It's amazing, he dove from so high up and spun around so effortlessly!
swim club member: Yeah. Minase's takeoff jump is high, so maybe it looks like he does it effortlessly.
Yuki: Takeoff? It did look like he jumped really high and then dove...
swim club member: The height of the takeoff jump is an important point for the scoring.
swim club member: He tends to dive facing forward.
swim club member: Because you can hit your head or body on the diving platform.
swim club member: The higher you can jump perpendicular to the board, the more you can increase your time in the air. It gives you time for your performance.
swim club member: That's why his diving seems so effortless, right?
Yuki: Yes, that's right!
Yuki: And even when he went into the water, it was really still. I thought there would have been a bigger splash.
swim club member: Right. It was a splendid rip entry with no sound or splash.
swim club member: A dive doesn't end with the somersaults. When you enter the water, if the body position isn't straight and you don't suppress the splash, you can't get a high score.
swim club member: Minase gets a lot of points for the beauty of his form and entry into the water.
swim club member: Recently, he even had a magazine article written about him.
Yuki: He was in a magazine!?
swim club member: Yeah.
swim club member: There are few competitive divers compared to swimmers or synchronized swimmers, so if you're talented, you're showered with attention.
swim club member: We can't lose to him.
swim club member: Oh. I'm going next!!
Yuki: So Arata-san is that amazing...
??: Huh? Ace-kun?

CG: Arata in the pool
Maro: Kukuku.
Arata: Maro, you're here too.
Yuki: I saw it! I'm surprised you're a diver!
Arata: Really?
Yuki: Yes!
Yuki: Even though it was only about two seconds, three or four times, anyway, I couldn't even count how many times you spun around.
Arata: Mmm... it was three and a half.
Arata: That many somersaults is normal.
Yuki: Really!?
Arata: Hehe.
Yuki: ...
Arata: What is it?
Yuki: N, no. It's nothing...
(Yuki: I wonder why. I'm a little excited.)
(Yuki: The mood is different because he has his bangs down and the way he's smiling, too...)
(Yuki: And his upper half is naked...)
Arata: So, how was it? So what are your impressions of what you saw?
Yuki: Oh...

(decision #1a-1)
So cool!!

(decision #1a-1a: So cool!!)
Yuki: So cool!!
Arata: Wow...
Yuki: It was really cool!!
Yuki: I could never dive!
Yuki: Just going up that high would freak me out.
Yuki: But you looked sharp up on that diving board and were really concentrating.
Yuki: When I saw your face, I thought you were really cool...
Arata: Ahyahya. Praising me that much makes me blush.
Yuki: Praise nothing. I really thought so.
Yuki: When you dove, I was captivated and I ended up unconsciously gulping.
Yuki: Doing something so amazing so effortlessly is cool!!
Arata: Yay. I got praised.
Yuki: Besides...
Arata: Hm? What is it?
Yuki: Oh... You seem slim when you're wearing clothes, but you're really muscular, or rather...
Yuki: You have a nice body...
Arata: Oh no, you pervert.
Yuki: P, pervert... U, um, I didn't really mean it like that...
Arata: Pervert, pervert, Ace-kun's a pervert.
Yuki: Arata-san!!
Arata: Ahyahyahyahyahya.

I want to try it too.

(decision #1a-1b: I want to try it too.)
Yuki: I thought I wanted to try it too.
Arata: ...
Yuki: When you were diving, it looked like you were really trying to fly, and it kind of looked enjoyable.
Yuki: Diving, huh? Maybe I can attempt it too...
Arata: Nope.
Yuki: Huh?
Arata: ...
(Yuki: What is this? Arata-san right now... He's not the same as usual...)
Arata: Nope, nope, I won't let you do it so easily.
Yuki: Why not?
Arata: Well, it's better to have fewer rivals.
Yuki: That again...
(Yuki: It's the usual Arata-san.)
(Yuki: Was it just my imagination just now?)

coach: Minase! Hurry and get back here!
Arata: Right, right. I'm coming.
end CG

Arata: I've been summoned, so I have to go now.
Yuki: Right. Do your best in practice.
Arata: Mm.
Arata: You do your best too, Ace-kun.
Yuki: Right!
Yuki: Phew. I saw a surprising side of Arata-san.
Yuki: Alright, I'll be going now.


(decision #1b: Durak)
Yuki: Durak, huh...
Yuki: Come to think of it, Durak is an organization that's a combination of the disciplinary committee and the treasury.
Yuki: I wonder what it's like. Although I think there's no way that it's shabby like the student council room...
Yuki: Since it's Joker-san and the rest, maybe it's matching black.
Yuki: Or maybe it's stuffy feeling like a disciplinary committee.
Yuki: I'm kind of looking forward to it.

-- Durak door --

Yuki: I've come to change the fluorescent lights.
??: The door is open.
Yuki: Excuse me.

(Durak room)
Yuki: Uwah...
(Yuki: ...A card table, a roulette table, and slot machines?)
(Yuki: ...Is this a casino?)
Joker: Welcome to Durak, new Ace-kun.
Yuki: This room is amazing. I never imagined it was like this.
Joker: Are you surprised?
Yuki: This table is used in casinos, isn't it?
Joker: Yeah, it's nice, isn't it? But I won't let student council guys play.
Yuki: No, I didn't want to play...
Joker: This is the game room originally used by the game association. I'm using it as the Durak room.
Yuki: I see...
Yuki: No way, do you decide important decisions with games?
Joker: Well, who knows?
(Yuki: He didn't deny it, does that mean he does...?)
Sonoda: Kiyo, sorry to keep you waiting. Oh, you're here.
Yuki: Hello, Sonoda-sa...
Yuki: Oh...
(Yuki: There's a really good smell coming from Sonoda-san...)
Sonoda: Did you suddenly feel like giving up on the abysmal student council and joining us?
Yuki: I told you, no.
Joker: More importantly, the Ace-kun seems like he can't help noticing what you've got in your hands.
Sonoda: Oh, this?
Yuki: What is that? It smells really good...
Sonoda: Oh, let me show you...
Yuki: Uwah, delicious-looking boiled gyoza!
Sonoda: Close! But wrong. These are a Russian food called pelmeni.
Yuki: Pelmeni?
Joker: Yeah. Russian home cooking is my soul food.
Joker: Since my roots are Russian.
Sonoda: One quarter, aren't you?
Joker: My grandfather and great-grandmother are Russian.
Yuki: Wow, I see.
(Yuki: When I first saw him, I thought he had a foreign-ish air, so he was Russian...)
Sonoda: Pelmeni are similar to ravioli or boiled gyoza, but the way they're wrapped and the seasonings are a little different.
Yuki: It's true. They're shaped like hats and have white cream on top.
Sonoda: That's a Russian sour cream called smetana.
Yuki: Mixed with the scent of butter, they have an indescribably good smell...
Joker: The pelmeni Eiji makes are awesomely delicious.
Joker: Since he makes them perfectly to my tastes.
Sonoda: Oh, Kiyo. Before you eat, the payment please.
Joker: Here.
Sonoda: Thanks and come again.
Joker: Today I was busy with Durak work. I wasn't able to eat a proper lunch.
Joker: So Eiji made a delivery for me.
Sonoda: Not just today, it's all the time.
Yuki: Is Durak always so busy?
Sonoda: No. What's all the time is that I make him food.
Sonoda: Kiyo's tastes are annoying, so he won't eat if it's not specially made by me.
Joker: I pay properly for your trouble.
Sonoda: Well, that's true. If it's too far outside business hours, I add a delivery fee.
Joker: Right, right.
Sonoda: Anyway, hurry and eat it before it gets cold.
(Yuki: Ah, it looks so good...)
Yuki: Ugh. I'm jealous... Just that steam and smell, I can't stand it...
Joker: It looks delicious, doesn't it?
Yuki: Y, yes...!!
Yuki: Ugh... *gulp*
Joker: Do want some?
Yuki: Yes! Of course.
Joker: Then, say ah.
Yuki: Ah...
Joker: *munch*
Joker: But I'm not giving you any.
Yuki: Aaaah.
Joker: Mmm. After all, Eiji's cooking is awesome.
Sonoda: Naturally.
Yuki: That's mean... Taunting me by just letting me see it...
Yuki: Eating it right in front of me...
Joker: As long as you're student council president, you can't have it.
Yuki: Aww, man...

(decision #1b-1)
Why are you so cold to the student council?

(decision #1b-1a: Why are you so cold to the student council?)
Yuki: Why are you so cold to the student council?
Joker: If we're buddy-buddy with the student council, I can't have a serious game.
Yuki: Game?
Joker: Right.
Joker: Having you student council guys challenge us with clear hostility adds realism to the matches.
Yuki: It doesn't bother you that they're hostile towards you?
Joker: Not at all.
Joker: Well, that makes it interesting.
Yuki: Interesting...
Joker: Besides, being in opposition makes it easy to understand which side everyone is on.
Yuki: Everyone... you mean the students at the school?
Joker: That's right.
Yuki: I'm not so sure...

Why don't you become student council president?

(decision #1b-1a: Why don't you become student council president?)
Yuki: Then, why don't you become student council president?
Yuki: If you're going to govern the school in the student council's place, you should become student council president.
Joker: Me? Become student council president?
Joker: You say such interesting things.
Yuki: But, I heard you took the authority of the student council from the former Ace through bets.
Joker: That would be boring.
Yuki: Boring?
Joker: Right.
Joker: If I became student council president, I'd lose my rivals.
Joker: That would be boring.
Yuki: Ah...

Joker: You student council guys might think I made the ex-Ace suffer, but
Joker: He's the one who came to challenge me.
Joker: Although, personally, I really did enjoy the matches with the ex-Ace.
Joker: But he just up and ran off.
Joker: Aaah. I wanted to play with him a little more.
Yuki: Haha...
(Yuki: After all, I think the reason is that Joker-san bullied him too much...)
Joker: So, I wondered what I should do, with him gone.
Joker: Since the other student council sempais wouldn't join in my games.
Joker: But, then you appeared.
Yuki: Me?
Joker: Yes. You, who got the mark of the Ace.
Joker: So I'm also happy you decided to be the new Ace.
Joker: Now I don't have to be bored anymore.
Yuki: Haha...
Sonoda: Come to think of it, where did the ex-Ace go?
Yuki: Huh? Who knows... That was the last I saw of him too...
Yuki: I mean, no one seems to know.
Joker: I couldn't care less about that now.
Joker: Since I have a replacement.
Joker: Right, Yuki-kun...?
Yuki: Ugh...
Yuki: U, um, I'm... going to replace the fluorescent light!
Joker: Yeah, thanks.
(Yuki: What was that? Joker-san's eye just now.)
(Yuki: It kind of... made me shiver.)
Yuki: That should do it.
Yuki: I've finished replacing it. Then, I'll be going.

CG: Joker and Sonoda
Joker: Aaah, he ran away. I wanted to talk to him a little longer.
Sonoda: He might be surprisingly perceptive.
Joker: Really.
Sonoda: Still, you went too easy on him, Kiyo.
Joker: How?
Sonoda: You should have put on the pressure more, not just with food, and forcibly pulled him to our side.
Sonoda: A boy like that would fall to us easily, wouldn't he?
Joker: Heh. You're wrong, Eiji.
Sonoda: ?
Joker: When it comes to things like this, you mustn't be impatient for a result.
Joker: For things like this, timing is everything.
Joker: You have to observe your opponent slowly and carefully, and give them space.
Joker: Then, you can enjoy the hunt.
Sonoda: You have a point. That way is more reliable...
end CG

Yuki: Phew. I'm glad I didn't get teased more.

nurse's office

(decision #1c: Nurse's office)
Yuki: I'll go to the nurse's office.

(club wing)
Yuki: ...Huh?
Yuki: This area... is kind of covered with flyers.
(Yuki: Anyway, the atmosphere is different from other places...)
The alligator that was helping us with our animal behavior test is missing.
If you see it, please contact the biology club.
Yuki: This one is...
You idiots who let an alligator loose in the club wing, show yourselves!!
Yuki: There's an additional flyer on top.
I've named the alligator Elise-chan. I'm not giving her back.
Yuki: ...I guess he got attached.
Yuki: Weird school.
Yuki: So, where is the nurse's office...?
Yagami: Oh, it's you, Asahina.
Yuki: Huh? Yagami. Is that a guitar hanging from your shoulder?
Yuki: Wait, this gaudy door. It's the light music appreciation group?
Yuki: Huh? Yagami, you're in a band? Then, you play guitar and stuff!?
Yagami: 'Course. What are you talking about?
Yagami: I'm a guy with a guitar coming out of the light music appreciation group room.
Yagami: What would I be doing if I didn't play?
Yuki: That's amazing! You play the guitar.
Yagami: It's not that amazing.
Yuki: It is amazing! Since I'm completely hopeless with instruments...
Yuki: That you play something like that is kind of cool.
Yagami: Hmph. So, what are you doing here? Did you want to join?
Yuki: Oh, right! I was just going to the nurse's office.
Yagami: Nurse's office? Are you sick?
Yuki: That's not it, it's this.
Yagami: Fluorescent lights?
Yuki: Right. I was just going to replace them as part of my student council work.
Yagami: What? Are you a gofer?
Yuki: It's not gofering, it's work. It's important work that was requested of the student council.
Yagami: It's just a chore.
Yagami: Still, this is the club wing. If you want the nurse's office, it's in another wing.
Yuki: Oh... So I made a mistake. No wonder.
Yagami: Heh. You're kind of dense.
Yuki: Hey, Yagami. Where is the nurse's office?
Yagami: Huh?
Yuki: You know, don't you? Please tell me.
Yagami: You're so annoying with every little thing.
Yagami: Fine. If you want to go to the nurse's office, take a left out that door. It'll be a shortcut to go through the school entrance.
Yagami: If you go in from there, immediately to the right is the nurse's office.
Yuki: Thanks for explaining it nicely.
Yagami: It's because you're too dense.
Yuki: But you helped me. Thanks.
Yagami: Hmph.
Yuki: Then, I'll be going.
Yuki: Actually, I do want to try seeing you play your guitar though.
Yagami: Since you say that, why not stop in?
Yuki: Uwah!!
Yagami: How about it!? That groove of the heavy bass, you can't stand it, can you!?
Yuki: I, I can't hear what you're saying!!
Yagami: Here it is, here it is, here it is! This wailing guitar...
Yagami: What? It was just getting good.
Yuki: This is the hallway!
Yuki: Besides, the volume is too high and I couldn't hear what you were saying at all!
Yagami: Oh. Then next time, come in and take your time listening.
Yuki: Aah... Yeah. Next time!
Yagami: Oh yeah.
Yagami: Gimme your phone.
Yuki: Huh? I don't mind. ...Oh, here.
Yagami: Yeah.
Yuki: Don't mess with it.
Yagami: There.
Yagami: I put in my address. I got yours too.
Yuki: Oh... right...
Yuki: Then you should have said let's swap.
Yagami: You're dense, so I put it in for you.
Yuki: Well, I would have swapped email addresses with you eventually, so oh well.
Yagami: If you wanna join us, send an email anytime.
Yuki: Huh?
Yagami: The light music appreciation group. We'd welcome you.
Yagami: Just so you know, I show no mercy when it comes to music. Yagami: Later.

Yagami: Don't get lost this time.
Yuki: Yeah. Thanks.
Yuki: The light music appreciation group, huh.
Yuki: I probably... definitely won't join.

(classroom wing hallway)
Yuki: Here it is. The nurse's office.

(nurse's office)
Yuki: Excuse me. I came from the student council to replace the fluorescent lights.
??: Hi.
Yuki: Oh... hello...
(Yuki: He's wearing a lab coat, is this person the nurse...?)
??: You're from the student council... so are you the new student council president?
Yuki: Yes! I'm the first year, Asahina Yuki!
??: I see. I'm the nurse, Matsuoka Jin. Pleased to meet you.
Yuki: Pleased to meet you.
(Yuki: Even the nurse is a man...)
(Yuki: It's a bit of a shame.)
Yuki: Huh? That on the desk...
Matsuoka: It's the school newspaper. A student brought it during a break.
Matsuoka: It's thanks to it that I know about you.
Yuki: Haha. Thanks...
Matsuoka: Come to think of it, you also have good luck, don't you?
Yuki: Yes. I don't have any other talents...
(Yuki: Hm?)
(Yuki: Just now, he said 'you too,' but could there be another student with the talent of good luck?)
??: Excuse me. Dr. Matsuoka.
Keita: Um, the director...
Keita: Huh? Asahina-kun?
Yuki: Yes?
Keita: ...Oh...
Keita: N, no... haha. I was surprised. I never thought you would be here...
Yuki: I came to change the fluorescent lights.
Keita: Ha, haha. Right... I see...
Yuki: By the way, did you just mention the director?
Keita: Huh? Oh, you heard...
Yuki: I want to meet the director. How can I meet him?
Keita: Um, why do you want to...?
Yuki: The director is the one who let me into the school.
Yuki: So I wanted to meet him personally once and thank him.
Keita: Oh... that's...
Matsuoka: Yeah. Well...
Matsuoka: Asahina-kun.
Matsuoka: Thank him? Did you have some sort of involvement with him before?
Yuki: Yes. I talked with him on the phone around February.
Matsuoka: February...
Yuki: Actually, the acceptance paper was sent to my house by mistake.
Yuki: When I called about it, the director happened to pick up.
Yuki: While we were talking, he invited me to come to the school too.
Yuki: Thanks to that, I was able to come to this school.
Yuki: So, I always thought I wanted to meet him properly and thank him...
Matsuoka: The one you talked to on the phone was probably the third director, Suzubishi Nao-kun.
Matsuoka: Unfortunately...
Matsuoka: He's already passed away.
Yuki: Huh!? No way...!!
Matsuoka: It was at the beginning of March. His heart condition suddenly worsened.
Yuki: March... It was less than a month after I talked to him...
Matsuoka: I see... You were the last student he chose.
Keita: The current director just assumed the position in April.
Keita: So, even if you met the current director, it might be meaningless.
Yuki: So that's it...
Yuki: I wanted to tell him thank you.
Matsuoka: It's unfortunate.
Yuki: Yes...
Keita: But, I'm sure your feelings of gratitude got through to the previous director properly.
Yuki: ...Really?
Keita: Yeah. I think so.
Keita: Besides, the director would want you to enjoy your school life here rather than be sad.
Keita: He would be happy if the student he chose fully enjoyed the school...
Keita: Why don't you think of it that way?
Yuki: Professor Ito...
Matsuoka: I agree with Professor Ito too.
Yuki: Right...
Yuki: That's right. Since I was able to come to the school, I'll do my best to enjoy my school life now.
Yuki: I even became student council president.
Keita: I'm also happy to hear you say that.
Matsuoka: But, while it's good to do your best, be careful not to overdo it.
Matsuoka: If you feel sick, or if you get hurt, come here right away.
Matsuoka: Alright?
Yuki: Yes, thank you.
Yuki: But please don't worry. Good health is one of my strong points, so I don't think I'll be a burden on you.
Matsuoka: I see. I hope so.
Matsuoka: Then, even if you're not hurt or sick, feel free to come here, I don't mind.
Matsuoka: Like if you're worried about something, or if you want to skip class, or you get overwhelmingly sleepy.
Yuki: Yes, I'll come here when I'm overwhelmed.
Matsuoka: Yeah.
Yuki: Then, in order to enjoy my school life, I'll do my best with student council work immediately!
Yuki: The broken light is over the bed, isn't it?
Matsuoka: Oh, Asahina-kun. There's a student sleeping there right now...
Yuki: Huh? Tomo?
Tomo: H...m...?
Yuki: I thought you weren't in class before...
Tomo: Hm? Yuki...?
Yuki: Are you okay? Do you feel sick?
Tomo: Not really...
Tomo: ...Just sleepy...
Yuki: You're skipping class!? Don't sleep in a place like this, come to class properly.
Tomo: I was sleepy, so it couldn't be helped...
Tomo: ...zzz...
Yuki: Geez. He's hopeless.

Yuki: Then, I'll be going now.
Matsuoka: Good work.

(Yuki: I see... So the director who let me come here passed away...)
(Yuki: That was a bit of a shock.)
(Yuki: But, I was the last student the director chose...)
(Yuki: Yeah. I'll do my best!)
(Yuki: Still...)
(Yuki: I never thought Tomo would be sleeping there.)
(Yuki: He always seems sleepy, but I wonder if he's a regular visitor.)
Yuki: Well then...

(Yuki: Now I've gone around to all the places that had requests.)
Yuki: Alright. My first student council job, successfully finished.
Yuki: I'm back!

(student council room)
Kuya: Welcome back!
Kuya: How was your first job?
Yuki: I got to talk to various people and it was fun!
Kuya: I'm glad!
Yuki: The pool here is amazing. There's even a high dive platform, just what I'd expect from BL School.
Yuki: The club wing was interesting too.
Kuya: Are you going to try joining something too?
Yuki: I can join even though I'm in the student council?
Kuya: Of course.
Yuki: Mm... But, I guess for now, just the student council is fine.
Yuki: I'll think about it once I get used to things.
Takato: That's fine.
Kuya: But, haven't you gotten hungry going around to various places?
Yuki: I have!
Takato: Then, let's make something.
Yuki: What can you make!?
Takato: Let's see.. Today we have... five cup noodles and two cup yakisobas. We also have microwavable rice.
Kuya: Since it's Yuki's first day of work as the Ace, instant food is kind of sad.
Takato: Then, shall I combine this yakisoba with the rice and make sobameshi?
Yuki: Sobameshi!
Takato: Do you like it?
Yuki: I've never had it. So I want to eat it!
Takato: I see. Then, please wait a moment.
Kuya: Good for you, Yuki.
Kuya: Masatsugu's sobameshi is really good, even though it's instant.
Yuki: I can't wait!
Kuya: Good, good. This goes with sobameshi.
Yuki: Is this beer!? Isn't that a little wrong...
Kuya: It's okay. It's alcohol-free. There's no problem!
Yuki: I wonder if that's okay for the student council...
Kuya: Isn't it exciting to drink something like beer in the student council room?
Yuki: That's true... a bit...
Takato: It's certainly not. I'm confiscating this.
Yuki: Oh!
Kuya: Tyrant!
Takato: As a senior, you're setting a bad example for a first year with this.
Takato: Have this juice.
Kuya: Stingy!
Takato: Asahina, don't imitate this part of Kuya.
Yuki: Riiight...
Takato: Then, sorry to keep you waiting.
Yuki: Wah! It looks really delicious!!
Kuya: Yeah. This sweet sauce smells good.
Takato: Eat it while it's hot.
Yuki: Yes! Here I go!!
Yuki: So delicious!
Takato: I'm glad.
Kuya: Come to think of it, Yuki. Tomorrow is Sunday, so what are you going to do? Are you going to go out somewhere?
Yuki: Uh-uh. I just got here, so I thought I'd go look around inside the school.
Kuya: Will you be okay by yourself? I can show you around.
Yuki: It's fine, it's fine. I'm just going to wander around randomly.
Yuki: I can get into the school even on Sunday, right?
Kuya: That's no problem. There's lots of clubs having activities even on days off, so you're free to come and go.
Yuki: That's good.
Kuya: But, the classrooms are locked so you can't get in.
Yuki: And the student council room?
Kuya: Well, there is a lock, but we don't use it much anymore.
Kuya: After all, there's nothing to steal that would bother us!
Yuki: That's true.
Takato: But, just in case, we'll give you a key to the student council room.
Takato: If you need to, please lock it with this key card.
Yuki: Okay.
Yuki: Oh, that's right! What about lunch? Is it in the cafeteria?
Kuya: No. The cafeteria is closed. On days off, it's all prepared at the dorm cafeteria.
Yuki: Which means curry, I guess.
Kuya: Well, it'll be curry.
Takato: If you don't like that, there are lots of students who go out to eat.
Yuki: So we can even do that.
Takato: At this school, you're free on days off. You don't particularly need to give notice to go out and the curfew time of 10pm is relatively lenient.
Takato: Only, please be careful, if you miss 10 o'clock, the bridge gate will be closed and you won't be able to get in.
Yuki: The bridge?
Kuya: It's the bridge that connects the manmade island this school is on and the mainland. You crossed it on the bus when you came here, didn't you?
Yuki: Ah, yeah. I did.
Takato: Since only that bridge connects this school to the outside, if the gate is closed, in essence, there is no entry to this island.
Kuya: And, that bridge. Sometimes it's raised.
Yuki: Raised?
Kuya: Yeah, it's a drawbridge. The bridge raises into a 'ha' shape in the middle.
--- note: A katakana 'ha' resembles the shape of an open drawbridge: ハ ---
Yuki: Wow! I want to try seeing it!
Kuya: You'll be able to see it soon.
Yuki: But, if the bridge was raised, I definitely couldn't come back.
Kuya: Yeah. If that happened, you'd be stuck sleeping outdoors.
Yuki: Sleeping outdoors!?
Takato: ...That's a joke, but it would cause various difficulties, so be careful.
Yuki: Riiight.

Yuki: I'm home.

(Yuki's room)
Yuki: Now, one day finished!
Yuki: Today was a productive day.
Yuki: Huh, it's an email.
Yuki: Who's it from?
Yuki: It's Yagami! That's right, we exchanged email addresses today.
sender: Yagami
subject: Seeking! Light music appreciation group members
text: We have four members, guitar & vocal, guitar, bass, and drums. Main genre: death metal. Have rehearsal studio doubling as club room. Beginners okay. Enthusiasm and guts required. Applicants come to the "light music appreciation group" in the club wing.
Yuki: ...Wait, it's a solicitation email.
Yuki: Umm. What should I respond?
Yuki: 'If you have a live show, I'll go hear it.' ...there.
Yuki: Death metal, huh... Yeah. Even I'd enjoy just listening... I guess?
Yuki: Well. Time for bed, time for bed.

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