gakuen heaven 2

common route translation and notes

This is a translation of the common route of Gakuen Heaven 2, including the variations in the text that appear for each choice.

introduction arc: May 12 (A)May 12 (B)May 12 (C)May 12 (D)May 13May 14May ?? & 17May 20
ball tournament arc: May 22May 23May 24May 26May 27 (A)May 27 (B)May 28May 29
Bell One arc: June 1 (A)June 1 (B)June 1 (C)June 2

may 27

Yuki: Alright. With this, the preparations are complete.
(Yuki: I'm glad we managed it in time.)
(Yuki: Still...)
Yuki: There's a lot of people here!
(Yuki: I wondered how it would turn out, but everyone participated.)
Yuki: Thank goodness!
Yuki: Still, there's all sorts of teams.
Yuki: Surströmming? I don't know that food.
Yuki: Over there is kopi luwak, and maeng daa tod... what is that?
(Yuki: It's all unusual foods...)
(Yuki: This school really is weird.)
Okaken: Hi, Asahina-kun! You finally came.
Yuki: Hey, Okaken. You're participating too, I'm so happy.
Okaken: Of course! More importantly, Asahina-kun, everyone's waiting for you.
Yuki: Everyone?
Okaken: Right. You haven't decided which team you're going to join, have you?
Okaken: So they're waiting because they want to invite you.
Yuki: I see, it makes me kinda happy.
Okaken: The ones waiting for you are...
Okaken: Sagimori-san and Chibi-san and Professor Sakaki's team Manchu Han Imperial Feast.
Okaken: Sonoda-san and Yagami-san and Kasahara-kun's team all-you-can-eat yakiniku.
Okaken: Joker-san and Dora-chan's team chile habanero de carne, and,
Okaken: Takato-san and Minase-san and Professor Ito's team funazushi!
Okaken: And I'm working as a team leader! Our team's name is maeng daa tod!
Yuki: Oh, so that's your team, Okaken.
Okaken: So, which will you choose?

(decision #1)
Manchu Han Imperial Feast

(decision #1a: Manchu Han Imperial Feast)
Yuki: Alright! I've decided on Manchu Han Imperial Feast!
(Yuki: It's hard to pass up all-you-can-eat yakiniku, but this one seems like the most extravagant.)
Okaken: I see. Well, do your best.
Yuki: Kuya-san! Please let me join your team!
Kuya: Yeah! Of course, we welcome you!!
Yuki: Woohoo!
Kuya: We're strong! So we'll definitely win!!
Chiba: Yeah.
Kuya: Yuki. We're counting on your effort too.
Yuki: Right!
Yuki: But I'm a bit surprised that you and Chiba-san are on the same team.
Chiba: Is that bad?
Yuki: No, not at all.
Yuki: It's even better if this is an opportunity to be better friends.
Chiba: It's not.
Yuki: Hahaha...
Kuya: Well, the details don't matter!
Kuya: The Manchu Han Imperial Feast is a glamorous meal that transcends love and hate!
Yuki: I'm not really familiar with the Manchu Han Imperial Feast, but I'm sure it's really luxurious Chinese food.
Yuki: So what kind of dish is it specifically?
Kuya: The Manchu Han Imperial Feast doesn't refer to just one food!
Kuya: It was a splendid banquet created to amuse the court a long time ago in imperial China!
Kuya: There are over a hundred different dishes!
Yuki: Ohhhh!!
Kuya: It was many delicacies chosen from the very best rare flavors from mountain and sea that were gathered from every corner of the vast Chinese land.
Kuya: They were no mere dishes, those that cooks desperately refined over long years!
Kuya: Each and every dish was a work of art! Each and every one was truly a treasure!!
Yuki: A, amazing!!
Chiba: ... *gulp*
Kuya: It took three days and three nights, it was a festival of food where one could have their fill of sumptuous delicacies! It was truly a food festival!!
Kuya: That is the Manchu Han Imperial Feast!
Yuki: And we can eat it if we win...
Chiba: Wonderful...
Kuya: That's right! If we win, that festival of food, the Manchu Han Imperial Feast, is ours!
Kuya: Alright! We'll absolutely win! Yuki! Chiba-sempai!!
Chiba: Yeah!
Yuki: If we work together and do our best, we can win anything!!
Kuya: Yeah. That's the spirit, Yuki!
Sakaki: Don't get overly enthusiastic and trip up.
Yuki: But you want to eat the Manchu Han Imperial Feast too, don't you, Professor Sakaki!?
Sakaki: That's why I'm here. Asahina, don't hold us back.
Yuki: Right! I'll do my best!!
Yuki: Oh, it's time to start.
Yuki: I'll be right back!
Yuki: Well then, everyone, let's begin the Gourmand Cup!
Yuki: Let's show sportsmanship and fight fair and square!

CG: Manchu Han Imperial Feast team
Yuki: If we win, the Manchu Han Imperial Feast...
Chiba: I've never eaten it, something so delicious...
Kuya: Lots of gourmet food spread across the table...!
Yuki: We'll absolutely win!
Yuki/Kuya/Chiba: Yeah!
end CG

CG: Manchu Han Imperial Feast team win
Yuki: We won!
Sakaki: Well done.
Kuya: Alright, let's toss Yuki!
Chiba: Yeah.
Yuki/Kuya/Chiba: Hooray, hooray, hooray!
end CG

Yuki: Good job, everyone!
Yuki: In this Gourmand Cup, because of all the participants' fighting spirits, you engaged in wonderfully fierce matches.
Yuki: The supporters were really excited. I felt a sense of unity of everyone at Bell Liberty School.
Yuki: I was very happy to be one of the organizers.
Yuki: Everyone! Thank you!
Yuki: As we announced, the dish that was the name of the winning team will become a dish in the cafeteria later.
Yuki: And the members of the winning team get to eat it for free once, as the prize for winning!
Yuki: Then, the winner of the first glorious Gourmand Cup is...
Yuki: Team Manchu Han Imperial Feast!!!!
student: Congratulations!!
Yuki: Now, an interview with the winning team.
Yuki: The interviewer is first year Okazaki Ken-kun.
Yuki: Go ahead!!
Okaken: Well then, I, Okazaki Ken, will introduce the winning team!
Okaken: Fierce battle after fierce battle, standing at the pinnacle of the 27 elite teams of BL School is team Manchu Han Imperial Feast! Come on down!!
Okaken: Well then, the interview with the winners!
Okaken: First is BL School's student council vice president, Sagimori Kuya-san. Give us your impressions of the tournament!
Kuya: Yeah, it was fun.
Kuya: Under the invigorating blue sky, chasing one ball with my friends, and winning.
Kuya: It's really wonderful!!
Okaken: Right. Thank you for the always cheerful comment.
Okaken: Next is Professor Sakaki, in charge of math. What do you think was the main factor that led the team to victory?
Sakaki: Let's see. I guess we were fortunate in the balance of the members.
Sakaki: The fact that we didn't have anyone holding us back led us to victory.
Okaken: Right! That was Professor Sakaki's comment!!
Okaken: Next, a question for Chiba Hayato-san, the kendo club captain.
Okaken: Everyone on the team was in unison, but in this tournament, you really seemed to be cooperating with Sagimori-san.
Okaken: Normally, you don't seem to get along very well with Sagimori-san...
Chiba: ...
Okaken: Oh, no... excuse me!!
Chiba: I would not cause trouble to an ally in the middle of a match.
Chiba: No matter how much I didn't like that person.
Kuya: As expected from Chiba-sempai! You're so mature!!
Chiba: Why you...!
Okaken: Eeeeee...
Sakaki: Sagimori. I think that attitude of yours is what grates on people.
Kuya: No, no. This is the way we communicate.
Kuya: Right, Chiba-sempai!?
Chiba: Don't play around!
Chiba: The tournament is over. The cooperation ends here.
Okaken: U, um, Chiba-san...
Okaken: B, b, b, before that, tell us one reason for the team's win...
Chiba: ...It's as Professor Sakaki said.
Chiba: The rest was good luck.
Okaken: You're saying it was luck?
Kuya: Because, in a tournament battle where it's over if you lose, the strength of your opponent determines the outcome.
Kuya: And in our first match, we won without playing, so we had one less match than everyone else!
Okaken: Come to think of it, the veteran team was in all different matchups.
Chiba: Yeah.
Kuya: It was thanks to Yuki drawing straws!
Chiba: ...I guess.
Yuki: But in the match, I just relied on you two.
Yuki: At the very least, I had to draw a good straw.
Okaken: Well, well, lastly, the owner of that good luck! BL School's student council president, Asahina Yuki-kun, let's ask him!
Okaken: Congratulations on your win. Tell us your feelings now.
Yuki: I want to hurry and eat the Manchu Han Imperial Feast!!
Okaken: Now that's a match with purpose.
Okaken: What did you think during the match?
Yuki: Right! What kinds of foods are in the Manchu Han Imperial Feast?
Yuki: It seems there's a lot of dishes, but since it's Chinese, I wondered if there would be gyoza, sweet and sour pork, or mapo tofu...
Yuki: And it's a banquet that goes for three days and three nights, so what would we do for class, and...
Sakaki: Asahina. Can't you make at least a little bit of an appropriate comment since you're student council president?
Sakaki: Give a more decent closing address.
Yuki: These are my honest feelings!
Sakaki: Geez...
Yuki: Professor Sakaki! More importantly, we won!
Yuki: We can eat the Manchu Han Imperial Feast!
Yuki: Right, Chiba-san!!
Chiba: Urg... Don't pull on me all of a sudden.
Yuki: You're looking forward to it, aren't you, Kuya-san?
Kuya: Yeah, completely!
Yuki: Yay, yay, yay! Hooray!!

all-you-can-eat yakiniku

(decision #1b: all-you-can-eat yakiniku)
Yuki: I wonder if I can join team all-you-can-eat yakiniku.
Okaken: Hm. That might be the perfect team for you.
Yuki: I'm excited about yakiniku at the cafeteria!!
Yuki: Tomo, Yagami, let me join!
Yagami: Fine. But don't hold us back.
Yuki: Yeah! I'll do my best!
Yagami: Ha! Don't smile like an idiot.
Yagami: Got it? This is war. It's a serious match.
Yagami: If you act like you're holding us back, I'll kick your ass.
Yuki: I get it. I love yakiniku too.
Yagami: Yeah! Meat is a man's dream, isn't it?
Yagami: I'll eat and eat and eat it all up!
Yuki: Yeah!!
Tomo: Yakiniku, huh...? Well, I'll make a decent effort.
Yagami: Hey, Kasahara. Don't be saying such lazy things, dumbass.
Yagami: Learn from Sonoda.
Yuki: Sonoda-san?
Yagami: Over there.
Sonoda: Win... must win...
Yuki: His expression is kind of weird...
Yuki: I'll go take a look.
Yagami: Yeah.
Yuki: Sonoda-san, what's the matter?
Sonoda: Everything!
Sonoda: I'm raising funds, I'm making it, and everyone's saying all-you-can-eat.
Sonoda: Think about who's making it!!
Yuki: Oh.
Sonoda: Edible insects and extremely spicy food.
Sonoda: The Manchu Han Imperial Feast? Just considering the time and budget, I can't serve that in the cafeteria.
Sonoda: Not to mention surströmming? Are they trying to get the cafeteria shut down?
Yuki: Um, what kind of food is surströmming?
Sonoda: It's salted fermented herring from Sweden, it's the stinkiest food in the world!!
Yuki: In the world!?
Sonoda: The day I serve something so dangerous in the cafeteria is the day I don't get to manage it anymore!
Sonoda: No matter what, I have to make yakiniku win, it's the safest... must win, win…...
Yuki: Yeah... we'll do that.
Yuki: I'm back.
Yagami: Y, yeah. He seems... fired up.
Yuki: Yeah, I guess...
Yagami: Well, we better win! Win!
Yuki: R, right.
Yuki: That's just like you, Yagami, but I'm surprised that Tomo wants all-you-can-eat yakiniku. Was that something you really liked?
Tomo: No, it's just that choosing is annoying.
Yuki: ...That's just like you.

if you did NOT visit Tomo on May 14

Yuki: Come to think of it, can you do sports?
Tomo: Huh, I didn't tell you? I'm in the track club, sort of.
Yuki: Seriously!?
Tomo: ...I'm a phantom member, though.
Yuki: Oh, I see. So that's why I've never seen you do club activities...

Tomo: ...Oh!
Yuki: What's the matter?
Tomo: I just realized. If it was annoying, I could have just not participated in the ball tournament...
Tomo: Damnit...
Yagami: What? You can't leave now.
Tomo: I know, since I'm here, I'll do it properly... more or less.
Yagami: Huh?
Yuki: Now, now. Don't fight with your teammates.
Yuki: If you start that now, we won't win.
Yagami: Huh? Are you saying I'm okay with losing?
Yuki: I didn't say that.
Yuki: I want to win too. Be friends, be friends.
Yagami: Tch.
Yagami: Don't you dumbasses dare hold back!
Yuki: I said I won't.
Tomo: Right, right.
Sonoda: Win. Win. Win. Must win...

-- chime --

Yuki: Oh, it's time to start.
Yuki: I'll be right back!
Yuki: Well then, everyone, let's begin the Gourmand Cup!
Yuki: Let's show sportsmanship and fight fair and square!

CG: all-you-can-eat yakiniku team
Sonoda: Kasahara, pass to Yagami!
Tomo: Make the shot!
Yagami: Yeah, leave it to me!!
Yuki: Go, go!
end CG

CG: all-you-can-eat yakiniku team loss
Yagami: Hey, what did you say!!?
Yuki: Calm down, Yagami!
Sonoda: *pant pant* Our team was kind of in an awful lot of matches, wasn't it?
Tomo: *yaaawn* I'm already exhausted...
end CG

Yuki: Good job, everyone!
Yuki: In this Gourmand Cup, because of all the participants' fighting spirits, you engaged in wonderfully fierce matches.
Yuki: The supporters were really excited. I felt a sense of unity of everyone at Bell Liberty School.
Yuki: I was very happy to be one of the organizers.
Yuki: Everyone! Thank you!
Yuki: As we announced, the dish that was the name of the winning team will become a dish in the cafeteria later.
Yuki: And the members of the winning team get to eat it for free once, as the prize for winning!
Yuki: Then, the winner of the first glorious Gourmand Cup is...
Yuki: Team Manchu Han Imperial Feast!!!!
student: Congratulations!!
Yuki: Now, an interview with the winning team.
Yuki: The interviewer is first year Okazaki Ken-kun.
Yuki: Go ahead!!

Yuki: I'm back...
Tomo: Yeah. Good job...
Okaken: Everyone of Manchu Han Imperial Feast, go ahead!!
Yagami: Damn... those guys. They snagged the good stuff.
Sonoda: Ugh...
Yagami: Sonoda. don't drop dead over there, pull yourself together. Together!!
Sonoda: Of all things, the Manchu Han Imperial Feast...
Tomo: It's hopeless. Sonoda-san isn't going to recover for a while.
Yuki: Yeah...
Yagami: What the hell? The guys who won the first round by default won? I can't stand that!!
Yagami: We kept going up against annoying teams from the athletic clubs.
Yagami: Hey! Asahina!!
Yuki: Huh... what is it all of a sudden!?
Yagami: Isn't your skill supposed to be good luck, dumbass!?
Yagami: Our team had the suckiest luck in drawing straws!!
Yuki: Huh? I didn't draw any straws...
Tomo: You're the one who drew straws, Yagami.
Yagami: ...Ugh. Th, that's right...
Tomo: Yuki joined the teams after drawing straws. At that point, the tournament was decided.
Tomo: Blaming Yuki is barking up the wrong tree.
Yagami: Tch!!
Tomo: Geez... I'm tired, so don't make me talk more than I have to...
Yagami: Hey, what are you saying? Did you work hard enough to get tired, dumbass?
Tomo: Hm?
Tomo: That number of matches, there's no way I could run at full power the whole time.
Yuki: It's true, at first you were fast.
Yuki: You didn't run much in the last half.
Tomo: I'm a sprinter. So don't expect me to have endurance.
Yuki: Come to think of it, Yagami was also worn out in the final.
Yagami: Shut up.
Tomo: Right. That's because you didn't pay attention to pacing yourself.
Tomo: Besides, you did a lot of grandstanding.
Tomo: Sonoda-san too, though.
Yuki: I thought Sonoda-san was a calmer person, but it was like a surprising side of him...?
Yagami: Well, since he was the most desperate...
Sonoda: Manchu Han Imperial Feast... budget... dishes... one hundred types...
Yuki: Um, Sonoda-san. Good job.
Sonoda: My hell starts now...
Yuki: Sonoda-san?
Sonoda: Manchu Han Imperial Feast... who's going to make it?
Sonoda: ...After all... me? Is it me? Agh...
Yuki: Um...
Yuki: Good… luck.
Sonoda: Damniiiiit!!

chile habanero de carne

(decision #1c: chile habanero de carne)
Yuki: I'll join team chile habanero de carne.
Okaken: Hm. That's Joker's team.
Yuki: It sounds kinda delicious. I wonder what kind of food it is.
Yuki: Joker-san, Dora-chan, can I join too?
Dora-chan: Yes. Of course.
Joker: If it's you, Ace-kun, you're very welcome.
Yuki: Huh? It's just the two of you? What about the other members?
Joker: There aren't any.
Joker: But since I'm here, three people is plenty.
Yuki: Well, it's true with you here it does seem like we could win any game...
Yuki: I thought a food with such a delicious sounding name would have other people who wanted to eat it.
Joker: I know, right? There's no people who agree. Even though it's delicious...
Dora-chan: That is right. I want everyone to taste how delicious it is.
Dora-chan: More and more, I want everyone to deepen their knowledge of spicy things.
Yuki: Huh? What did you just say?
Dora-chan: Deepen knowledge. Did I use the wrong words?
Yuki: No, not about deepening knowledge, before... about spicy things...
Joker: It's meat-stuffed habaneros, so of course it's spicy.
Yuki: Habanero? Wait, that's a hot pepper, isn't it?
Yuki: But it was 'abanero...
Dora-chan: 'Abanero is Spanish. In Spain, they don't make the H sound, so habanero becomes 'abanero.
Dora-chan: It is a dish of meat-stuffed habanero, that is correct.
Yuki: T, then it's really spicy...
Joker: It's not that spicy. There are other spicier peppers.
Dora-chan: The habanero is the stepping stone to spiciness. The world of spiciness has great depth.
Yuki: Oh no...
Joker: Even though Eiji knows I like spicy things, he won't put it on the cafeteria menu.
Joker: He says it's no good adding a dish that the average person can't eat.
Yuki: That an average person can't eat...
Joker: Since it was your proposal, I had to take advantage of it.
Joker: If we win here, Eiji can't say no.
Yuki: ...Haha.
(Yuki: What should I do... I want to change teams...)
Joker: Do your best, both of you.
Dora-chan: Yes! Let us do our best!!
Yuki: R... riiight...
(Yuki: Umm. If this team is allowed to win... I feel like it would be really bad...)

-- chime --

Yuki: Oh, it's time to start.
Yuki: I'll be right back!
Yuki: Well then, everyone, let's begin the Gourmand Cup!
Yuki: Let's show sportsmanship and fight fair and square!

CG: habanero team
Joker: As long as I'm here, even if we don't have enough people, there's no problem!
Yuki: Joker-san, pass, pass!
Dora-chan: Please pass to me too!
end CG

CG: habanero team loss
Dora-chan: Now I'll pass over there!
Yuki: Wah, Dora-chan, don't pass it to the enemy!
Joker: Oh boy, this isn't even a match.
end CG

Yuki: Good job, everyone!
Yuki: In this Gourmand Cup, because of all the participants' fighting spirits, you engaged in wonderfully fierce matches.
Yuki: The supporters were really excited. I felt a sense of unity of everyone at Bell Liberty School.
Yuki: I was very happy to be one of the organizers.
Yuki: Everyone! Thank you!
Yuki: As we announced, the dish that was the name of the winning team will become a dish in the cafeteria later.
Yuki: And the members of the winning team get to eat it for free once, as the prize for winning!
Yuki: Then, the winner of the first glorious Gourmand Cup is...
Yuki: Team Manchu Han Imperial Feast!!!!
student: Congratulations!!
Yuki: Now, an interview with the winning team.
Yuki: The interviewer is first year Okazaki Ken-kun.
Yuki: Go ahead!!

Yuki: Good job.
Joker: Thanks.
Okaken: Everyone of Manchu Han Imperial Feast, go ahead!!
Joker: Ahhh, we lost.
Yuki: That's a shame.
Joker: And I can't believe we lost in the first round.
Yuki: Right...
Joker: Even I'm surprised by this unexpected result.
Joker: I may have said so myself, but I was pretty confident.
Yuki: Haha. If not, I think you wouldn't have considered entering the match with only two people.
Joker: It wasn't two people, it was three. You participated too.
Yuki: Right...
Yuki: Even though you let me join the team, I wasn't any help. I'm sorry.
Joker: Huh? You're thinking it's your fault our team lost.
Yuki: Well...
Dora-chan: That is not true! You did your very best, Yuki-kun.
Dora-chan: I had a lot of fun too.
Yuki: Dora-chan...
Joker: That's right.
Joker: The reason we lost is Dora-chan.
Joker: Your basic athletic ability isn't bad.
Joker: But you don't know enough of the rules of soccer, or rather, futsal.
Yuki: Well, he's a beginner...
Dora-chan: Yes. Today is my first time.
Dora-chan: In India, croquet is popular. Soccer is not played much.
Dora-chan: But it is a very interesting sport.
Yuki: R, right...
Joker: But I never thought that while having the ball, you'd rush at the opponents' goal.
Dora-chan: Yes. You should not take the ball outside of the penalty area.
Dora-chan: I remember the rule.
Joker: After the foul.
Joker: And not just teammates, but you also kept passing when the opponents called to you.
Joker: The result was a series of own goals...
Dora-chan: I made a lot of shots! Everyone was very happy.
Joker: Well, the opposing team was...
Yuki: Haha...
Joker: In the end, we were eliminated because of accumulated fouls. Dora-chan was a true assassin.
Dora-chan: Yes. But now I completely understand the rules.
Dora-chan: Next time will be perfect!
Joker: I'm telling you, there is no next time.
Joker: *sigh* ...Forget it.
(Yuki: Joker-san's sarcasm isn't effective at all...)
(Yuki: In a way, Dora-chan is an amazing person...)


(decision #1d: funazushi)
Yuki: There's one with sushi, I'll do that one!
Okaken: Oh... Well, do your best.
Yuki: Takato-san, Arata-san! Can I join your team?
Arata: Welcome.
Maro: Kuku!
Takato: I'm happy you're joining.
Yuki: Professor Ito too. I'm looking forward to playing together!
Keita: Same here.
Keita: I was invited by Minase-kun and joined the team, but I'll do my best to keep from holding everyone back.
Yuki: I'll do my best too!
Yuki: By the way, about this team name... what kind of fish is funa? (funa = a type of carp native to Lake Biwa in Shiga)
Keita: It's a fish that can be caught in rivers and lakes.
Yuki: I see. So it's sushi with a river fish, I've never eaten it.
Keita: Me either. That's why I'm looking forward to tasting it.
Arata: I see. After all, you haven't eaten it.
Takato: Well, I thought that was it.
Keita: Huh?
Yuki: What do you mean?
Takato: Funazushi is named in the same way as typical sushi, but it's a completely different food.
Arata: Right, right. It's completely different.
Arata: It's a familiar dish where I come from, but there's a lot of people who don't like it.
Yuki: Where you're from?
Takato: Funazushi is a specialty of Shiga Prefecture.
Yuki: Arata-san, so you're from Kansai.
Arata: Yeah, I guess.
Arata: More importantly, are both of you really okay?
Arata: Maybe it's a really high hurdle.
Arata: Even though it's called sushi, the funa isn't fresh. The rice that's packed into its belly gets like it's rotten.
Yuki: Huuuh!? Rotten rice!?
Takato: No. In this case, you should call it fermented.
Yuki: What's the difference?
Takato: Edible decomposition is called fermentation.
Takato: In short, it means eating it won't make you sick.
Yuki: That's not reassuring at all...
Arata: But fermented foods are delicious, right?
Takato: The point is, you should think of it as something like cheese.
Yuki: Oh. In that case...
Takato: However, the funazushi has a bit of an intense smell.
Takato: It smells like garbage, and there are people who avoid it.
Yuki: Garbage that won't make you sick...!?
Keita: Asahina-kun, I think it's better not to imagine it too vividly...
Arata: Where I'm from, it's really popular as an appetizer with sake.
Takato: I also like the flavor.
Yuki: Oh no... I thought it was normal sushi...
Yuki: I thought sushi was the best, compared to all the weird things and food I didn't know...
Keita: I didn't know either...
Keita: I was told that no one wanted to join this team, but now I understand.
Yuki: Professor Ito, you can leave the team, can't you?
Keita: No... I'm a teacher, I can't abandon the students...
Keita: You too, why don't you join a different team?
Yuki: I'm the student council president...
Keita: ...
Yuki: ...
Arata: Let's do our best, O-Taka-san.
Takato: Yes. So that funazushi will be added to the cafeteria menu.
Keita: Let's do our best too...
Yuki: Of course...

-- chime --

Yuki: Oh, it's time to start the tournament.
Yuki: I'll be right back!
Yuki: Well then, everyone! The Gourmand Cup is now open!
Yuki: Let's all show sportsmanship, and fight fair and square!

CG: funazushi team
Yuki: ...Um, what do the two of you like about funazushi?
Takato: It's said that rotten meat is the most delicious. Funazushi is truly the embodiment of that.
Yuki: Rotten meat...
Arata: It has an addictive flavor.
Keita: Ha, haha. Right... I see...
Yuki: I look forward to it... I guess... hahaha.
end CG

CG: funazushi team loss
Arata: Oh, we lost.
Maro: Kuu...
Takato: I thought our teamwork wasn't bad, but after all, our coordinated effort was no match for Kuya and the others.
Yuki: Ha, haha... that's such a shame.
Keita: ...
(Yuki: Professor Ito's relieved too...)
end CG

Yuki: Good job, everyone!
Yuki: There were many wonderful, heated matches in this Gourmand Cup, thanks to the fighting spirits of all the participants.
Yuki: The supporters were really excited and I felt a sense of unity among everyone at Bell Liberty School.
Yuki: I was very happy to be one of the organizers.
Yuki: Everyone! Thank you!
Yuki: As we announced, the dish that was the name of the winning team will become a dish in the cafeteria later.
Yuki: And the members of the winning team get to eat it for free once, as the prize for winning!
Yuki: Then, the winner of the first glorious Gourmand Cup is...
Yuki: Team Manchu Han Imperial Feast!!!!
student: Congratulations!!
Yuki: Now, an interview with the winning team.
Yuki: The interviewer is first year Okazaki Ken-kun.
Yuki: Go ahead!!

Yuki: I'm back.
Takato: Good job.
Yuki: Thank you for the advice on the closing statement.
Takato: I'm glad it was useful.
Arata: You were cool.
Maro: Kuku.
Yuki: Hehe...
Okaken: Everyone of Manchu Han Imperial Feast, go ahead!!
Yuki: We lost.
Takato: Well, it's a reasonable result.
Arata: That's right. I didn't think everyone would be making such a serious effort, I was surprised.
Yuki: But there were teams with nothing but members from the sports clubs. We did relatively well.
Arata: Anyway, we did get to the third round.
Keita: You all worked hard. Good job!
Takato: You too, Professor Ito, thank you for your cooperation.
Keita: You don't have to thank me. I had fun participating.
Takato: Nevertheless, it's a shame that we won't be able to eat funazushi.
Arata: Seriously.
Keita: Y, yeah... right.
Yuki: T, that's right...
Yuki: ...Honestly, we're saved.
Keita: I think so too...
Arata: Hmm. Professor Ito and Ace-kun, you're acting kind of suspicious.
Yuki: We're not really saying anything. Hey, Professor Ito, right?
Keita: T, that's right. What do you mean, suspicious...?
Arata: Actually, you two don't like funazushi, do you?
Yuki: Uh...
Keita: Er...
Yuki: T, that's not true...? Right, Professor Ito?
Keita: T, that's right. Not like it? I've never eaten it...
Arata: Then, do you want to try it?
Yuki: Urgh...
Keita: T, try it... I guess?
Yuki: Professor...
Keita: But it's not good to be picky...
Arata: Alright, next time, Arata will have funazushi sent from home.
Arata: Then, I'll deliver it to the student council and the staff room.
Yuki: Huh?
Keita: Oh no... I can't have you purposely sending for it!
Yuki: Right, right! You don't have to go to that trouble, Arata-san!
Yuki: Besides, I don't really seriously want to try it...
Takato: I understand your tastes, but it's one of the delicacies that's the pride of Japan.
Takato: Using this opportunity to try it once will be a good experience, won't it?
Yuki: Experience... of funazushi...
Arata: Right, it's decided!
Arata: I'll order it from a restaurant I highly recommend. Look forward to it!
Takato: I will.
Yuki: Ha, haha... me too... I guess...

if Yuki doesn't have Arata's email address yet

Yuki: Oh, that's right.
Yuki: Arata-san, will you exchange email addresses with me?
Arata: Okay. I'll let you know as soon as the funazushi gets here.
Yuki: Ahaha... Thank you...

maeng daa tod

(decision #1e: maeng daa tod)
(Yuki: After all, I'm curious about this one.)
Yuki: Hey, Okaken. Just what kind of food is maeng daa tod?
Okaken: What, Asahina-kun? You don't know anything.
Okaken: Maeng daa tod is a famous Thai insect dish. It's fried giant water bug!
Yuki: Fried giant water bug!?
Okaken: Yes! The giant water bug, that aquatic insect which is the largest shield bug in Japan.
Yuki: Whaaaaaa!? You're going to eat bugs!!!??
Okaken: This is why ignorance is a problem.
Okaken: Alright, Asahina-kun? Since the dawn of time, mankind has been utilizing insects as food.
Okaken: But in recent years, because there was a bounty of other food, the eating of insects was abandoned.
Yuki: But you don't have to force yourself to eat it...
Okaken: What are you saying!? Don't you realize the crisis that mankind is facing!?
Yuki: C, crisis...?
Okaken: Population explosion. Crop failures due to frequent abnormal weather, and poor growth of livestock.
Okaken: The result is obvious, mankind in the future will be beset by severe food shortages!!
Yuki: That may be true, but...
Okaken: What will be mankind's salvation is eating insects!!
Yuki: No, but...
Okaken: To begin with, insects can be raised with a small amount of feed.
Okaken: And if you raise them in an appropriate environment, their numbers can multiply explosively.
Okaken: Already on space stations, the farming of insects is being researched for long-term stays in space.
Okaken: In order to protect the future of mankind, popularizing the eating of insects is already a historical necessity!
Okaken: For that, we will spread the importance of eating insects to everyone, starting with maeng daa tod...
Yuki: You say 'we,' so the other members know that too...
Okaken: Of course they do.
Okaken: Look, they're gathered over there.
Okaken: Survival specialist Tono-kun, and Sakade-kun who stakes his life on overclocking computers.
Okaken: And the one who came up with this suggestion, Akami-kun, who is researching edible insects, and...
Okaken: And the last one to reach the team limit, Otonari-kun the yogi, also hopes to be on the team. But if you insist...
Yuki: I, it's fine! I, um... It would be rude to the other people interested!!
Yuki: Okaken, invite that person. Okay?
Okaken: I see. Well, it's a shame this time...
Okaken: But one thing. There's something I want to tell you as a representative of this team!
Yuki: W, what...?
Okaken: I heard that you're the who decided on the winning prize for this tournament.
Okaken: We are grateful to be given the chance to popularize eating insects at this school.
Okaken: Thank you, Asahina-kun!
Yuki: Y, you're welcome...
(Yuki: Even though he's grateful, I'm sorry, but...)
(Yuki: I don't want this team to win...)
Okaken: Then which team will you choose?
Yuki: That's...

[note: From here, you choose again, but maeng daa tod is removed from the possible choices.]

school announcement: And with that, the Gourmand Cup is over. Good job, everyone.

(school path)
Yuki: Whew. So tired, so tired.
Yuki: But I’m glad it went off without a hitch. It looked like everyone had fun.
Yuki: Right?
Kuya: Yeah, it was a good tournament.
Takato: That's right. It was more exciting than it’s ever been.
Yuki: Seriously.
Yuki: It was fun.
Joker: I guess.
Chiba: ...I had fun.
Sonoda: *siiigh*

ONLY if Yuki was on team Manchu Han Imperial Feast OR chile habanero de carne

Yuki: Huh? Sonoda-san, you must be tired.
Yuki: Was the match that hard?
Sonoda: What’s hard is coming next...
Yuki: Coming next?
Sonoda: Damn... Why, of all things, did that team have to win?
Yuki: That team... do you mean the Manchu Han Imperial Feast?
Sonoda: That's right!!
Yuki: Uwah!?
Sonoda: How could I get stuck with making a Manchu Han Imperial Feast!!?
Sonoda: Such an enormous amount of food that it continues for three days and three nights.
Sonoda: Who’s going to make that!? Who’s going to serve it!?
Yuki: ...It's you, isn't it, Sonoda-san?
Sonoda: That’s right, it's me!
Sonoda: Doing the cooking, the budgeting, all me!
Sonoda: It’s my worst nightmare...
Yuki: Ah...
Sonoda: After all, I should have stopped it when I found out that team existed.
Sonoda: Damn. Why? How?
Sonoda: I should have forbidden dishes that exceeded the cost of materials in the budget for the tournament, or limited the serving time...
Sonoda: I should have set restrictions like that.
Sonoda: Where am I supposed to get the funds to budget for the Manchu Han Imperial Feast?
Sonoda: And I also have to think of a supply route to get the ingredients...
Yuki: ...
(Yuki: It’s no good. I don’t know what I should tell him.)
Sonoda: Hayato!
Chiba: What?

ONLY if Yuki was on Team Manchu Han Imperial Feast

Sonoda: You too, Yuki-kun!
Yuki: Yes?

Sonoda: Couldn’t you have eased up a little?
Sonoda: Our team had the most matches and we just went up against veteran teams...
Sonoda: Did you have to fight everything with your full strength?
Sonoda: You must have known that it was going to cause me trouble later.
Chiba: A match is a match.
Sonoda: Geez, that’s the kind of guy you are.
Sonoda: You’ll do things for Kiyo, but you won’t do them for me.
Yuki: Haha...
Kuya: Sonoda-kun, I was on team Manchu Han Imperial Feast too.
Kuya: If you have a problem, complain to me!
Sonoda: Even if I did, it wouldn’t help...
Sonoda: Anyway, you were the one who suggested the Manchu Han Imperial Feast.
Kuya: Good guess!
Kuya: You have pretty good intuition!
Sonoda: Who else would it be...?
Yuki: Sonoda-san...
Takato: But what’s certain is that it’s too much of a burden.
Takato: Since we’re members of the student council who sponsored the tournament, let’s give some support.
Takato: For instance, looking up how to prepare the Manchu Han Imperial Feast that’s the prize, or how to supply the ingredients.
Yuki: That's right.
Yuki: Supplying the ingredients or gathering supplies, I’ll help however I can, so please do your best to cheer up.
Yuki: Since you’re the only one can do the kitchen stuff.

ONLY if Yuki was on Team Manchu Han Imperial Feast

Sonoda: ...Yuki-kun. You're going to help me, aren't you?
Yuki: Yes! Of course!!
Sonoda: I see...
Sonoda: Then, if you feel like helping me in a meaningful way, decline the prize for winning!
Yuki: Huh?
Sonoda: I mean don't eat it!
Sonoda: It reduces the cost and the time if there's one less person to feed.
Yuki: That's...
Yuki: Absolutely not! That's what I did my best for.
Yuki: So let's do our best.
Yuki: Okay? Sonoda-san.
Sonoda: *siiiigh*...
Chiba: Do your best.
Kuya: Do your best!
Sonoda: Nobody asked you!

ONLY if Yuki was on team chile habanero de carne

Sonoda: Well, that's true...
Sonoda: But that doesn't change how terrible it is. *siiigh*...
Yuki: Now, now.

ONLY if Yuki was on team all-you-can-eat yakiniku OR funazushi

Yuki: Good job, Joker-san.
Joker: Thanks.
Joker: Well, it was over in the first round for me, so I didn’t really do my best.
Yuki: You didn’t have enough people so it couldn’t be helped.
Joker: No matter what you say, a loss is a loss.
Yuki: That's true.
Yuki: But I had fun!

ONLY if Yuki was on team all-you-can-eat yakiniku

Yuki: We got worn out by being in so many matches, and when we lost to Kuya-san and the rest in the final round, we got really disappointed.
Kuya: That's too bad, Yuki.
Kuya: But contests are harsh!
Yuki: Yes, I know.
Yuki: I didn't want anyone holding back in the match.
Kuya: Yeah, it wouldn't have been fun otherwise.
Joker: That's true.
Yuki: You think so too, Joker-san?
Joker: Of course.
Joker: A match is most fun when you crush a serious opponent.
Yuki: Haha.
Yuki: Being serious about it and losing is frustrating, but...
Yuki: The Gourmand Cup was fun!

ONLY if Yuki was on team funazushi

Yuki: Oh, that's right.
Yuki: Later, Arata-san is going to share the funazushi he's ordered in the student council room.
Yuki: Won't you eat it with us?
Yuki: You too, Chiba-san!
Chiba: Sushi...?
Yuki: That's right. Sushi!
Joker: It's funazushi, isn't it? Is that supposed to be a favor?
Yuki: ...Yes!
Joker: What was with that pause?
Yuki: N, no, um...
Yuki: I was just thinking maybe you and Chiba-san wanted to try a famous traditional dish.
Joker: I refuse.
Joker: Well, it sounds awful.
Yuki: Oh no, don't be so blunt!
Joker: I knew it, you think so too, don't you?
Yuki: T, that's not true...?
Yuki: What about you, Chiba-san?
Chiba: I refuse.
Yuki: Whaa!?
Chiba: It's suspicious.
Yuki: Even you, Chiba-san...
Joker: There, there. Poochy's a good boy.
Chiba: ...
Yuki: Joker-san. You can't hate something without eating it.
Joker: Don't wanna.
Yuki: Please don't talk so coldly.
Yuki: When the funazushi arrives, you guys will eat it, won't you? Right? Right?
Chiba: Stubborn.
Kuya: Yuki. When the funazushi arrives, can I join too?
Kuya: I've never eaten this thing called funazushi.
Yuki: Yes! Of course!
Yuki: Absolutely! You can have my portion! Please!
Kuya: Then, in exchange, I'll share my Manchu Han Imperial Feast.
Yuki: Really!?
Sonoda: Absolutely not!!
Sonoda: I'm not accepting anything that makes me have to put in more time and effort!!
Yuki: Urgh...
Kuya: Now, now.
Kuya: When the date of the Manchu Han Imperial Feast is set, I'll tell you. So you can come by, pretending it's a coincidence.
Kuya: I'll secretly share it.
Yuki: Woohoo! I love you, Kuya-san!!
Joker: Eiji. Those two are scheming.
Sonoda: What did you say!?
Kuya: No. We're not doing anything. Right, Yuki?
Yuki: Yes. That's right, Kuya-san.
Kuya: ...You're no good at lying.
Sonoda: Anyway, I'm not allowing anything that makes me put in any more time and effort.
Yuki: ...Riiight.
Kuya: Too bad.
Yuki: Yeah, but...
Yuki: I'm glad we held the Gourmand Cup!

Yuki: The tournament itself was exciting and fun, but that's not all...
Yuki: It felt like I didn’t do a chore, but an important job.
Yuki: I'm really happy!
Joker: Well, you could say it was thanks to the prize you offered this year that it was exciting.
Yuki: Really!?
Joker: I think so.
Joker: It's because of the prize that the competitors and the spectators went all out.
Kuya: Joker is right.
Kuya: Yuki. You did a very Ace-like job managing your first job.
Kuya: I’m really glad it ended a big success!
Yuki: Both of you...
Yuki: Thank you!!

(Yuki: ...This is kind of nice.)
(Yuki: The student council and Durak, members of both being together like this…)
(Yuki: Everyone preparing for the same tournament, excited and happy it was a success.)
(Yuki: ...Even though there’s someone who’s going to have trouble later.)
(Yuki: But, as soon as I came here, I heard that the two groups were opposed.)
(Yuki: And now we’re all together like this.)
(Yuki: Maybe we’re getting along a bit.)
(Yuki: I hope everyone can be better friends.)
(Yuki: I want this stupid opposition to disappear.)

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