gakuen heaven 2

common route translation and notes

This is a translation of the common route of Gakuen Heaven 2, including the variations in the text that appear for each choice.

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Bell One arc: June 1 (A)June 1 (B)June 1 (C)June 2

May 12 (continued)

Yuki: We're here, we're here. Cafeteria♪ Cafeteria♪
Tomo: You're awfully excited.
Yuki: But it's the cafeteria of BL School, which has first class facilities, right?
Yuki: It definitely has to be awesome.
Tomo: No, it's normal. ...The facility is.
Yuki: ...!
Tomo: Hm? What?
Yuki: This is the cafeteria!?
Yuki: What that guy's eating looks like multi-course dishes from a traditional Japanese luxury restaurant, and that over there looks like French cuisine, doesn't it!?
Tomo: Yeah. There's various sets from high class cuisine to standard foods.
Yuki: Awesome! It's like a dream...!
Yuki: There's lots of different types, and even the plating is artistic like at a first class restaurant!
Yuki: Even the ingredients far surpass the school cafeteria level!
Yuki: The rice in the set has a glossy shine, and I've only seen such a thick, tender looking steak on TV!
Yuki: Ohhh, that seafood pasta and salad, they're so fancy!
Yuki: On top of the look being perfect, they smell incredibly delicious!
Yuki: It would be hard to pass up that sauce-covered fried rice and dim sum set!
Tomo: Hey, calm down. This is the most sparkly-eyed you've been all day.
Yuki: But I never imagined that a cafeteria could be so amazing until now!
Yuki: When you talk about school cafeterias, no matter how good they are, it's just at the level of home cooking...
Yuki: Foods like the ones in gourmet magazines are all here together!
Yuki: Ahh... I'm so glad I came to this school... I hope I never graduate...
Tomo: What stupid thing are you saying? I get that it's amazing, but you don't have to be so emotional.
Tomo: I guess you really like to eat.
Yuki: Yeah. I like food more than I like three meals a day!
Yuki: Uwaa, which should I eat? But I guess it's expensive? It must be expensive...
Tomo: That's not true. Here, you use the meal ticket system for food.
Tomo: You can eat most of the specials for one meal ticket, so it's more affordable than eating out.
Yuki: Really? Then even that multi-course meal?
Tomo: That's not a multi-course meal, that's today's A set.
Yuki: A set...!? But it's so extravagant, it's a shame to call it such an ordinary name...!
Yuki: Hey, why are there such amazing dishes!?
Tomo: Because that guy is here.
Yuki: That guy?
Tomo: Try looking at the counter?
(Yuki: What's at the counter...?)
Yuki: That's kind of an awesome crowd.
(Yuki: What's everyone doing?)

CG: Sonoda holds up fancy dishes
??: The next special dish is from the grand maison of the Hotel Griffon, the three-star French restaurant Rue Grenadier.
??: It's the specialty executive chef Mr. R. Poisson made his name with!
??: Grilled wagyu filet, red wine sauce with morel mushrooms, and a side of braised leeks.
Yuki: Amazing... Just the name sounds so delicious...
??: If you were to actually order this at Rue Grenadier, one plate costs 13000 yen. Today, this dish starts at two meal tickets.
everyone: Whooooa!!
student 1: I'll buy it! I'll buy it for two meal tickets!
student 2: No, I offer three! I'll buy it for three!
student 3: Urrrrgh...! I have five! I'll buy it for five!!
??: Then, it's sold to you for five tickets.
student 3: Whoooa!!! I won, I won!
??: Next is an illusory dish made by a certain high class hotel's Chef Liu, made for one person, once a day. It's a high class Peking duck feast!
Yuki: ...!
(Yuki: An illusory dish! High class Peking duck! The chef makes it for one person, once a day!)
(Yuki: It looks crazy delicious!)
??: If you were to actually eat it at the restaurant, a single item is over 20000 yen!
??: For that, this time it starts at three tickets!
??: So, who will buy it?
student 1: I will! I'll buy it!
student 2: I'm first! Five! I'll buy it for five!!
end CG: Sonoda holds up fancy dishes

Yuki: Tomo! What is that?
Tomo: It's an auction.
Yuki: An auction, for the food? At the cafeteria?
Yuki: And why are dishes from famous restaurants that cost over 20000 yen at the cafeteria!?
Tomo: That's the sort of system there is here.
Tomo: Unlike the sets, there's a competitive bidding system with meal tickets for the special dishes that are limited.
Tomo: Although it's not a system that was set up by the school.
Tomo: It was set independently by the students... or rather, that guy is the mastermind.
Yuki: That guy... the guy in the middle of the auction?
Tomo: That guy manages this cafeteria.
Tomo: He's a second year, Sonoda Eiji-san.
Tomo: That guy produces all of the dishes at this cafeteria.
Yuki: That guy? Even though he's a student?
Yuki: Wooow, so that delicious looking food is produced by a student...
Tomo: Yeah.
Tomo: It seems that guy can perfectly reproduce any food he's eaten once.
Tomo: Apart from the standard cafeteria dishes that you were so moved by, there's also some foods that are limited per day, and even more limited special dishes he makes.
Tomo: They're high class foods that you rarely get to eat, or limited dishes from high class restaurants.
Tomo: And the guys who want to eat them no matter what bid for the right to eat them like that.
Tomo: For however many normal tickets' worth.
Yuki: And that means...
Yuki: If it's two tickets, it's two sets worth? And for three, it's three sets worth...!?
Tomo: Right.
student: Ten! I'll buy it for teeeen! For this day, I've been eating anpan for two weeks!!
Yuki: Ten sets worth...!
Yuki: Oh... But that's definitely cheaper than eating out normally.
Tomo: That's why there's such a rush on it.
Yuki: On top of being able to eat high class food, the price is so affordable too...
Yuki: That's awesome!
Tomo: That's not true. Look.
Yuki: Huh...?

CG: Sonoda holds up fancy dishes
Sonoda: Ten tickets, will anyone bid higher?
student 1: Urggggh... I want to eat it, but my budget...
student 2: Me too, any more tickets this month... I barely squeaked by last week.
Sonoda: If you want it no matter what, I will specially accept things other than tickets.
Sonoda: I don't mind if you offer work or something else that's valuable to you.
student ?: Offer work... Right, right! I add help with washing dishes to my tickets!
student ?: To washing dishes for a month, I'll add helping out the club!
student ?: I'll clean the kitchen! I'll even polish the floors!!
student ?: I'll give you copies of my notes this whole semester...
(Yuki: They keep adding more things apart from the tickets...!)
end CG: Sonoda holds up fancy dishes

Yuki: Amazing... They're even offering themselves...
Tomo: Right?
Tomo: Like that, if they can't add tickets then they add free work or privileges to the terms.
Yuki: I see... That's why such an extravagant cafeteria can function so well.
Tomo: Right, right. It's not just about being delicious.
Yuki: But, it's that delicious, isn't it? I want to try eating the special dish at least once...
Tomo: You really have a thing for food.
Tomo: Oh, it looks like the auction just now has ended.

CG: Sonoda holds up fancy dishes
Sonoda: Congratulations! Shinoda-san wins this dish for ten tickets and three months of washing dishes!
Shinoda: Awwwriiiight!!
Sonoda: Now... Today's final special dish is chef Sonoda Eiji's newest original!
(Yuki: What is it, what is it...!?)
Sonoda: A lamb persillade and homemade sausage with a croquette, and ripe tomato and salmon farci!
(Yuki: Uwaa, this looks delicious too...)
Sonoda: An herb and orange deluxe sauce that enhances the flavor of the lamb meat, and the finest mozzarella on the farci is...
Sonoda: Hm?
(Yuki: He's looking this way. Wah... Our eyes met!)
Sonoda: You're a new face. Are you a transfer student?
(Yuki: Anyway, I have to greet him...)
end CG: Sonoda holds up fancy dishes

Yuki: Pleased to meet you! I'm the new student, Asahina Yuki.
Sonoda: Hello. I'm Sonoda Eiji. Nice to meet you.
Sonoda: A new student now?
Yuki: There was a bit of an accident, so I was a month late coming to school.
Sonoda: I see. Then, this is your first time in the cafeteria?
Yuki: Yes! I'm already so excited...
Sonoda: For a while now, you've been looking at the food more than my face.
Yuki: Ah, sorry!
Yuki: Well, it looked so delicious, my eyes just...
Yuki: I heard. You're an amazing cook, aren't you?
Sonoda: Not amazing, I'm a genius cook. Remember that.
(Yuki: This guy calls himself a genius... I guess that's how confident he is in his skill.)
(Yuki: I can understand it, though...)
(Yuki: Still, looking at it from up close, it looks so delicious! Urgggh, I want to eat it...!)
(Yuki: If I could eat food like this, I'd wash dishes for a year...)
(Yuki: No no, now's not the time to be thinking of things like this...)
Sonoda: Oh. You're drooling.
Yuki: Oh! Sorry!
Sonoda: I don't really mind. That you want to eat it so much is an honor to me as a cook.
(Yuki: Somehow... he seems like a decent guy...)
Sonoda: By the way, Yuki-kun. This special dish.
Sonoda: I thought I would start the bidding now at one ticket, but...
Yuki: Huh...?
Sonoda: What will you do?
(Yuki: Starting from one ticket, huh... But it became a really incredible auction before...)
(Yuki: Even if I bid, someone else would immediately outbid me...)
(Yuki: I don't know what to do...)
(Yuki: But I want to eat it no matter what!!)
Yuki: I'll participate too!
Sonoda: Then this time it's yours for one ticket.
Yuki: Huh...!
Yuki: It's mine, you mean you're not going to auction it?
Sonoda: Today it's special, to celebrate your first day of school.
Yuki: Uwaa...!! Thank you!
Yuki: Woohoo!! Woohoo! I get to eat the special dish!
(Yuki: Sonoda-san is such a nice guy!)
Sonoda: Wait at the kitchen counter. I'll put it on a tray along with some bread.
Yuki: Right!
(Yuki: Special dish♪ Special dish♪)
(Yuki: Ohhh! Just getting close to the kitchen, it smells even better...)
(Yuki: Ahh, I can't stand it...)
Tomo: Good for you.
Yuki: Yeah.
Yuki: Isn't it ready, isn't it ready? Oh, here it is!
Sonoda: Ahaha. You look like a puppy being made to wait.
Yuki: Puppy!? Was I drooling again...?
Sonoda: No, no.
Sonoda: Waiting obediently with your eyes shining, you looked like a puppy and I thought it was cute.
(Yuki: Cute... Th, that's kind of embarrassing...)
Sonoda: Wait just a little longer until the sourdough bread is warm. Are you getting used to the school?
Yuki: Yes! There's so many interesting people, I'm excited.
Sonoda: Interesting people, huh. By the way, what am I?
Yuki: Huh?
Sonoda: In the interesting people category? Or in a different category?
(Yuki: Wah, this... since he has a teasing smile, I kinda don't know how to respond...)
(Yuki: I'm nervous, or rather, embarrassed...)
Yuki: Um, I think you're a nice person, Sonoda-san.
Yuki: Since you gave me the right to eat the special dish for one ticket.
Yuki: Your attitude seems somehow kind and gentle...
Sonoda: I'm not especially nice. The freebie this time is for advertising.
Yuki: Advertising?
Sonoda: Yes. If you eat it once, you'll absolutely become a slave to my flavor, so this is an investment.
(Yuki: He looks so self-confident...)
Sonoda: Here, sorry to keep you waiting...
Sonoda: ...Hm?
Yuki: Wh, what is it?
Sonoda: That armband...
Yuki: Eh? What about this student council armband...?
Sonoda: Sorry, but I can't serve you.
Yuki: Huh!?
Yuki: ...Oh, why are you taking back the special dish!?
Yuki: Wait, Sonoda-san!
Sonoda: You get this.

CG: Sonoda holds up boring food
Yuki: Plain udon with no ingredients except broth and noodles...!?
Yuki: The special dish suddenly became plain udon!?
Yuki: What is this!? Please explain, Sonoda-san!
Sonoda: You're wearing the Ace armband on your arm, aren't you?
Yuki: Yes...
Sonoda: Nothing against you, but just so you know, I'm a member of Durak.
Yuki: Durak, you mean what Joker-san was talking about?
Sonoda: Right, right, that Durak.
Sonoda: Ah, I see. You're the boy Kiyo met this morning.
Yuki: Kiyo...?
Sonoda: You guys only call him Joker, but his name is Kiyotada. I call him Kiyo.
Yuki: I see.
(Yuki: I guess they're really close if he's calling him by his first name...)
end CG: Sonoda holds up boring food

Sonoda: That's why this is all I can offer to members of the opposing student council.
Yuki: Opposing? The student council and Durak are opposed?
Sonoda: Huh? You don't know anything about it?
Sonoda: Hmm...
Sonoda: Well, you can hear that annoying story from the student council guys.
Sonoda: Anyway, I'm not giving you the special dish.
Sonoda: Sorry.
Yuki: Sorry...? Oh no...
Yuki: My stomach was all prepared and waiting for the special dish!
Sonoda: You want to eat it no matter what?
Yuki: I want to eat it!
Sonoda: No matter what?
Yuki: I want to eat it!!
Sonoda: Then quit being the Ace.
Sonoda: If you quit the student council and join Durak, I'll make you whatever you like, whenever.
(Yuki: Ugggh, making such a cruel request with such a pleasant smile...!)
Sonoda: If you change your mind, contact me any time. Anyway, I'll give you this.
Yuki: A card?
Sonoda: It's my email address. I'll tell you information about new dishes and recipes.
Sonoda: Why don't you hurry and take a seat and eat? Your plain udon is getting cold.
Yuki: Please wait! Sonoda-sa...

CG: Sonoda holds up fancy dishes
Sonoda: Yes, next person.
student: I'd like the special dish!
Sonoda: Good timing. I just had a cancellation.
end CG: Sonoda holds up fancy dishes

Yuki: Ahhh, that's the dish I was supposed to eat...!
Yuki: H, how cruel... He passed along the special dish right in front of me...
Yuki: Urrrrgh, even though I got to see something that delicious close up...
Yuki: All I'm left with is plain udon.
Yuki: How could this happen...
Sonoda: See you later, Yuki-kun. I'm going back to the kitchen.
Yuki: Sonoda-san!!
Yuki: Urgh. My deluxe dish...

(decision #1)
He's a devil pretending to be an angel...

(decision #1a: He's a devil pretending to be an angel...)
Yuki: Sonoda-san...
Yuki: He's a devil pretending to be an angel...
Yuki: It's cruel... it's so cruel. Taking away a meal like that, right in front of me.
Yuki: In its place is plain udon... *sob*
Yuki: Damnit.
*slurp, sluuuurp*
Yuki: ...This plain udon, the noodles and the broth are both exquisite...
Yuki: *sob sob* So cruel. But it's so delicious. So cruel. But it's so delicious...
Yuki: If even plain udon is this delicious, then just what did that dish before taste like...?
Yuki: *soooob*

If it's like this, maybe I should quit being student council president...

(decision #1b: If it's like this, maybe I should quit being student council president...)
Yuki: If it's like this, maybe I should quit being student council president...
Yuki: I never heard they were opposed...
Yuki: Time to eat.
*slurp, sluuuurp*
Yuki: Delicious...
Yuki: If even plain udon is this delicious, then that dish before was even more...

Yuki: Damnit... Someday I'll eat it...
Tomo: Yuki... You're way too depressed about this.
Yuki: Tomo...
Tomo: You'll get to eat it someday.
??: That's what they call impossible.
Yuki: Oh, Okaken.
Okaken: Hey, Asahina-kun. I'm honored you remembered my name.
Tomo: Hey, he just met you before.
Okaken: If you've become the new student council president, you have to be prepared for your diet here.
Yuki: ...Because of this?
Tomo: No mistake, it's because of that armband.
Okaken: Alright, Asahina-kun? It's only natural that you don't know.
Okaken: But as for this cafeteria, it's a place where people in the student council are only allowed to have plain udon and rice with furikake.
Yuki: Whaa! Just those two!?
Okaken: That's right! The ones who presently have control of BL School are the group led by Joker, Durak.
Okaken: It's not an exaggeration to say that the government within the school is all under their rule.
Yuki: Under their rule... even the cafeteria?
Okaken: Right. Even the cafeteria.
Tomo: I told you before. That Sonoda-san manages this place.
Tomo: It's because Sonoda-san is a member of Durak.
Tomo: So the real authority in the cafeteria is automatically Durak.
Yuki: Oh no... And the school doesn't say anything?
Tomo: They don't. It's this school's policy to leave the government to the students.
Tomo: At this school, the autonomy of the students is taken seriously, and most of the governing is left to the students.
Yuki: And no one says anything even though one group of students holds authority in the cafeteria?
Tomo: They don't.
Yuki: Why? That's wrong...
Okaken: Shh! Asahina-kun. Are you criticizing Durak's system?
Yuki: But it's just plain udon and rice with furikake.
Tomo: You're sticking with that as your reason?
Okaken: Alright, Asahina-kun? They say if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.
Okaken: There's no merit in being associated with the student council. Of course it's better to be affiliated with Durak.
Okaken: At any rate, through the footholds of discipline and finance, they have a complete grasp of the school.
Yuki: And the cafeteria.
Okaken: Right. Rules, budgets, and stomachs. With Durak in control of those, no one is any match.
Okaken: The students at this school are mostly on Durak's side, even if they don't say it.
Okaken: The only ones crazy enough to oppose them are the people in the student council. Do you get it, Asahina-kun?
Yuki: ...Really? Tomo...
Tomo: I guess. The guys that are in clubs are controlled by the budgets.
Tomo: The same for that auction before.
Tomo: There were guys bidding things besides meal tickets, right?
Yuki: Yeah...
Tomo: There's a rumor that little by little, like that, Joker and company steal the students' rights and make them subordinates.
Okaken: Although actually there's a lot of people who obey their wishes because there's a lot of merit to being on Durak's side.
Tomo: Come to think of it, Okaken, you're in the Joker faction.
Okaken: It's because he's one of the few people who understands my superiority. Naturally, I'm in the Durak faction.
Yuki: You too, Tomo?
Tomo: Not really. I'm not for either. That sort of thing's too annoying.
Yuki: Hmm...
Tomo: Besides, as long as the guys here can do what they want, most of them don't care about the rest.
Tomo: Everyone is here because they were recognized for some sort of skill.
Tomo: As long as they have their goals, they don't care who opposes who.
Yuki: Umm... Somehow I've lost my confidence...
Tomo: In what?
Yuki: I wonder if being the student council president will go well from now on.
Tomo: Even if the cafeteria is a bust, you can buy sandwiches from the school store. Survive on that.
Yuki: Urgh. That's way too sad...

split: Tomo's thanks (happens only if you warned Tomo about the chalk throw)

Tomo: I told you, don't be so dejected.
Yuki: Huh? Your A set? Why are you putting it in front of me...?
Tomo: You woke me up in class before. This is in thanks.
Yuki: Huh! Is it really okay!?
Tomo: I told you, it's in thanks, didn't I? Eat it and be sure Sonoda-san doesn't find out.
Yuki: T, then I won't hesitate...
Yuki: Wah, wah, where should I start? I can't decide...
Tomo: You're that happy?
Yuki: What are you saying? My plain udon became an A set!
Yuki: Of course I'm happy!
Tomo: You're so simple.
??: Shit. That jerk Sakaki...
Yuki: Oh.
Yagami: I'm definitely gonna wring his neck someday.
Yuki: Yagami Reon...
Yagami: Ehhh? What. Don't call me by my full name.
Yuki: S, sorry.
(Yuki: That's right, his first name is taboo.)
Yagami: You were in the classroom before. You're a new face, who are you?
Yuki: Me? I'm Asahina Yuki. I'm a new student like you.
Yuki: I was late starting school, so I just came today.
Yuki: Nice to meet you.
Yagami: Hmm. I see.

split: Yagami's thanks (happens only if you warned Yagami about the chalk throw)

Yuki: Hm? What's this?
Yuki: Suddenly there's a tray in front of me...
Yuki: Is this the A set?
Yagami: It's yours.
Yuki: Eh? Why?
Yagami: It's thanks for before.
Yuki: Thanks?
Yagami: Tch, don't make me explain every little thing. Of course it's thanks for waking me up.
Yuki: In class before...
Yagami: If you get it, then be grateful and eat.
Yuki: Yeah... If you're giving it to me, I'll eat it gratefully, though...
Yuki: I wanted to eat this. It looks really delicious...
Yuki: But as long as I'm in the student council, I can't taste it my whole life, so I had started to give up.
Yagami: You're exaggerating.
Yuki: But I'm happy. Really, thank you!
Yagami: Ha. My rule is not to create debts.
Yagami: So, who are you? I've never seen your face.
Yuki: I was a little late in starting school, so I just started today.
Yuki: My name is Asahina Yuki. I'm a new student like you, pleased to meet you.
Yagami: Hmm. Asahina, huh?

Yagami: But you're wrong that we're both new students. I ain't a new student.
Yuki: Huh, but we were in the same class, weren't we?
Yagami: I'm repeating. I was a new student last year.
Yuki: Wow. I see.
Yuki: Oh, since you've been here a year longer, should I be more polite?
Yagami: Not really. I don't care either way.
Yuki: Then, since you're a classmate, I guess treating you like a peer is okay.
Yagami: Do what you want.
(Yuki: Alright. I thought he was scary, but I guess he's surprisingly easy to talk to.)
Tomo: Yagami. Don't keep standing forever, why don't you sit there?
Yagami: Yeah.
Yuki: Yagami, do you get along with Kasahara?
Yagami: Get along, is this grade school? Well, since we eat together like this, I guess we do.
Yuki: Hmm.
Yagami: This guy doesn't give any shits, so it's relaxing.
Yuki: Oh. I kind of get it. Tomo gives that impression.
Tomo: Well, thanks.
Arata: Reo-Reooo.
Yagami: Ehhh!?
Yagami: Hey! Arata!
Yuki: Arata?
Yagami: I told you, don't call me that name!
*grind grind grind!!*
??: Ow ow ow! Don't give me a noogie!
Yuki: Who's that? Someone in the same class?
Tomo: No. He's a second year.
??: Ow ow ow ow. That hurts, Reo-Reooo.
Yagami: It's 'cuz you never learn...
Yagami: Wait, don't call me that!!
Yuki: They seem to get along.
Tomo: Really.
Yuki: Still, Yagami seems to really hate being called by his first name.
Tomo: He's self-conscious about it because it's a girly name.
Tomo: If you call him that, he'll definitely strangle you.
Yuki: Hmm.
??: Hey, hey, Reo-Reo. Who's that boy?
Yagami: Dumbass, you're still saying it!? I'll never tell an asshole like you.
??: Then, Yagami. Tell meee.
Yagami: Tch. I've been telling you to call me that from the start.
Yagami: He's Asahina Yuki. He's a new student who came late.
??: Wow.
??: Pleased to meet you. I'm Arata.
Yuki: Arata-san?
Arata: Buzz buzz. Arata is my first name. I'm Minase Arata.
Yuki: Minase-san. Pleased to meet you, I'm Asahina.
Arata: Hyahaha. Minase-san is too formal, so Arata is fine.
Yuki: Really? Then...
Yuki: Arata-san?
Arata: Hehe. Okay, okay. Something like that.
(Yuki: He laughs a lot.)
(Yuki: He's not in a uniform, but a baggy track jacket. And besides...)
(Yuki: He has backless sneakers on his bare feet, huh.)
Yuki: Arata-san, are you in some club?
Arata: Yeah. The swim club.
Yagami: Despite how he looks, he's the swim club's hope. Last year, he was in the international tournament in China, right?
Yuki: International tournament! That's amazing! Yagami, you know a lot.
Arata: Because we were in the same class last year.
Yuki: So that's why you get along with Yagami.
Yagami: I told you, we're not brats.
Arata: Hyaha. Are you embarrassed?
(Yuki: He really does laugh a lot.)
(Yuki: ...Now that I'm looking closer, he has large eyes and a very beautiful face.)
(Yuki: But, he seems a little strange...)

-- rustle --

Yuki: Hm?

-- rustle --

Yuki: Wah! What is that!?
Arata: Hmmm? What's the matter?
Yuki: A, Arata-san, your chest... it's moving!!
Arata: Oh, this?
Arata: Hehe. It's Arata's friend.

mini CG: Maro
Maro: Kuku!
Yuki: Wah! A mouse!?
end mini CG: Maro

Arata: Wrong.
Yuki: Hm? Now that I look closer, it's long.
Yuki: ...A weasel?
Arata: A ferret. He's called Maro.
Arata: He's warm. A natural heating pad.
Maro: Kuku!
(Yuki: Since he has him in his shirt, I guess he's Arata-san's pet.)
Yuki: A heating pad... are you not warm?
Arata: Yeah. I'm cold, I'm cold.
Arata: Here, lend me your hand?
Yuki: That's cold!!

(decision #2)
Let go of his hand.

(decision #2a: Let go of his hand.)
Yuki: Uwah!
Arata: Wah.
Yuki: Oh, sorry.
Yuki: It's because you suddenly grabbed me with your cold hand, I just...
Arata: Hyaha. A successful shock.
Yuki: Ahhh...
(Yuki: He seems happy.... That was a prank, I guess?)

Why are you so cold?

(decision #2b: Why are you so cold?)
Yuki: Uwah.
Yuki: What is this? Why are you so cold?
Arata: Huh?
Yuki: It's cold.... Even if I rub it, it doesn't get warm at all.
Arata: Ahyahyahyahyahya. Oh no.
Yuki: Oh, you shook me off.
Arata: Well. It's okay if I touch you, but I don't like being touched.
Yagami: That's how he is.
Yuki: Really?
Arata: Really.
Arata: Right, Maro?
Maro: Kuku.

Arata: Your hand is warm.
Yuki: I'm normal. Your hand is too cold.
Arata: Hehe.
Yagami: Watch out. Even in winter, he suddenly stuffs his cold hands in your clothes.

-- kick --

Arata: Reo-Reo, don't kick.
Yagami: Don't call me that!!

-- kick --

Arata: Ow ow ow ow ow....
Yuki: Yeah, that's getting along.

-- scene change, bell rings --

Yuki: First day complete!
Yuki: Now I'll go to the student council room!
Tomo: You're pretty eager.
Tomo: Even though you had that hard time at lunch.
Yuki: That's why!
Yuki: It's absolutely wrong that I can only eat plain udon and rice with furikake at that cafeteria.
Yuki: I have to establish the truth of why the student council people put up with something so terrible.
Tomo: It's just for that...
Yuki: It's important.
Yuki: So, Tomo. Where is the student council room?
Tomo: Where's the student council room?
Tomo: Umm...
Tomo: Explaining it would be annoying, so I'll show you.
Yuki: Thanks.

Tomo: Here it is. Though I've never been inside.
Tomo: Then, I'll go now.
Yuki: Thank you for showing me.
Yuki: Alright, I'm going in.

-- knock knock --

Yuki: It's Asahina. Excuse me.

(student council room)

CG: Kuya greets Yuki
Kuya: Hi!
Kuya: I've been eagerly anticipating your arrival!!
Yuki: Thanks...
end CG: Kuya greets Yuki

(Yuki: ...Huh?)
(Yuki: It's kinda...)
Kuya: Hm? What?
Yuki: No. It's kind of different than I imagined...
Takato: You were thinking it would be more impressive, weren't you?
Yuki: Well... This is the first time I've seen a student council room with tatami laid out.
Kuya: There's nothing here, is there?
Yuki: But there's a tea table and it's tidy, it's kind of interesting.
Kuya: Yeah. Actually, I really like it too.
Takato: You would.
Yuki: But there sure are a lot of books. ...Hm?
(Yuki: Discourses on Livy, Origins of Komatsuzaki Tenjin Shrine ...these are history books.)
(Yuki: The Higgs Boson -Birth of a Particle-, The History and Development of the Landolt Ring, these are science books?)
(Yuki: Dawn of the Living Dead, My Little Brother Shouldn't Be So Cute!, these are novels...)
(Yuki: The Transformation of the World of Sculpture from the Willendorf Venus to Bishoujo Figures.)
(Yuki: ...What is this?)
Kuya: These books are Masatsugu's personal things. He can't fit them in his room, so he brings them here.
Takato: There's plenty of space here.
Kuya: Right! There are advantages to having nothing!
Yuki: That's true. I guess it's convenient to leave things that would get in the way here.
(Yuki: Although it seems a bit like a storage room.)
Kuya: There's not just books. You should look in that cardboard box over there.
Yuki: This? There's a lot of bags in here... Oh.
Yuki: It's candy!
Kuya: That's not all.
Yuki: Cup ramen, furikake, microwave gyudon, canned mackerel, instant miso soup, dried seaweed...
Yuki: Here's rice. Mochi and noodles... there's even flour!
Takato: There's also a rice cooker.
Yuki: Can I eat this?
Kuya: Of course.
Yuki: Woohoo!
Yuki: ...Wait, that's not it! The food! The cafeteria!
Kuya: Cafeteria?
Yuki: When I went to the cafeteria at lunch, I was told that the people in the student council only get plain udon and rice with furikake.
Yuki: What's up with that!?
Kuya: Yeah. It's because the cafeteria is Sonoda-kun's world.
Yuki: That's right! It's because Sonoda-san is a member of Durak, and I'm the student council president, he said.
Yuki: Because of that, I couldn't eat that delicious food, it's crazy!!
Yuki: Why is it like that!?
Takato: It can't be helped. It's because the student council lost.
Yuki: Lost?
Takato: Let me explain from the beginning.
Takato: You may not know, but the authority the student council had previously has nearly all become Durak's now.
Takato: Starting with authority over the cafeteria, the authority to discuss budgets and the supervision of school functions, the authority to decide construction and maintenance of school facilities and such...
Takato: Right now, Durak holds them all.
Yuki: Deciding on constructing and maintaining facilities? The students do?
Takato: That's right.
Takato: Self-government by the students is the fundamental principle of this school.
Yuki: But building a facility and stuff costs a lot of money, doesn't it? I don't think that's at the level of self-government.
Takato: Of course, it's not decided just on the opinion of the students.
Takato: Actually, it's essential to have the approval of the board and the director.
Kuya: But the school does not ignore the students.
Kuya: If the students propose that they need it for a reason, they'll properly consider it.
Kuya: Well, it is our school!
Yuki: Our... school...
Takato: Due to their involvement in the management of the school, the educational policy is to nurture the independence and creativity of the students.
Takato: It's not typical, but I think it's a very valuable policy.
Yuki: That's kind of... cool.
Kuya: Isn't it!?
Yuki: Yeah. I've never thought of a school like that until now.
Yuki: But if that sort of thing is left to the students, isn't that where the student council comes in?
Yuki: If I remember correctly, wasn't Durak discipline and the treasury?
Kuya: It's like Masatsugu said before.
Yuki: Because you lost?
Kuya: Right. The former Ace who gave you the armband is named Hattori Ninosuke.
Kuya: Because he really hated to lose, he accepted every time he was challenged to a match by Joker.
Kuya: But the result was failure in every attempt!
Yuki: All failures!?
Takato: 62 matches and 62 losses. There wasn't even a draw, they were perfect defeats.
Takato: As a result, each piece of authority that was bet in every match, all became Joker's.
Yuki: You bet… your authority?
Kuya: Right.
Yuki: And so you lost it?
Kuya: Exactly!
Yuki: Nothing's left?
Takato: None of the important things.
Kuya: We have the job of feeding the cats!
Takato: That's not important.
Takato: Since we ran out of authority to bet, in the final match we bet the table and chairs in here.
Yuki: In other words, the reason this room is so shabby is that they took all the furniture?
Takato: You guessed right.
Yuki: Then, the reason no one says anything even though we can only eat plain udon in the cafeteria is...
Takato: Because we brought it on ourselves.
Yuki: So that's what happened...
Yuki: The person who gave me this armband...
Yuki: Lost...
(Yuki: Because of that, my lunch was...)
Yuki: ...
Kuya: That's right! You got the armband, that means you met Ninosuke, didn't you?
Kuya: How did he seem? Was he well?
Yuki: Umm... he didn't look very well, I guess.
Yuki: When I came across him, he had collapsed...
Kuya: What!?
Yuki: Oh, but it didn't seem like he was injured or sick.
Yuki: But, he was really tired... or rather, it seems like was exhausted from fighting and collapsed.
Yuki: He even said it himself.
Takato: Then, there's nothing to worry about.
Takato: Since that's how he always is.
Yuki: Always?
Takato: Yes. His circumstances go straight to his head.
Takato: And he exaggerates a bit.
Takato: He fought so hard, but his effort was unrewarded... did he tell you something like that too?
Yuki: Yes, kind of...
Takato: It's a bad habit.
(Yuki: A habit...)
Yuki: By the way, um, Hattori-san, was it? Where is he now?
Kuya: Actually, he's been missing lately.
Yuki: Missing!?
Kuya: Yeah. So you're the first to spot him.
Yuki: How did that happen?
Takato: Maybe he felt responsible for losing most of the student council's authority to Durak.
Takato: Not just Durak and the regular students, but he even hid himself from us.
Kuya: At first, we thought that he had gone home for Golden Week, but it's been a month since then, hasn't it?
Kuya: But I'm glad you told me about him! After all, he was in the school.
Kuya: Since it's him, I thought he was okay, but... honestly, I was worried.
Kuya: Alright. Starting tomorrow, I'll try searching within the school.
Yuki: Oh, but...
Yuki: It may be a bit hard to find him.
Kuya: Hard to find him? Why?
Yuki: Well, he's dressed all in black and he even had a mask.
Kuya: A mask!?
Yuki: It was, how should I put it? Like a ninja, or a soldier, or a kabuki stagehand.
Yuki: It was like a really authentic stealth outfit.
Takato: Wouldn't he stand out even more?
Yuki: Well...
Yuki: But it got across his seriousness.
Takato: He's always serious.
Takato: ...He's a bit eccentric.
Takato: But I was concerned that you so easily accepted the armband from such a suspicious character.
Yuki: But he was really desperate, and besides...
Kuya: ... *snrk*
Yuki: Sagimori-san?
Kuya: Hahahahahaha!! He's dressed like that!?
Kuya: T, that's classic. He's too serious!! Definitely! He prepared that over the break!
Kuya: Not bad! Just as I'd expect... it's awesome! Ahahahahaha!!
Yuki: He's finding it pretty funny.
Takato: Just ignore him.
Takato: In any case.
Takato: We have to confirm it with you.
Takato: Asahina. Do you have any regrets accepting the position of student council president so easily?
Yuki: ...
Takato: I'll say it honestly, you gain nothing by becoming the student council president in the present situation.
Takato: The illustrious jobs are all Durak's. We have neither authority nor even table and chairs.
Kuya: We have tatami!
Takato: You please be quiet.
Takato: Unable to eat anything but plain udon in the cafeteria, the work is all unglamourous behind the scenes chores, and the previous student council president has absconded.
Takato: It's not an exaggeration to call them appalling conditions.
Takato: So I don't mind if you decline.
Yuki: Decline...
Takato: It would make it as if you had not accepted the armband and there had been no change of Ace.
Yuki: ...
Kuya: But if you continue being student council president, we'll give you our full support.
Kuya: No matter what happens, we'll be on your side and we won't let you go through it alone.
Kuya: This school... we, need an Ace like you.
Takato: Now, what will you do?
Yuki: I...

(decision #3)
Please let me think about it...

(decision #3a: Please let me think about it...)
Yuki: ...Please let me think about it a little.
(Yuki: It's true... Takato-san is right.)
(Yuki: Honestly, I want to try being student council president.)
(Yuki: Chores don't really bother me, and this room seems cozy, so that sort of thing is fine, but,)
(Yuki: This school has kind of a lot of strange people, so me being student council president... can I really make it work?)
(Yuki: And Joker-san before, he called me a new toy or something...)
(Yuki: The student council and Durak are opposed, aren't they?)
(Yuki: I wonder if that means he's going to challenge me like Hattori-san?)
(Yuki: Umm... I don't really feel like I can win against him.)
(Yuki: If I lose, we'll lose even more furniture.)
(Yuki: Never mind the tea table, losing the tatami would be pretty cruel.)
(Yuki: Besides, if there's a remote chance that I can't even eat plain udon...!)
(Yuki: Crap. If that happened, I'd die.)
(Yuki: But, if I didn't become student council president...)

I'll try being student council president.

(decision #3b: I'll try being student council president.)
Yuki: I'll try being student council president.
Kuya: You'll accept?
Yuki: Yes. Well, I don't mind being behind the scenes, and besides, a room with tatami is interesting.
Kuya: I see!
Yuki: When I accepted this armband, I didn't really understand what it was.
Yuki: But since I was entrusted with it and accepted it, I want to try.
Yuki: Is it okay if I do it?
Kuya: Of course!
Yuki: Then, even if I can't eat the deluxe lunch in the cafeteria...
Yuki: ...Even if I can't eat it...
(Yuki: That's right.)

Yuki: If I didn't become student council president, I could have that deluxe lunch every day...
Yuki: Those authentic Japanese, Western, and Chinese set dishes, and those fancy foods that I've only seen on TV and in magazines...
Yuki: Those special dishes made with high class ingredients I've never even heard the name of...
Kuya: It seems that the problem is...
Takato: It's really just that matter about lunch.
Kuya: In that case...
Kuya: Asahina-kun. If you'd like, you can have this!
Yuki: A sandwich?
Yuki: That's kind of a deluxe sandwich.
Kuya: It's limited to five in the school store. This is the special sandwich that's the most popular in the school!
Yuki: In this sandwich, there's naporitan spaghetti, hamburg steak, and pork cutlet...
Kuya: You can't see because it's hidden by the bread, but the inside is studded with grilled, melted raclette cheese.
Yuki: Raclette cheese?
Kuya: It's awesomely delicious!
Kuya: So delicious that you can taste what it feels like to be an innocent maid living in the Alps!!
Yuki: What kind of feeling is that?
Kuya: In order to get a taste, come on, eat it!
Yuki: Then... here I go!!
Yuki: *munch*
Yuki: ...Delicious!
Kuya: Isn't it?
Yuki: The different types of meat of the pork cutlet and hamburg steak are wrapped in the tomato ketchup of the naporitan!
Yuki: And the savoriness of this raclette cheese gives richness and flavor to the inside.
Yuki: And last but not least, this bread! The taste of the flour is clear, so it's not overpowered, even by such strong ingredients.
Yuki: It looks random, but it's amazing, this sandwich. The balance is perfect!
Takato: Oh, you're surprisingly precise.
Yuki: Oh, my home is a bakery. So I'm a bit obsessed with deli-style sandwiches.
Yuki: But this sandwich really is delicious.
Yuki: If he ate this, my dad would be impressed.
Kuya: And! Fresh, it's even more delicious!
Yuki: *gulp*
Kuya: Then, the next chance I get. There's a lot of competition, but for the sake of my student council president, I'll definitely get it for you!
Takato: And, the same here.
Yuki: A rice cooker...? That's a nice smell...
Takato: It's an easy and convenient banana cake made in the rice cooker. Have some.
Yuki: It's delicious!
Takato: Similarly, there are various variations like chocolate cake or cheesecake I can make for you any time.
Takato: If you're the student council president.
Yuki: Any time?
Takato: And, as much as you can eat.
Yuki: As much as I can eat...!
Takato: How about it, student council president?
Yuki: I'll do it!
Kuya: You...
Kuya: No, I'm happy that you'll be student council president! I want to say welcome and thank you!
Kuya: But... shouldn't you think about it a little more before being lured by food?
Yuki: Huh? Why?
Kuya: Don't go 'why'...
Yuki: But... *munch munch*...
Yuki: I told the former Ace who gave me this armband that I accepted it.
Yuki: I have to keep my promise.
Yuki: Besides, I was really happy when you put the armband on me, Sagimori-san.
Kuya: Asahina-kun...
Kuya: Thank you!
(Yuki: Besides, there's also something that's bothering me a little.)
(Yuki: That time...)

-- flashback --

CG: Ninosuke & Yuki
mysterious man: I leave the rest... to you... Please! Protect this place...
(Yuki: What did that mean?)
(Yuki: Saying protect it isn't normal, is it?)
(Yuki: Was it because he felt responsible for not winning against Joker-san and having their authority taken?)
(Yuki: Still, it felt more like... he was desperate...)
(Yuki: Although Takato-san said getting totally absorbed in himself was his bad habit...)
(Yuki: Was that really all it was?)
end CG: Ninosuke & Yuki

-- end flashback --

??: Hey.
(Yuki: Huh? Is that the person who was with Joker-san this morning?)
Kuya: Hi, Chiba-sempai! You're sullen as usual!
Yuki: Sempai? Sagimori-san, you're a third year, aren't you?
Yuki: Don't tell me he's a graduate?
Chiba: No.
Kuya: In age, he's younger than me, but in the sword, he's my senior!
Kuya: Anyway, he was holding a sword along with a baby bottle!
Chiba: Don't exaggerate.
Kuya: No no no no. Don't be modest.
Kuya: And, the result of being so diligent everyday without a pause since young, is the Chiba-sempai before you today.
Kuya: I always sincerely respect your skill with the sword, sempai!
Chiba: You bastard, stop fooling around.
Kuya: Oh. You wanna go?
Takato: So? What do you need?
Takato: In any case, you have some message from Joker, don't you?
Chiba: ...It's not for you.
Chiba: Asahina.
Yuki: Me?
Chiba: It's from Joker-sama.
Yuki: A letter?
Yuki: Um...
Joker: Hi, new Ace-kun. Are you fully enjoying your new school life?
Joker: I think you might have had a hard time as the new Ace, so I prepared a wonderful present for you.
Joker: Tonight, Durak is holding a welcome party for you. The place is the cafeteria.
Joker: So, when it gets dark, come to the cafeteria. Without fail.
Joker: Asahina Yuki-kun, I'm truly looking forward to having you entertain me.
Joker: From Joker.
Yuki: A welcome party.
Takato: Held by Durak?
Chiba: That's right.
Chiba: Asahina.
Chiba: Will you come?
Yuki: Of course!
Chiba: Then, give me your phone.
Yuki: Yes?
Yuki: An email address? Is this yours, Chiba-san?
Chiba: Yeah. If something comes up, contact me.
Yuki: Alright.
Yuki: Then, mine too...
Chiba: Yeah.
Chiba: Bye.
Kuya: Oh, wait! Tell Joker that I'm attending too.
Takato: I'm attending as well. Is that alright?
Chiba: ...I'll tell him.

-- Chiba leaves --

Yuki: You're coming with me?
Kuya: Yeah, we're worried about you.
Yuki: Worried?
Takato: It's Joker. You don't know what he'll do.
Takato: Asahina, this is my email address. Please register it now.
Takato: If anything happens, contact me right away.
Yuki: Huh...
Kuya: And my contact info too. Here.
Yuki: Please don't scare me, both of you.
Takato: It's nothing more than taking precautions. Since it's Joker we're dealing with.
Kuya: That's right. Since it's that Joker.
Yuki: ...
Takato: Now, you don't have to look so worried.
Yuki: Whose fault is that!
Kuya: But, since it's a school assembly, I'm sure you'll be able to eat some delicious food.
Yuki: Oh, that's right.
Yuki: Since Durak is holding it, I might be able to eat Sonoda-san's cooking!
Yuki: Now I'm looking forward to it.
Kuya: I'm glad.
Takato: Yes, he really is simple.
Kuya: Yeah. One more thing, Asahina-kun.
Yuki: Yes?
Kuya: Since we're both in the student council, you don't mind if I call you Yuki, do you?
Yuki: Of course not.
Kuya: You can call me Kuya. And you don't need to be polite. I want you to think of me as a friend and feel at ease!
Yuki: Okay.
Yuki: Oh, then, can I bring comics here later?
Kuya: You're the boss. Of course you can do whatever you want.
Yuki: What about juice?
Kuya: There's nothing but a cooler, so if you want it cold, you should get some ice.
Yuki: Then...
Takato: You really are carefree people.

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